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  1. Thanks. You inspired me to do this Malta Public Transport Dennis Dart repaint:
  2. I wish that was true! Nice repaint, although I think the front would go like this: Incidentally, what map is that screenshot taken on please?
  3. Sadly not a right-hand drive Autosan; I just applied the logos to the repaint reversed and then L-R mirrored the screenshot in Photoshop.
  4. Mainline Autosan H9-35:
  5. Nottingham City Transport Go2 Red Line 43 Enviro 400s:
  6. De Lijn Van Hool New A330:
  7. SYT Fastline Volvo Olympian:
  8. SYPTE Autosan H9-35:
  9. A few more of the van re-skins I've been working on:
  10. The following Mercedes-Benz T1 van repaints I did back in 2013 and are available to download: I'm in the process of updating the above repaints as well as adding new ones with the hope of them being used in the next release of Cotterell. Updates to the existing ones include such things as moving the sliding side door to the nearside and adding yellow rear registration plates for UK maps. Here's a few shots of the work in progress, although I must admit work has slowed recently due to the summer.
  11. Anybody fancy an ice cream?
  12. = Lobster = A Love Of Thunder
  13. More than happy for you to include them. Playing Cotterell and seeing all the German vans got me working on them again. I'm hoping to have some more completed soon so you could include those too.
  14. Sorry to have hi-jacked this thread.