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  1. Hi Scott,

       Long time no contact, but that's my fault. The dreaded round tuit thingy.
    Just a week ago I had an amazing Eureka!! breakthrough moment with the Kimberley Region Mitchell River Station project.
    Through a Kimberley Region forum post where I'd commented, a lady replied informing me that she her husband & 3 children had lived & worked the propert circa 1970's!.
    She unfortunately lost her husband some years ago (he was the manager & did a lot of groundwork in setting the place up). She hopes to revisit the location with one or both of her sons later in 2017. She is quite approacheable & is interested in my thoughts etc of the place & The Kimberley Region in general. We have started sharing what we have, however she will need some PC assistance in getting stuff to me. She tried sending (from her MAC) some .tiff images but the email refused to send. So she took a screen grab & saved that as a .jpg then sent me two pics. I will ask her if she has someone who can help her get them up (whatever she wants to share with me) on say Drop Box. Then whatever format they are in I can convert/view no worries. I'd prefer the original saved image than her converting them, & probably reducing the image quality in the process.
    I have many questions to ask her but already have some information. In the next few days I shall put together a list of questions for her, concerning what was where (there apparently were two houses & more sheds than what we saw/I recall).
       Now on to perhaps something you may be able to in some way assist me with please.
    I have some programs such as ADE (see attached screen grab). But when I run ADE & import a Mitchell River bgl file, go there in FSX, sometimes I can get ADE to connect (to FSX), but don't see any ground texture etc imgae from FSX in the ADE program. I thought I should?. Scott are you possibly available to help me get started with this please?. I have several scenery items placed as a sort of 'scratch pad' of stuff via Instant Scenery, but have no runway etc layout in ADE yet. Do you use Skype?. Maybe we could get together & I could share my screen with you so you can perhaps better see what I have going on?.
    Get back to  me when you can Scott. I don't mind at all waiting. ^_^

       Trusting this finds you in good health. Season's Greetings to you & family,

    kind regards,
    Noel Brettoner
    [email protected]
    Coffs Harbour NSW Australia.

  2. Just passing on a couple of self described "bad" jokes from a thread over at Aerosoft: "Time for a bad joke: How do you know when there’s a pilot in the room? He tells you." "Another bad one: During a dinner date with a beautiful woman, a pilot says..."Well enough about me, let's talk about jets!"" Cheers,
  3. Geez Sue, I thought I was pushing it. I'm up to H, including a connected external drive. Cheers,
  4. Hi Spok, You have a few options. If it's possible, you could extend the PR further out, even if it's water, and blend the PR to the underlying scenery further out in the ocean. This method will just cover up the landclass and shorelines with your PR. Depending on the colouration, it is often advisable to blend a scenery out in the ocean, using a lot of feathering and guassian blur on the blend mask to "soften" the transition. Are you using SBuilderX? If you are then that will have options to create exclusions, vectors and polygons. If you are not, then no biggy, you can use ADE to do these functions too. I can't recall exactly how ATM, but you do need to alter two things - the landclass itself and the shoreline which is on the edge. I know you can use an exclusion for the shoreline, however you need to be aware that excluding the smallest section of shoreline will exclude a great length of it. You then need to add shoreline back (using the vector tool - set to the correct shoreline) if it has been removed from surrounding landclass that is not covered by your PR. If you see my Point Cook scenery, and look at the CVX file(s) you will see I have added a long section of shoreline to replace what was removed by excluding it where I needed to. As for the landclass, I "think" you need to cover any exposed areas with a polygon set to Water. I can't recall exactly, but I have a feeling you don't need to be too careful with this, meaning you can just use one or a few basic, large polygons which cover the exposed landclass, with no requirement to follow the edges of the scenery. If you have water set underneath your PR, it will remain as your PR above the water. So this can be done fairly easily. You may also need to use more polygons set to flatten any areas you have turned to water, so you don't have a raised mesh with water over it. These will be separate, and will need to more closely follow the waterline, so you don't flatten any areas unnecessarily. If you need more assistance just ask; and if you do, a screenshot of the affected areas will help. Cheers,
  5. Hi John, You may find some solutions in this thread: As you have France VFR you won't need the photoreal scenery, but if you look below the PR links you will find links for AFCADs (airport files) that have been created for the scenery by Joop Mak. These should match up with France VFR also. Just test a few out first if you want. There are also several external links below these where you will find plenty of freeware airports. F-BMPL is an excellent source for freeware scenery for France. Cheers,
  6. Black Friday sale on at: £2 for all FSX addons. Some great products too, such as Earth Simulations scenery, Warbirdsim aircraft, and lots more. Cheers,
  7. Great action shots Norm! That looks like a hit to me. Cheers,
  8. Nice job. I was just thinking about this development the other day. Good to see it still rolling along. Cheers,
  9. Happy Belated Birthday Trev. Hope you had a great one. Cheers,
  10. Hi Martin, With the help of some people at FS Developer, I discovered that you can utilise a technique which uses shapefile data, in my case France waterways and coastlines shapefiles, along with QGIS ( a free GIS program) and GIMP, to greatly speed up the creation of watermasks. It is using a GDAL tool, which is a part of QGIS, called "rasterize". Basically you can "burn" the shapefile data on to a geotiff image; so I started with blank (white) geotiff and then used the Rasterize tool/command to burn the shapefile water data for each tile of the PR. Then using GIMP I made this image in to the water mask for each tile. Then it was just a matter of running the watermask and the original image through the FSX resample tool to create the BGL. Although this technique started off fairly accurately, which is why I continued using it, there are a lot of places where the accuracy is not so great, and there are even sections of rivers etc missing. I have gone over several watermasks and fixed them up by hand, but as you can imagine this is very time consuming. Originally I was only going to watermask the coastlines, but this led to a problem of blending rivers where they meet the ocean, so because of the semi-automated process I decided to create watermasks for all areas. I still plan on going over many areas by hand and fixing them up, as every time I fly over it I find another problem of misaligned or missing water. Basically it looks OK from a distance, but does not stand up to close scrutiny, which I am somewhat satisfied with, as the original plan was to do a "rough and ready" version of France PR for my own use, and not to make a perfect scenery. For some more information on the GDAL Rasterize tool, see the following link to the topic I started at FS Developer: Cheers,
  11. Happy Birthday Pat. Have a great one. Cheers,
  12. Fantastic pics Richard. Congratulations; You just sold a PC-24. Please contact Iris for your commission. Oops. I had the PC-24 on my mind, as I have been considering it for the past few days. Now on closer inspection, I see that's not a PC-24. I can't seem to figure out what it is actually. Any clues Richard; Or just give me the answer . That is a nice jet. BTW I picked up the PC-24 anyway. 2nd edit: After a bit of research I think it is the Hawker 850/XP (maybe Carenado). Cheers,
  13. Hey Piet, Not to dismiss your thoughts, but I think it is doable to navigate these pages even when not knowing French. I have had to stumble through myself, but most files/downloads are fairly obvious once you start searching. There is also google translate which can translate entire pages with the click of a button. I have been able to get through most pages by just learning one word: Télécharger, which means download in French. Besides, by navigating these pages, maybe users can pick up a bit of French along the way, which can't be a bad thing. Nice pics too . Cheers,
  14. Hi, If you go through the "process" for the Single Downloads link, then you will get to a page with each section of OzX sceneries available individually. So you could download just OzX 3.5, and I think you also need the Ozx Libraries V1.2. Cheers,