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  1. General Videos

    A drive on HarbourCity Hamburg Modern. The video has dutch commentary.
  2. Harbour City Hamburg

    Check again your add-on folder in the Omsi root. I think Steam updated some things and did include a manual. There are things about the Hybrid in there. If not you can ask me or miss Drive, we have a Toyota Prius Hybrid so we are used to that kind of driving.
  3. Harbour City Hamburg

    There's no manual. Just start the engine. The batteries load while driving and while breaking!
  4. The download version of HafenCity Hamburg Modern is available at Steam.
  5. Harbour City Hamburg

    This map is now available @ steam!
  6. Download Aerial Images

    No, but try Google!
  7. Help with routes

    In my opinion the text you are quoting is pure nonsense... You are on Omsi 1 if i have understand correctly? In that there is no U Ruhleben on your map.... I guess that URS in this case means U and S Bahn Spandau. In any case i will advise you to read the manual in case you don't have that (would be strange because they are a part of the package) you can find it here: http://www.omnibussimulator.de/forum/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=27441 Read it carefully and in no time you're driving a bus with schedule!
  8. Some new dates: Bremen: 4th quarter 2017 Hamburg Harbour City: October 26th 2017 Luzern: October 26th 2017 Metropole Ruhr: November 16th 2017 London: no release date given at the moment. I think Hamburg is the one you must looking for imho.
  9. Harbour City Hamburg

  10. Harbour City Hamburg

    A video about the map: (German spoken). There are bikes available now! (see 21:45)
  11. General Videos

    A try-out with the new Halycon add-on packs. No comment this time. The map is Vlietburg. I have adjusted the AI list so the special cars are showing up in timesloths. The only suprising thing is the big amount of trucks that are driving around. That was not my intention. The new people make use of my own dutch voicepack, normally they speak German. Halycon has promised an Englisch voicepack for this new add-on.
  12. Ticket Printer Config

    Adding to this i'm pretty sure now that Omsi is able to handle five tickets but no more. There is no functionality in the program for that. Some ticketprinters have room for 8 or more tickets but it's not possible to get them functional. Maybe by doing some alterations in some scripts or make use of some of the open functionality Omsi offers it can be made possible but that's beyond my knowledge.
  13. Ticket Printer Config

    According the standard Omsi setup you have to make for each ticket 8 different announcements for 8 different AI persons, if you count the children in (voices are in the FY1 and MY1 folders) you have to make 10 announcements. Since you have 8 tickets and Bowdenham make use of 3 different announcements you have to make a very lot of those announcements. This are your tickets and i have added the proper announcement names behind them: 1, Return = announcement: Ticket_1_1 & Ticket_1_2 2, Single = announcement: Ticket_2_1 & Ticket_2_2 3, Day Rover = announcement: Ticket_3_1 & Ticket_3_2 4, Child Return = announcement: Ticket_4_1 & Ticket_4_2 5, Child Singe = announcement: Ticket_5_1 & Ticket_5_2 6, Weekly ticket = announcement: Ticket_6_1 & Ticket_6_2 7, Child Day Ticket = announcement: Ticket_7_1 & Ticket_7_2 8, Bus pass free = announcement: Ticket_8_1 & Ticket_8_2 Numbers 1,2 & 3 are the standard ones. Number 4 & 5 are for the children. The order is very important and this same order must be present on the buttons of the ticketprinter. I'm not sure about it but i think the Omsi ticketsystem can only handle an amount of five tickets. Furthermore it's advisible to use tickettype 2 ([ticket_2]) for daytickets. You are able to adjust the settings so that you passengers don't buy a dayticket at the end of the day.... The announcements for the children are only needed in the FYO and MYO announcement directories. If they are included in Bowdenham.
  14. Ticket Printer Config

    I use this one but for tickets it's better to record them from real persons. http://www.oddcast.com/home/demos/tts/tts_example.php?sitepal