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  1. How do you make the lines so perfect. You should do a video on this repaint...? Very nice always.
  2. Thanks to both of you...will do
  3. Can anyone tell me how to go about fixing this problem..? All the other airport in the immediate area are fine. Just this one KORS is a bit messed up. Thanks.
  4. From the album Turbine Duke

    Sun going down
  5. From the album Turbine Duke

  6. From the album Turbine Duke

    Enroute to MYAW @ 12,000'
  7. From the album Turbine Duke

    Departing MYNN 03/23/2011
  8. Looking forward to it... Can you do one for a VA I have on Flyte Line..? I am using Era Alaska as mt theme. No complicated at all, in fact, I am thinking of using N2255R scheme but with a twist to it. Interested..? Believe me if I knew how to repaint I would be right in the mix....