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  1. Never to late for a new attempt.
  2. Well you know i'm often complaining about maps that are made like a rollercoaster...
  3. Kowloon is a nice little map with a lot of details, and if i remember it correctly, all custom made content.
  4. Years ago (Omsi 1) there was a kind of fictional Hong Kong map available. That one was awful bad.
  5. Is that the Hong Kong Kowloon map or another one? Edit: I see Star Ferry on the destination, so i think this is the Kowloon map.
  6. As Jokervation mentioned already; it's wise to start your first attempts on the map by departing from the start of the line. While going out from the depots there is no help between the depot and the first stop on the route. Adding arrows is not doable since there will be a lot of them needed to get the information across. So first learn the routes and then try to do the depotruns. It's a pity that the Omsi navigator is not compatible with Vlietburg. In that case you don't need route arrows anymore. My next map (see my signature below) will be made without route markers. For finding your route you're depending on the Omsi Navigator.
  7. When you have the right textures it isn't that hard to make such a thing in Blender. I've just found out that making the right textures out of a photograph is the difficult part of it.
  8. Yes, it really does. Next time i'll light up the destination displays, so it looks somewhat more complete.
  9. And again a new release date for the boxed version of London: April 6th 2017 The release of Luzern is now planned for March 23th 2017.
  10. Thanks!!
  11. Hello, Time for something new. I first made some plans for creating a line in my hometown but after some planning and calculating i came to the conclusion that such a project will take about four years to complete. Omsi can be dead by then. It's taking such a long time due to the fact that although I'm a rather experienced map maker, i have not much experience in the field of scenery building. So Euregio must enhance my experience in that field. What can you expect Euregio Rijn & Waal is a region near the rivers Rijn and Waal on the border between the Netherlands and Germany, so the map is situated in both countries. Around eight lines are operating around the cties of Waalstad (Netherlands) and Bad Neuheim (Germany). There are city lines and interlocal lines. The latter commuters between the two major cities and villages like Blankwaardt, Hanenburg en Rijndijcke. The map is loosely based on the Rijn & Waal region around Nijmegen, Arnhem and Emmerich. My goal is to built as much as possible for this map so all splines and crossing for the Dutch part of the map will be made by myself. Since there's a lot of good German stuff i will borrow some more for the German part of the map. Building and other objects are mostly coming from every source where i can find suitable ones, so it seems that every payware add-on will be needed for this map. Making a map like this takes a while so it will not see the daylight before spring 2018. For pictures see the spoiler at the top of this page. Introduction vids (Dutch and English)
  12. There's is a page about it on the main Omsi forum but that link there is dead. Be aware that this bus is still Omsi 1. The builder of this mod is from Poland, so try your luck on the Polish Omsi Forum.
  13. The SD84 is part of the default Omsi package but the one on that picture is slightly modded i'll gues.
  14. It's not available over here, try to Google it.
  15. If they disappeared suddenly I'll advise you to check your harddrive and run disc control and even defrag it. When those objects don't reappear validating your Omsi installment is an option but that don't bring back the third party content.