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  1. flippy1008

  2. OMSI 2 | Chicago Downtown | by Darius

    It might not be stalling. Have you tried tapping the accelerator for a second or so once you have think you have stalled or do you automatically turn it off and on? Because some of the new buses are hybrids so they have a stop start engine basically.
  3. OMSI 2 | Chicago Downtown | by Darius

    I think it's always difficult to get Omsi times correct as, of course, each player has different AI traffic volumes so the creator may use a really high amount of traffic compared to the user thus early running. Which is also why "real" timetables shouldn't be used - but rather realistic edits of them...
  4. Although the E200 uses a Hanover Blind (which is transferable I should point out), each companies has different fonts depending on their policy. Ie most Stagecoach operating companies have a standard font across the company for all buses fitted with LED etc And then NX, Arriva, First, Indepdents would have their own. Sometimes, inevitably, the format and font will be the same between companies but there is no "set" font or format - it is what the company choose
  5. Which DLC are you most looking forward to?

    Definitely not Berlin X10 Just looks like a user trying to get some money out of a personal project, as opposed to the others which have a professional looking touch which makes you feel you are buying an actual product. Chicago is a definite as it's a completely non-European take on it - so some interesting stuff from the other side of the world Wein 2 next but Wein 1 I'm not sure as it's just a pay-for-update thing in my eyes...
  6. I'm a bit confused - the 4.95 buys you Vienna1 upgrade, but then if you want Vienna2, you have to buy a complete V1/V2 bundle without discount? I am guessing hereby that you must have V1 in order to play V2, otherwise why can't I just but V2? Hmm
  7. Hamburg Traffic & Timetable

    Ironically before it all got updated, the Hamburg timetable was so tight you had speed from the first stop just to keep on time Now they changed it, from the sounds of things, too much ha!
  8. Bad Kinzau 3.0

    Having had a chance to drive SkiExpress today, it is quite fun. Except for the dual carriageway bit. I still think the car parks are pointless, especially serving them twice in each direction - they are all walkable distance to the main stop, but failing that just once per trip is adequate. Also timetables could be a bit more compact. However a lot of work has gone into this map - some tricky bendy roads, but interesting routes - definitely worth another visit!
  9. Bad Kinzau 3.0

    From a very quick glance I'm a bit disappointed at the SkiExpress. It just follows the other normal service routes. Even the normal routes serve the ski resort. The only difference is the SkiExpress serves car parks at ski resort, all of which are easily walkable to one central stop which normal service bus serves anyway! I was half expecting to pick people up in a car park/terminus and drop them off at various point up a ski slope. Just various parts of missed potential...but as I say it's a quick look...
  10. Bad Kinzau 3.0

    Could be good fun It's certainly grown a lot since the early days. May well try it if I get time alongside other projects - I like the idea of Hiking and skiing specials!
  11. Bus fares (companies with lowest fares)

    I like how some people think that £25 for unlimited monthly travel from Wolverhampton to Leamington is expensive when it Leamington an equilvent sort of pass is £24 a week! Generally Cities are cheaper than Town networks. Usually a city PTE will control this type of "inner city" fare structure, at a cheap price and subsidise. Generally the wealthier the area, with higher house prices, mean higher fares. Thing is £1.90 for 2 stops may seem rubbish but when you can travel like 50 stops for the same price it's good. Flat fares are where companies rinse money off customers in short distances, for the loss they make off those long distance. And towns with fare structures generally it's cheaper per mile as in Cov to Warwick is say £5 which is 1hr. But to go another 20 mins to Stratford is £5.10. For instance. If that makes sense. Very interesting to learn how certain areas, especially European countries where the bus is the boss, have very reasonable fares...
  12. Category D license at 19?

    I got my license and have been an in service bus driver for two major bus companies in England, since I was 18. Basically you can't drive EU, only domestic, but most companies are doing split registrations, which makes long distance routes applicable for Domestic rules, which means anyone from 18 can drive it. Thus more than 30 miles from depot. You can drive on a motorway from 18 on any route. Some local routes go on motorways or you operate out of service, so that's rubbish. Once you are qualified pcv you can drive on motorways all day long if you want But go for it! At 18 you can do so much. And then when you turn 20, because you already have you license, you can do EU coach work a year earlier than the rest! Do it now - get the buzz- you will never look back. I would recommend starting with a big company like a Stagecoach or First, as they can train you, have a large array of routes and special events, you get thrown into it but it makes it very hard to leave. Also most of the routes they design so anyone with PCV from 18 can drive, whereas little independents won't pay for licence and have more 21 year old things!
  13. Tiles in maps not loading since latest patch

    I also have/had this issue I noticed that in Options, there is a tick box for Display Error Messages (second tab from memory) Make sure it is ticked and load whole map from start then load without buses and it will come up any missing splines objects etc. Sometimes just one missing causes tile not to appear. However if you don't have Display Error Messages ticked you will never know you are missing any as no messages display in loading... I noticed that with other maps was the problem. Just need invisi-street to get the final bugged one working!
  14. Double Decker Driving School

    Yeah most big companies train you with a two year bonding agreement. Leave within two years you have to pay a pre-agreed percentage back for your training and test. It's a way so if you get your license and leave for a private operator, that they get their training costs back or two years of work out of you
  15. Double Decker Driving School

    ^^ Which is why I think the last scene involving the chap being "bold" with customers was staged. Because he was like that at the beginning of the programme, then he realised he was being silly towards the actual test, listened to the advice and passed. So the last scene, especially given what the narrator said as it went into the clip, was probably just a staged joke about his previous behaviour. As you say, Arriva allowed the show to happen, and also why would the tv-style cameras be in the cab when he was in normal service? They want to show off as a good company, so there must be a joke in it otherwise it shows them as allowing that sort of behaviour. But, ultimately, the passenger should have pressed the bell ha!