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  1. Valentin

  2. Newest product in development

    Yeah!!! Beautiful bird, nice choice! It will perfectly suit for heliski flights. Hopefully you can save some devellopement time, having the B3 already done. Regards
  3. Latest products in development

    Ok, thank you for your answer! Regards
  4. Latest products in development

    Hello! Now that the Hind has been realeased, do you have plan to let us know what your futurs devellopements will be? The 407 still needs to be realeased but it is develloped by MilViz if I'm not mistaken, so you should have some ressources for a new project. Let me express my wish for a future devellopement: it would be amazing to have an Alouette III with the kind of flight dynamic that you develloped for the B3 (I love it's flight dynamic, you've really done a good job with this one). There is NOT ANY Alouette III for FSX. The Alouette III is an iconic helicopter when speaking about rescue in the Alps and in Europe. It was the first helicopter that could land on the top of the Mont-Blanc (highest peak in the Alps) and almost ALL rescue companies in France and in Switzerland bought it. And it is still doing rescue now in Switzerland. In France it was used by the gendarmerie and by the sécurité civile, doing recue all over the country, but partculary in the mountains, like in Chamonix, the capital of alpinism. It was also used for sea rescue. The French army also used it, for example on it carriers (and the french navy simulatror pilots is a quite big community). In Swtizerland it was used everywhere, for example for rescue around Zermatt and on the Matterhorn, the most famous peak in Switzerland. The Swiss army also used more than 70 Alouette III. But those two country are not the sole opperators of this machine (I spoke more about them bescause they represent significant market shares in the flight sim community), 190 users in 92 country used this helicopter. I'll finish my post with two pictures of this beautiful airplane doing rescue. The first picture is from this year. Copyright goes to Air-Glaciers. http://www.air-glaciers.ch/sion/index.php/multimedia/galerie-photos/32-2013/detail/1486-mars2013-1# http://www.air-glaciers.ch/sion/index.php/multimedia/galerie-photos/42-2012/detail/426-zonerepeteevigvignette54-1600x1200# For info: I know very well some people working for this company, so if you'll need pictures,... It would certainly be feasible. Anyway, keep doing good work as you've done so far (even with another heli) and thank you for what you are doing for the heli siming community! Regards Valentin (from Switzerland)
  5. Hello! I dicovered that I have the same problem. When I saw that problem I tought it could be a texture missing. The raindrops must be some kind of textures shown one after the other and when the last has been shown, it begins again with the first. So my hypothesis is that one of the texture of that cycle (the cycle for that precise window and for high speed) is missing or black. This would explain why only this windows has a problem, why it doesn't happen when the "low speed" sequence is played and why it happens with a precise interval of time between two occurrence. Maybe you developers don't have the exact same version as we have and you do have the missing texture. Hope my hypothesis helps. Valentin
  6. Hello! I already asked it in another section but I got no answer. Maybe my post will get more attention if I post it here in a new topic. I would like to have some info to finish my 3 repaints. I cannot find to textures depicting the following objects in the sim: -In the police version, the images taken by the camera and displayed on the left side of the panel. -In th heliski version of the expansion pack, the baskets for the skis. If a repainter/creator could tell me the names of those texture I would really appreciate it. Thank you!
  7. As350 Expansion pack Preview

    Hello! I would like to have some info to finish my 3 repaints. I cannot find to textures depicting the following objects in the sim: In the police version, the images taken by the camera and displayed on the left side of the panel. In th heliski version of the expansion pack, the baskets for the skis. If a repainter/creator could tell me the names of those texture I would really appreciate it. Thank you!
  8. AS350 Expansion Pack Photos

    Oh yeah! Really good to see a cargo transport version (screen 3). The heliski one is really cool too. I will for sure adapt the repaints I did for those models. Thank you for your work! I really enjoy your recent add-ons since your flight models are more realistic now. Regards
  9. As350 Expansion pack Preview

    I Know. I just wanted to play a role for the "most requested versions" Good to hear that it's coming soon. Another repaint done:
  10. As350 Expansion pack Preview

