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    Aircraft, Light,Heavy,RAAF. Trains.
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    The German air controllers at Frankfurt Airport are a short-tempered lot. They not only expect one to know one's gate parking location, but how to get there without any assistance from them. So it was with some amusement that we (a Pan Am 747) listened to the following exchange between Frankfurt ground control and a British Airways 747, call sign "Speedbird 206": Speedbird 206: "Top of the morning, Frankfurt, Speedbird 206 clear of the active runway." Ground: "Guten Morgen. You vill taxi to your gate." The big British Airways 747 pulled onto the main taxiway and slowed to a stop. Ground: "Speedbird, do you not know where you are going?" Speedbird 206: "Stand by a moment, Ground, I'm looking up our gate location now." Ground (with arrogant impatience): "Speedbird 206, haff you never flown to Frankfurt before?" Speedbird 206 (coolly): "Yes, I have, actually, in 1944. In another type of Boeing, but just to drop something off. I didn't stop." Franglen
  4. Acceleration and XPSP3

    I tell ya guys!I AM A COMPLETE AND UTTER IDIOT!!! THE LIGHTS ARE ON BUT FRANKIE AIN'T HOME!!! I decided to scrounge through my old collection of programs disks to see what I have from my Windows 98 days. Guess what I found? I have a fully registered PHOTOSHOP 5.5 that my daughter gave me as a present when she was running a Kodak Print Shop. I have heaps of plugins for it that I downloaded back then. I am praying that I will be able to play around with that and learn how to repaint some FSX Aircraft. I feel that there are not enough AU repaints in the default and downloaded GA planes and sick of seeing Yank and other country's ID on them. I downloaded a tutorial last night how to repaint FS02 & 04 aircraft and I already have DXT Bitmap to convert to FSX. Also I think the Tutorial is by GJSmith? I think offhand and he is using photoshop 5 in it so I must be ahead on points. I also have the free version of ULead PhotoImpact 8 from an old PCUser disk. So if PS5 bamboozles me then I'll give Ulead a go. Thanks for all the helps guys. God Bless Frank
  5. Acceleration and XPSP3

    Thanks Ramrod. Sorry for sounding off. I'm just a cranky old so and so. They don't call me crankie frankie for nothing. Bless ya mate Frank
  6. Acceleration and XPSP3

    Thankyou JohnM. I'll give it a go. I guess another reinstall won't hurt if it doesn't work
  7. Acceleration and XPSP3

    @ Ramrod: Quote: Freeware gives the results you expect from it. Comparing Paint.net or Gimp to Photoshop is like comparing a standard Falcon to a V8 Supercar" ======================== I am not trying to start a slanging match here believe me but I wholeheartedly disagree with you Ramrod and so would a lot of others. Adobe products are the greatest OVERPRICED and cmplicated heaps of garbage you can get in my book. Also there are quite a few people out there who don't have the dollars to invest in these products. How do you know what PAINT.NET is like if you haven't used it? I have checked out a heck of a lot of Forums and reports about this product. The ammount of plugins you can get for it are phenomenol. Freeware. Much much more than Adobe will ever give you for your $$$. Plus some of the paint jobs etc that people have done in Paint.net are so much better than Photoshop and done with a lot more ease. I had a go at Photoshop and I do not like it. Everyone has his own preferences Ramrod. So if you have the $$$ and like Photoshop then stick with it. Me? I'm a disability pensioner who has to battle for evrything I get. Sorry if I sound a bit abrupt everybody and I sincerely apologize. Frank
  8. Acceleration and XPSP3

    Yes mate. I know Acceleration only requires SP2. That is not the problem. PAINT.NET requires SP3. My question is..........Can I just install SP3 without stuffing up Acceleration? Sorry if I did't explain myself clearly in my previous post. Frank
  9. Acceleration and XPSP3

    I run FSX with the Acceleration pack on an offline computer with XP SP2. I want to put PAINT.NET on the computer so I can try my hand at a repaint but it will not let me install it because it says I need XPSP3. I haven't installed SP3 because threy say FSX runs better without it. I think I read somewhere that SP3 has to be installed before Acceleration. Does anyone know if this correct? Bummer if it is correct because I am not going through the rigmarole of removing Acceleration again. PAINT.NET is freeware and the things it can do and the plugins compare with Photoshop and the other payware editors. Thanks in advance. Frank
  10. RE: Must Have Files.

    Thanks heaps fellas. Frank
  11. RE: Must Have Files.

