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  1. General Screenshots + WIP repaints

    Anybody fancy an ice cream?
  2. First Bus Fonts?

    = Lobster = A Love Of Thunder
  3. [Map Release] Cotterell

    More than happy for you to include them. Playing Cotterell and seeing all the German vans got me working on them again.I'm hoping to have some more completed soon so you could include those too.
  4. [Map Release] Cotterell

    Sorry to have hi-jacked this thread.
  5. [Map Release] Cotterell

    Thanks. I did theRoyal Mail and BT Mercedes-Benz T1 repaintsback in 2013 and they are available to download from this site, together with AA, TNT Overniteand Jarvis Rail repaints. The Police T1 and British Gas VW T3 are new and work in progress.
  6. [Map Release] Cotterell

    Loving this map, especially the slog up the hill to the university! One small suggestion is to amend the "registrations.txt" inside the map folder to a list of UK format registrations to give it a true UK feel. On my OMSI install, I've created a copy of the "MB T1" and "VW T3" vehicle folders with the suffix of UK, removed the German company repaints and altered the AI lists of my UK maps to point at these new files. I've also done a few UK repaints:
  7. Can you lend a hand?

    Can anybody help me with a texture problem I'm having with the Enviro 200? I'm trying to change the logo that appears on the screen of the ticket reader for a few seconds (as shown above) when the bus electrics are turned on. The name of the texture file in question is called "ddu_mon_kmb.tga" and using the RNC from here, this is down as Textur-Changes "omsi_rnc_add_tex_3". However using this in the .cti file, I cannot get it to work. Any ideas please?
  8. General Screenshots + WIP repaints

    SYT Volvo B9TL / Wright Eclipse Gemini 2:
  9. General Screenshots + WIP repaints

    Thanks. Another update, this time with the black added under the front lower windscreen: and gasket window version with the "W" logo removed (which I think works better): ....and finally,Sheffield OmnibusVolvo B9TL / Wright Eclipse Gemini 2:
  10. General Screenshots + WIP repaints

    Mainline Volvo B9TL / Wright Eclipse Gemini 2 now with revised lower bands at the front-end:
  11. General Screenshots + WIP repaints

    Mainline Volvo B9TL / Wright Eclipse Gemini 2: Still needs some work as the front end needs some modification to the lower bands so they follow the body curves andallow the logo to be applied.
  12. General Screenshots + WIP repaints

    Almost there with the Mainline Enviro 200: Should have it uploaded tomorrow.
  13. OMSI 2 Repaint Naming Convention

    Can the following entriesbe added to the Dennis Enviro 200 please: [CTCTexture] omsi_rnc_add_tex_47 e2oo_panel1.tga [CTCTexture] omsi_rnc_add_tex_48 e2oo_bodynet.tga Thanks.
  14. General Screenshots + WIP repaints

    Thanks. The exterior has been complete for some time;it's the interior signage I've been trying to complete today, with the aim ofremovingalmost all of theChinesesigns: Still a little bit more work to do in the cab, but it's not far off now.
  15. General Screenshots + WIP repaints

    Mainline ADL Enviro 200: : Repaint download available soon.