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  1. The patch is Ready for Download.
  2. Omsi is by far the best (Bus) simulator out there. When I look to all the available rubbish like ETS, The TML bussims and all those train simulators, I see just unrealistic gamelike shit. Omsi has a very high factor of reality and can be modded in countless ways. Yes, it suffers from an old engine and is not able to use the power of contemporary equipment. The graphics are outdated and it can't handle sounds very well. The latter is fairly overlooked when it comes down to performance but looks what happens when you bus rattle over some cobblestones.... For me, Lotus and the new team of Marcel Kuhnt get all the benefits of the doubt. I hope that he will put in all the good things from Omsi and combine them with a better and newer engine. I'm the first one to buy it, that's for sure.
  3. What's the difference between 2.3.003 and the current (2.3.004) version?
  4. Yep, it's dubious... According the rumors Marcel refuses to work on Omsi since he "knows" that more improvement is impossible and therefore any patching a waste of time.
  5. If you choose for the latest version you don't have to apply the cff explorer again but the moment you choose for the tramfriendly 2.3.003 patch Omsi.exe will be modified and you have to re-apply the CFF explorer.
  6. Good evening, Steam just updated the Omsi installment with the Omsi Patch Changer. This means that the Omsi.exe file is replaced. So don't forget to reapply the 4GB patch. With the patch changer you can choose between the latest patch and the former one which makes it possible to drive a tram in Omsi.
  7. 1 & 2 are part of the Tropical City map, however they exist there in a different folder. You can find number 3 here: Number 4 is offered here: (A link in the second post) No idea where number 5 is coming from but you can copy the invis_street.sli from the Marcel folder in the splines section, don't forget to take along the right texture. I recognize those simple street items but they are not present in my library at the moment, so i can't check their origin. I will have a look in my archive later on.
  8. V6 is working properly. V6.5 is also working without problems.
  9. It seems there is something strange happening: The bus mentioned in the quote isn't part of the default installment anymore and still Omsi is looking for it... I will advice to remove all earlier Vlietburg folders and do a fresh reinstall of the latest version plus the update. Combining different Vlietburg versions can lead to errors.
  10. You're correct, that is one of the depotruns, the destination was indeed wrong on those runs. Klopt inderdaad, de dienst die overgaat is lijn 25 is een rit naar het depot, daar klopte de bestemming niet. I will release a patch this week. It corrects also some other minor things like holidays. Line 33 don't exist.... However there are a few track and trip files that contains that number. One is an AI line and both other files are the tripfiles of line 30... Wronly numbered by me when i made them.
  11. No errors in the logfile. Do you have the 4GB patch (re)applied?
  12. About the splines: They are all part of the additional scenery and splines pack, you'll find the link in the read me. About the missing Vienna objects: Did you run the batchfile that is coming with the package? The batchfile will copy all needed items from your Vienna folders.
  13. It's all looking very good!!
  14. There's a strange problem with the destination display from V3D's A21; when there are numbers in a destination, the complete destination is messed up. For now, I don't have a solution for this. For Vlietburg it means that the destination on route 25 in the direction to Plein 1953 is not showing the right information. However, it doesn't affect the boarding of the passengers.