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  1. Best Weather add on for FSX SE

    Yeah, I can't tell you the best, but I have used Opus FSX (now Opus FSI) for years and am very impressed all the time with the weather it puts out and all the features and options it comes with. I have used my original Opus FSX (with updates of course) since FSX boxed and it has run just as good, or better, with FSX Steam and P3D V2 and P3D V3. Opus seems to really recreate the actual weather very well. As I said I can't really comment on Active Sky, as I have not used it, so my personal recommendation would have to be Opus. Cheers,
  2. Happy Birthday Noel...

    Happy Belated Birthday Noel! Hope you had a great day and have a great year ahead. Cheers,
  3. Maja Kuczynska

    I just stumbled across these videos of a fascinating athlete - Maja Kuczynska. One is a performance from the "Wind Games", which I had never heard of, and then there is a video of Maja doing aerobatics while translating languages, chatting, and reciting poems. Cheers,
  4. Newcasle V8 Supercars F18 cockpit video

    Great story Matt. That's quite a flight from Nowra to Hobart. Despite the passouts it must have been a great experience (maybe? overall). The last part of your story makes me laugh. I had a joyflight in a Tigermoth at Aldinga on a beautiful sunny, clear, not very windy day, and once the pilot started to do a few (pretty tame) aerobatics I started to get quiet. I had been chatting, and he asked me if I was feeling OK. I was OK, but started to get a really mild feeling of nausea. He said we were starting to head back anyway, so did that and landed. As time went by, I went back to my sister's place and I was lying out under the patio, and then on the grass in the backyard for hours, getting some fresh air. I didn't spew either, but felt nauseous for hours afterwards. Funny thing was it got worse after the flight. I've seen a few shows/docos showing high G training for pilots, and it is not a pretty sight when the Gs get too high. A really great one is Jetstream from Discovery channel.
  5. Newcasle V8 Supercars F18 cockpit video

    Great vid Craig. I really love watching in cockpit videos. They make it look easy don't they, although it probably was in the Hornet. Not to disagree with you, the RAAF are world class, but the Hornet is such a versatile aircraft. I remember when I started using FSX years ago I thought the Hornet was pretty boring right away because it was so easy to fly and I felt like I couldn't stuff up if I tried. I really had to fly it at 200 feet at 800 KIAS to get any enjoyment from it . As much as I know the default F/A-18 is nothing like flying the real thing I also think the real thing is such a versatile aircraft it would be pretty easy to fly. Hornets (and Super Hornets) can do it all - fly really fast, really slow, Air to Air, Ground Attack, aerobatics, ACM...... Again, I know the RAAF pilots (and the rest of them) are world best, and I am also really proud to be an Australian represented and protected by the RAAF. My sister is one of them now, so I'm doubly proud! Cheers,
  6. Flying in Venezuela

    Search some of the download sites for "David Maldonado" and you will find a lot of quality freeware airports for Venezuela. For Argentina there are also lots of addons: http://e-alsur.wixsite.com/alsur/sceneries http://www.flightsimulatorarg.com.ar/xescenarios28.htm http://simargfsx.blogspot.com.au/2015/02/blog-post_3.html Of course the best way to search for lots of addons for any country is: http://www.freewarescenery.com/fsx.html Cheers,
  7. Austria

    Hi John, Sorry, I just noticed your question. There are 2 options that I am aware of for Austria photoreal. 1st, there is a nice 2m/pixel PR available from: http://ftxdes.blogspot.com.au/p/blog-page.html You need to leave a request in the comments with your email address. It is possible to delete or edit the post afterwards to remove your email address or the whole post if you are worried about leaving it up. They also have many other PR downloads available, which have ready download links (no need for a request). 2nd, there is also coverage of most of Europe at the following site: http://italyphotoreal.weebly.com/ You can download tiles using a map (or grid), bu the link for the latest version 0.7 seems to be missing from the website, unless I'm just missing it. You could try contacting the developer, or alternatively I will attach the latest version of the grid I have which is 0.5. Cheers, europegrid0_5.zip
  8. QFA790 - YSSY to YBAS

    Using Gibson Sceneries NT and NSW enroute photoreal: Cheers,
  9. Happy Birthday Trev!!

    Happy (Belated) Birthday Trev! Hope you had a good one. All the best for the year ahead. Cheers,
  10. France Photoreal scenery

    Hi, Sorry for the delayed reply, I just noticed this post. If there was a problem it seems to be gone now. I just tested a number of the Drive links and they all worked OK. Cheers,
  11. Orbx and xplane , Oz x development

    As far as I can tell nothing is confirmed with ORBX re X plane either. Right now they say they are just experimenting with tools for XP development.
  12. Vertigo Studios (their website is back online!)

    That's great. I have a few of their products and they are fantastic. I actually have a box set of their warbirds which is (shamefully) still unopened. I do regularly use their F6F Hellcat and TBM Avenger though, and have done for years. Good to see they are back on the scene. Cheers,
  13. Roma Airport

    Hi, Usually the biggest issue in doing any scenery is obtaining on site photos. A certain amount can be done from photos off the net etc, but for a good quality representation you really need someone at the airport taking photos. If anyone wants to post such photos (or a link to them) in this thread then I would imagine the development would go ahead at some point. The photos above are actually really good reference photos, so if there were more of them it would help. Cheers,
  14. NSW-VIC-TAS Imagery scenery

    Bloody Beautiful Norm! Cheers,