    I have just had to reinstall FSX up to and including ACCELERATION. I have OZX and the Free FTX/ORBX scenery and Holgers Mesh. Which Alex Carn so graciously posted to me. I haven't reinstalled these yet. I don't fly overseas often and was just wondering if I really need the files below? At Flightsim.com they have a list of what they call "Must Have Files." Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) •FSX Planner: AFCAD utility for creating and editing airports •ADE: AFCAD utility for creating and editing airports •SDE: Scruffyduck Scenery Design Engine •EditVoicepack: A utility to add missing callsigns, aircraft and airports to ATC. •bglfpfsxconvert: convert FS2004 traffic bgls to FSX •Service Pack 1: official upgrade; be sure to download the correct language version •EZ Scenery Library; all inclusive scenery object collection •Rwy12 Scenery Library; all inclusive scenery object collection •Gerrish Gray's Trees: Common scenery textures •TreeX: Common scenery textures •Modified Terrain.cfg: modified terrain to correct FS world problems •USA Ground Textures: Adam Mills' improved U.S. textures •European Ground Textures: Adam Mills' improved European textures •Exclusion Builder: Scenery design tool •FSUIPC 4: Required to run many FSX freeware add-ons. Which of these is really essential? I have FSUIPC already. And have downloaded the files they suggest. But unless I am into Scenery Design etc I can't see why I would have to install most of this stuff. So would I be correct in saying that all I would really need is..... FSUIPC ADE:AFCAD EDITVOICEPACK. EZ SCENERY LIBRARY RWY12 SCENERY LIBRARY GERRISH GRAY'S TREES TREEX Thanks in advance. Frank
  12. SCENERY.CFG file error

    No need for scary movies mate. We had the 2 youngest grandkids aged 4 & 5 here for the night and that was scary enough! How do I do a decent landing in this darned FSX? I am lined up perfectly on the thresh hold and then next thing I know I am about 50Mtrs to either the left or right of the runway. Tried sideslipping etc but I am still in the dirt. I think I am shunting trains again. I had no problems with FS2002 Professional. In a way I preferred FS2002 Pro because the variety of freeware aircraft was excellent. In FSX most of the stuff is payware and there are those of us who just can't afford it. I'm not wrapped in the Opensky stuff for FSX. Can 02 planes be converted to FSX? Scenery in FSX is nicer than 02. But I think that's about all it has going for it. I think Microsoft let us down badly as far as heavy jets are concerned. Maybe I'm just an old whinger mate. But I've read plenty of forums where people seem to be of much the same opinion. Bless ya mate. Frank.
  13. SCENERY.CFG file error

    Geeez you sure know how to put the wind up a fella John. Fancy threatenin a bloke with Mully and Sculder...Those bumbling idiots! I searched agai and guess waht...the one place I had neglected to look was in "Documents and Settings' 'ALL USERS" Application data\Microsoft\FSX\scsenery config.! I had been checking my own profile in Documents and settings. I didn't think there would be an FSX folder in 'All Users'. X Files....oops I mean FSX boots cleanly now! I thought maybe I had been abducted for a while there...started havin dreams about floatin out of the bedroom under the arms of a grey or a reptilian....SCARY STUFF mate! Thanks for sricking with me John I really appreciate it. Fair dinkum mate, I was just about ready to throw in the towel. Thanks and God Bless do do do do...aaaaaaaaaaagh!
  14. SCENERY.CFG file error

    Well that was a nogo John. I renamed the scenery config to scenery config.old. I got thuis when I tried to start FSX>>>> "!The 'Scenery.cfg'file is missing or damaged.Please reinstall Flight Simulator to restore or repair the file. Flight Simulator will now exit." It kept it's word and did exit. So I renamed the file back again and FSX loade with the previous error problem I'm having. I have removed every and I mean every bit of 'Alien Transport' from FSX and the blasted error message is still coming up. No word from Ed Olander yet either. I doubt very much if I will ever install any more of his missions. Once bitten...twice shy as they say! And boy did this one bite me! My game computer specs are as below; XP SP2 Home Edition version 2002 AMD Phenom II X4 965 Processor 3.41 GHz, 3.12GB of RAM I have 4GIG RAM installed but I believe only the 3 GIG is used because of XP. I have 1GIG Graphics. It's a Radeon HD 6800 series. Plus I have a 1 Terrabyte HDD. I was going to install XP Service pack 3 but someone told me not to. I've noticed that FSX is starting to load a lot more slowly now too. My machine is regularly defragged and maintainanced etc. Especially after loading new stuff.
  15. SCENERY.CFG file error

    Thanks John. I'll give it a go later on today. I just got so fed up last night that I shut everything down and went to bed as soon as the meds kicked in. I didn't know FSX could rebuild the Scenery config. I use a different computer to play my games etc on and it's not connected to the internet. I downloaded the Justflight 757 Jetliner FREEMIUM and came a gutsa because I later found out that you have to be connected to the internet to get the rotten thing to work. All the reviews reckoned it's an excellent aircraft but they sure don't make it easy to find out. Thanks for everything John. I'll post later on and let you know what happens. Frank