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  1. BK117 Static Object

    You could download a freeware model, convert it to a static object with SAMM, and ask permission from the original author to distribute. http://stuff4fs.com/newpage.asp?Folder=SAMM There are a few models - freeware by Thomas Roehl and ICARO and a payware by Nemeth Designs. hs__bk117_base.zip at Avsim.com https://www.rikoooo.com/downloads/viewdownload/43/638 Do a search for BK117 at Hovercontrol: http://www.hovercontrol.com/ HC_BK117_Final.zip at Simviation Cheers,
  2. Free NT imagery scenery for members

    Hi Sue, I assume you mean why would you want "a hole under your aircraft"? As Norm goes on to say in his post, the hole he mentions is just the higher resolution landclass or PR (for example FTX Global, FTX Aus, custom PR, or default textures) showing through above his 15m imagery which is designed for use at higher altitudes. Obviously closer to the ground the textures are not very sharp at 15m/pixel, so for lower altitude flying, including the takeoff and climb phase with airliners for example, the higher resolution textures will show through, and slowly be replaced by the 15m PR as you climb. The 15m PR is displaying what is actually there IRL, VS a landclass based approximation, which is the main benefit of having a photoreal ground texture. I have the release version of the 15m imagery for NT (and NSW, VIC, and TAS) as well as this new version Norm is mentioning in his post, and I am a big fan of the photoreal textures, which display very natural colours and, as I said, display what is actually there. Norm is giving NT away for nothing to OzX members, so IMHO it is worth a try at least. Cheers
  3. YSRI - RAAF Base Richmond N.S.W.

    Hi Lawrence, 1. Have a look at this thread at FSDeveloper regarding approach lights https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/brighter-approach-lights.344897/ 2. Probably SODE. That is used for all kinds of animations in current sceneries. I have heard it is difficult to learn, but a lot can be done with it. https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/forums/simobject-display-engine.143/ Cheers,
  4. Alabeo Ag-Truck N5850G

    PM sent mate.
  5. Acceleration Addons

    Hi Christian, Sorry for the delayed reply. Pretty much right, but: 1. backup my Windows Registries of the whole Computer. 1a. Uninstall FSX boxed edition 1b. Run the registry analyse/repair tool in CCleaner so it automatically fixes any obvious errors. 2. delete all Win Registries of the FSX. 3. install FSX Steam Version, the previous and the new (for the Acceleration Pack) Addons. (4.) and IF there is a problem I will use one of these programs to repair these Win Registries. You will most likely need to still search manually for any FSX entries after uninstalling FSX and running CCleaner and delete these entries. You can also use the CCleaner registry repair tool quite regularly in normal operations to maintain the health of your PC. Cheers, Scott
  6. Alabeo Ag-Truck N5850G

    G'day Will, I'm not aware of a lot of crop dusting scenery personally, but I do know of a few: First check the 3 Crop Dusting missions done by Treetops here at OzX in the Downloads/Missions section http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/files/category/66-ozx-missions/ One of the sceneries used for these is Tony's Place Another nice payware scenery which includes some nice fields which would be perfect for crop dusting is Győr-Pér (LHPR) and Bőny-Gyorszentiván, a Hungarian scenery with 2 airfields by LH Simulations. https://lhsimulations.com/webshop/?action=Termekreszletes_mutat&Id=1 https://lhsimulations.com/webshop/main.php see these stunning screenshots by Richard Louis Also if you haven't done so, you should install all the freeware OZX packages, Ant's Airports, and airports from Staff Scenery, as you are bound to find some great fields to spray amongst all these sceneries. Cheers, Scott
  7. Happy Birthday Scott ^_^


  8. Acceleration Addons

    As Sue says . The Windows registry stores all sorts of information for pretty much anything installed on your PC. Care must be taken with it, as if you delete something you should not it could have unexpected results and mess up your system. That being said, it is safe to delete entries for a program such as FSX, as a new installation will restore any registry entries, and there are also tools available (as linked above) which will actually create the correct FSX registry entries. If you have not heard of registry entries, then you probably have not used a tool called "CCleaner". This comes in a free version and it can check your registry for any errors and repair them very easily. Just a side note. Cheers,
  9. Yeah! Scenery looks great. What were the FPS like? Great stuff Craig, thanks for sharing.
  10. Acceleration Addons

    HI, Pretty sure, yes. Each installation is different, so the best way is to keep searching for FSX registry entries, and deleting them as you find them. This is of course, after you have gone through the normal uninstall process. I would suggest backing up your registry as the first step (after uninstalling FSX as normal). Open regedit ( go to Windows start and type regedit in the search box). Make sure you run as administrator. When Registry Editor opens click on "Computer" so it is highlighted. Then click on "File" tab, click on "Export". Save the file as "Registry_Before_FSX_Uninstall" or something similar. This is your backup. There is a registry tool for FSX available here: http://www.flight1.com/view.asp?page=library and here: https://www.tweakfs.com/store/free_tools.php You can use these tools to search for FSX registry entries, and then delete those entries. Note that even after these tools can't find anymore, there still MAY be some registry entries for FSX in different locations. To remove them all, open regedit ( go to Windows start and type regedit in the search box). Remember to back up your registry before deleting any files. Click on "Edit" tab and click on "Find..." In the box that pops up type in FSX Search through the registry by clicking on "Find Next" Work your way through and delete any left over FSX registry entries. If you want more info before you start there are lots of posts at Avsim and Flightsim.com regarding this process. Just search their forums. Cheers,
  11. Acceleration Addons

    Yes, ever since Microsoft stopped selling boxed versions of FSX, the price of FSX boxed sky rocketed. It is just supply and demand. Some people just still prefer boxed products, and when they stopped distributing them, the price of the ones left over went sky high . As I said above, if you install FSX Steam as a standalone install, then your PC and any addon installers will treat it exactly as if it was FSX Boxed. The only difference really between a standalone install and a dual install, is that your folders in Program Data and AppData/Roaming/Microsoft will be called FSX-SE instead of just FSX. Even if this happens, it just means you may need to manually alter some files to get some addons to work. The easiest way is if you totally uninstall FSX boxed first, remove ALL registry entries for FSX, and then install FSX Steam. Cheers,
  12. Victoria 15m PR

    Yes, and it is very annoying . Great shots Norm. It is looking spectacular. I can almost see my house in that last shot Cheers,
  13. Happy Birthday Craig!!!!

    Happy Birthday Craig! Hope you had a good one. Cheers,
  14. Acceleration Addons

    Hi, FSX Steam Edition does indeed include the Acceleration Pack, and some other improvements also. I would recommend the Steam Version over the boxed version. Everything is already built in to the base version of FSX Steam Edition. As for the boxed version, if you decided to install Acceleration as an addon over your existing FSX installation, then anything that worked before (ie with SP 1 and 2) will also work with the Acceleration addon. I hope this answers your questions. BTW, FSX Steam Edition is currently on sale at the Steam Store for $9.99 USD. http://store.steampowered.com/app/314160/Microsoft_Flight_Simulator_X_Steam_Edition/ I should also note that it is possible to install FSX Steam so that programs see it as the boxed edition. This is sometimes necessary just for ease of use with installation of addons. This requires uninstalling FSX boxed edition, and then removing all Windows Registry entries. Then when you install FSX Steam, it will be seen as a stand alone installation of FSX. There is a lot of info on how to go about this online if you have any trouble. Or feel free to ask back here. Cheers,
  15. Happy Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all OzXers! Have a happy and safe Christmas and New Year! Cheers,