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  1. qb3960

  2. Stagecoach O405 Repaint

  3. Hamburg Day&Night 2.0 Talk & Support

    The add-on runs fine in OMSI 2. The only bug I have found so far is that shadows cannot been seen through the windshields of the HHA/VHH buses, it's a shame because Hamburg looks amazing with the shadows on. Don't want to drive a MAN NL, AI cars only recognise it as a MAN NG, they keep a long distance from you as if there was a trailer behind the bus. Anyway shadows are FPS killers and most people just turn them off so it doesn't really bother. IMO 2.0 performs better in OMSI 2 than v1.2 in OMSI 1.
  4. After some more searching on the Internet and looking at the log file, I recommend doing 2 more things for the add-ons to run properly 1. Copy all files from OMSI 1 to OMSI 2 (without replacing files) 2. Rename hamburg.opl to hamburg.txt (in the plugins folder) Step 1 is recommended because I could see a lot of "file not found"in the log file. Seems that the addons use a lot of OMSI1 exclusive files (especially the AI cars and textures) in addition to the files mentioned in the first post. Step 2 has been posted everywhere on the Internet.
  5. Thank you so much, ThatYorkshireman. With the use of CFF explorer I finally managed to complete a 137 trip with no error or freeze! Hope it helps others too!
  6. Hi all, I seem to have found a solution to the timetable problem. Set "Neighbouring tiles count" to 2 or above; Set "Dynamic tile reduction" to activate below 1 fps and deactivate above 60+ fps (So that there is practically no tile reduction) ******************************** Scheduled buses were set to 1000 and priority were at 4 Having done this I almost got to enjoy half of the 137 trip but then I was stopped by the DirectX error while leaving Rathaus Spandau. "Texture memory used" jumped to over 1024 MB and I got the error, although I had already set the limit to 2048 MB. I need someone with a powerful PC to help me confirm this solution. Obvious my PC is not powerful enough to load the massive neighbouring tiles (around 35-42). Hope this helps inspire better solutions. P.S. 1 Tested on a PC with i7 3770, ATI 7970 2GB and 8GB of ram. P.S. 2 A lot of Steam users say every time they verify the game files there are some missing(usually 170+ on first check, 90+ on regular checks before they start OMSI). Many of those 90+ files are actually saved options, controller/keyboard bindings, saved situations, driver profiles, etc. I personally do not recommend verifying the game files from time to time except the first check after installation (Unless you have made a back-up of the files). OMSI, unlike other games, does not save user options/progress in separate files/folders. It always overwrites the default files(which makes STEAM think the game is corrupted).
  7. OMSI - Volgabus 5270

    Thank you! I'll give it a try! How I wish there is only the front door. Off topic: Does anyone know what map it is in the video?
  8. Laptop Buying Help!

    I used to have a laptop with a quad core i7 820QM (1.7 GHz, 3.0 GHz Max.). OMSI could run on it, but I got ~18 fps in crowded areas in the default map, and 20-25 in other areas. "Rainy days" and "night time" driving were an annoying experience (15-22 fps). I am sure the low fps was the result of slow CPU clock rate because my graphics card was ATI 5870M. My current laptop is equipped with a quad core i7 3820M (2.7- 3.7 GHz) , but I still got low fps in crowded areas (~22fps). I have been a laptop user ever since I bought my first computer, and I have to say, it's really hard for a mobile processor to reach desktop standard. And since OMSI relies especially heavily on high CPU clock rate, pretty much no laptop could stay above 30fps in OMSI at all time (Unless you disable AI buses, or mirrors, or both) In my opinion, to buy a laptop so as to run OMSI is not a good idea; If OMSI runs well on a laptop, it's a bonus.
  9. File Name: Translink (Brisbane) Livery for Solaris Urbino 10 File Submitter: qb3960 File Submitted: 18 Oct 2012 File Category: OMSI Repaints Here comes the Translink Livery for Solaris Urbino 10. Feel free to use it on your maps!
  10. Version 1.0


    Here comes the Translink Livery for Solaris Urbino 10. Feel free to use it on your maps!
  11. Thank you! Now reading
  12. Brisbane Fictional V2.0 is now available. - Fixed wrong file paths in the SceneryObject folder - Extended line 432 - Added one more line 433, which takes a slightly different route but essentially a line 432 - Modified timetable (Rush hour/ Weekday/ Holiday) - Forestdale ready for future extension And... I would be really grateful if someone here can answer me a few questions... 1. I would like to add AI lines, do I need to tailor-make some bus stops for them so that they appear? 2. Do trips need to be connected (ending path of a trip= starting path of the returning trip)? Feel free to comment on the map/ report any errors! qb3960
  13. Hi all, Thanks for the suggestions! I have already corrected the file structure of Sceneryobject, but I need more information on the TTL file. What exactly is the error? I didn't get this when I tested the map. In the next update, there will be more bus stops for sure!
  14. Map lighting level

    One possible way is to configure envir.cfg in the OMSI main folder. Someone has made a mod by doing that. It's called "Nachtmod". I found that on www.omsi.cz