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  1. I'm posting this on behalf of Bruce who for some unknown reason is unable to post at the moment. Waddamana to Devonport, take off 9.30 Zulu, total distance 112nm Here is the link to the plan-G flight plan Thanks Greg & Jorge took your advice Jorge & posted directions below using IE Cheers Picture Gallery
  2. I'll try #4, G-AIXJ, the first red one.
  3. Yes, as I said, they are all there on PlanG but although I can see them I can't find them by searching. I think they've been added as user points of interest but not sure how that has occured. Maybe part of some download from OsX?
  4. Where did you get these airstrips Bruce - they show on my Plan-G map but searching doesn't bring them up for some reason. I'm puzzled - yet again! Anyway, looking forward to the flight.
  5. Ok, got them to show up now by putting them in a different folder. It's odd, I placed them in with some other of your objects. FSX said the scenery was already loaded but wouldn't show these additions for some reason. Put them into a new folder and then add to the scenery in FSX and now it shows. Weird.
  6. Cloudy Range Road is actually Conway River - N265 Cloudy Range Road is actually Conway River, N265, on my map. On another note, I can't get the add-on scenery to show. Are you using library objects from another source Bruce?
  7. Well, I did a test flight in the Mustang. Shall we say that I seem to have forgotten a lot. Two pretty hard landings leading to a collapsed undercarriage. Let's hope things are better tomorrow! Here I am climbing over the hill approaching Pemberton from the South.
  8. Yes, I'm in. Either P3D or FSX.
  9. Yes, have to agree with this decision. I'm afraid that some of our comments might be misunderstood for viewers/listeners who haven't been part of the friendly banter on previous flights.
  10. Maybe you have the payware version of the airport
  11. Hmm, no sheep and no tower like that one. i suspect you have some other airport in mind . . . .
  12. For some reason I thought today was Wednesday so have ended up with two activities on tonight. Will probably be able to get here but may be around 30 minutes late ....
  13. About time you gave a chopper a trial - never thought I would see the day!
  14. And don't forget to also install the free PNG Holgermesh, (near the bottom of the page) otherwise you will find yourself in a big hole when you spawn at TAP. It happened to me but eventually I remembered about the mesh requirements.