    Hello! Two of the paints are done! The Air-Glaciers HB-XQJ And the Eagle Helicopter: As already said, in the reality they are equiped with a cargo hook and skis. In the winter they have a basket for the skis. Hope those versions will come with the upcoming pack. After some discussion with quank I could find some of the planned repaints. The first Air-Glaciers paint has been done (but not yet released, is that planned?) by karmakanik. A Heli Bernina and paint exist as well. For Air Zermatt, the repaint that has been done for the B1 works perfectly with the B3. Now I will maybe do the Gotthard. Bye
  11. Hello!!! I am enjoying your As350 which is at the moment the add-one I fly the most on my FS. I just love the VC and the flight dynamics of it. It's a pleasure to fly it in the mountains. I saw the preview shots of the expansion pack on the website! Thank you for posting them. Really nice! But I couldn't resist to add a comment. The model that I'm really interessed in is the one presented in the two first pictures: cargo hook, the bubble window, the skis, the baskets,.. the perfect representation of what I see flying in the Alps, exept for one detail: the two baskets. Please consider to release a model with only one basket. You almost never see an As350 flying with two baskets in the Alps. In one you can put all the ski of the passengers (max 5) without problem. I think it wouldn't be too much work for you to adapt this detail. I will have a lot more time than now the next two mouth and I'm planning some repaints for the B3. As you can see, almost all of them are in the configuration that I discussed, so it would be perfect if you could do it. There are the ones planned: Air Glaciers, a swiss mountain rescue company (picture from http://www.air-glaciers.ch/ ) Another Air Glaciers paint, seen here landing in the Vignettes mountain hut, a DZ that I developed for FSX: http://www.flightsim...ts&cm=LISTFILES . (picture from http://www.air-glaciers.ch/) Eagle Helicopter: http://www.airliners...72626ae871b63cc Air Zermatt, another swiss mountain rescue compagny http://www.airliners...72626ae871b63cc Those will maybe come afterward: Heli Gotthard http://www.airliners...10fa1864cd854d3 Air grischa http://www.airliners...10fa1864cd854d3 Heli Bernina http://www.airliners...57877d7be1c59b2 BOHAG (I know it already exist but I would adapt it to the new model) http://www.airliners...10fa1864cd854d3 I want to adapt as well the already existing Heliswiss and Helipool repaint if the author autorize me to do so, if not I will consider repainting them completely. Regards Valentin PS: Sorry, I know my English isn't perfect!
  12. Latest products in development

    Cool! Thank you!
  13. Latest products in development

    Hello! Is the AS350 expansion pack still planed? Thank you! Valentin
  14. AS350 questions

    Hello! I seem to have the same problem. I purchase mine on simmarket and the only two file I got are: - nd_as350_fsx_final_101 (which is located in a zip called: nd_as350_fsx ) - nd_as350_fsx_b206_v2 (which is located in a zip called: nd_as350_fsx_b206) Can I just install the "nd_as350_fsx_b206_v2" over the "nd_as350_fsx_final_101" without installing the first "AS350 alternate B206 FDE" and without having installed the first (1.00?) version of the as350??? Thank you!
  15. FSX AS350 User Error Report Thread

    Hello! I was quite happy seeing that you released the 350. I didn't bought it yet because I have noticed some inaccuracies. The first one I noted is the "cover" of the rotor that is too big. I did a picture to show you what I mean. I couldn't find any picture on the net of that kind of cover. The second thing is the form of the front of fuselage which is not 100% correct. I can understand that it would be a lot more difficult to correct this than the cover. Another point is the numbers of variants (I know, I already talked about that). I really miss some 'ski and hoist' variants for the B3. I live in Switzerland and almost all B3 are equiped like this because of the snow respectively because they are mainly used for aerial work (Air-Glaciers, Air Zermatt, Heliswiss, BOHAG, Eagle Helicopter, Heli Bernina,... use it in this variant). Why don't you add some hidden buttons or a 2D gauge that would hide/show the skis / hoist and even cable-cutters, basket,... so that you don't have to do a lot of differents models. Will you correct the cover? What about the nose? Do you have any plan of releasing more models? As I don't want to only be negative I want to say that the 3D cockpit and the textures are really good Anyway, thank you for your work! Regards