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  1. Hi Pete, Just saw these posts, so I will try and answer. This info is current for P3D V4. There is not much (or zero that I'm aware of) difference between the way the sims handle photoscenery from FSX through to P3D V4. I haven't really investigated, but if you want more info the P3D V4 SDK manual would be the best source. Especially the "Terrain and Scenery" section. To ensure compatibility with all sims from FSX up it is probably recommended to use the FSX SDK tools such as the resample tool. I think any version of the resample tool should be fine though. Regarding the layering thing, you probably shouldn't actually delete anything from an addon airport etc. Basically you should not alter any other persons work without their prior permission. You can always add an object that wasn't there previously. That should be fine and does not require you to interfere with existing files. You can simply create an addon for an addon. You are free of course to create any airport from scratch, but another persons work can not be altered without their permission. You are also free to contact the author for that permission and you may find they are willing. Hope that clears things up. Also regarding any photos, designers are always after photos, so any are great. If you wish you can just share them in the Scenery Design forum, or share them privately with an interested designer if that suits. Cheers, Scott
  2. COMPLETE PR Northern Territory

    LOL. It's not a race Matt Great review and pics Gaz, and I agree with all you said. I am really impressed with this PR and it brings something totally new and amazing to our sims. Cheers,
  3. Cannot install Grand Canyon

    Hi Teecee, Which sim are you trying to install it to?
  4. Jetstar A320 - YBAS to YPDN - Part 1

    Hi Norm, Great job with the scenery! I am using REX Essentials Plus. The current cloud sets are: Cumulus Set: 12/ Cumulus Cirrus Set: 15/Wispy Cirrus I also use Opus FSX for the weather. Cheers,
  5. Northern Patrol

    Morning patrol between Milingimbi and Maningrida, NT, Australia Cheers,
  6. Jetstar A320 - YBAS to YPDN - Part 2

    Thanks. These are taken in P3D V3.4. Cheers,
  7. New Australian Photoreal - NT

    @vh-eee Hi Pete, The "Community scenery design workshop" forum would be the best place to post regarding anything scenery design related. I would recommend downloading all the OzX, staff, and 3rd party scenery and you will get a better idea of what has and has not been done. There are documents included in the OzX downloads which outline areas and airports covered. Of course if you have something new to add it is not against any law to re do an existing airport or area. In my eyes the general rule is that any scenery design should be an improvement over what came before, whether that is default or another add on. Asking any questions here will usually get you an answer, but another good source of readily available info re scenery design is FSDeveloper. Cheers, Scott
  8. New Australian Photoreal - NT

    Hi. I'm guessing you posted in the wrong thread. It's usually better to start a new topic so people notice any new questions etc. That's cool though, here is the link for Ant's scenery: http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/files/category/13-anthony-lynch-scenery/ If you're looking for any other downloads, just click on the "Downloads" tab at the top of the page. You will then see listings down the right hand side of all the different categories. Click on any of these an you will see more sub-categories listed down the right hand side. You can browse through all the files in each category by just scrolling through the page(s). Cheers,
  9. Jetstar A320 - YBAS to YPDN - Part 2

    And thanks again!
  10. Jetstar A320 - YBAS to YPDN - Part 1

    Thanks Terry. I am really a big fan of this scenery. Norm has done a great job. The colours look really natural. Cheers,
  11. Aerosoft Airbus Gibson Sceneries Northern Territory ORBX YBAS Ant's YPDN Cheers,
  12. New Australian Photoreal - NT

    Yeah I think most photoreal is better at higher altitudes, unless it is pretty high resolution and has autogen and custom buildings. This particular PR is for sure aimed at users who fly at higher altitudes as it is a lower resolution than a usual PR area or airport. Your final thoughts basically hit the nail on the head Dan. Any type of PR will override any other form of terrain texture, so basically this will replace any default or ORBX terrain covering the same area. Usually any custom objects will still appear but autogen will not. Higher resolution PR and any airports can easily be placed above the NT PR, so for example the entire ORBX Alice Springs scenery will appear above the NT base PR, and all objects and autogen will appear as normal. Basically it is one or the other regarding low altitude vs high altitude, but they can easily be switched back and forth by having several scenery.cfgs which is pretty easy with a tool like Scenery Config Editor. I personally just like PR as it is more realistic in the sense that you see what is actually there. Great for exploring the real thing in the sim. Craig is actually one of my favourite actors. Ha ha. I forgot I was still using that. It always reminds me of Caddyshack. No autogen. Also one season only, but night textures have been created with PR lighting for Darwin, Katherine and Alice Springs. Norm also plans on creating more states, hopefully all of them. Cheers,
  13. New Australian Photoreal - NT

    From our very own gibo (Norman Gibson), there is a fantastic new series of photoreal products being produced for Australia, starting with the Northern Territory. The PR is lower res than some PR out there (I think the source imagery was 12m) so it is really designed for mid to high altitude flights as an enroute scenery. I have already flown around it and it is fantastic. You can see the pics and/or get the scenery from Norm's site: http://www.gibsonsceneries.com/copy-of-media http://www.gibsonsceneries.com/ Cheers,
  14. Richmond

    No worries. Pretty good Noel. Thanks. Just pretty busy at work most of the time, and doing more flying than developing when on the PC now. I'm also starting to make a dent in some other PC games I have owned for years and never installed. How are things on your end? Cheers, Scott