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  1. Yeah that's right Terry. The Autopilot is or will be worked on in by Dutch (Milviz Huey, Ivan Jurcaga Mig-21, KLN90B Gauge) although I believe he had other projects to get finished first. BTW a new update was added just a few days ago at SOH, and is just an update file including a bunch of fixes for the latest V3.14 Beta release of the C-47. The plane will continue to be worked on, and a wishlist is already being created for what will be included in the V3.15 release. Cheers,
  2. No not at all. I knew what you meant (or thought I did and you confirmed). It does add more character.
  3. Thanks Terry, that makes me feel a bit better. Next Avalon Airshow I am going to go on two days so I don't miss anything . Cheers,
  4. Thanks Tez!
  5. Thanks all. This plane is a real beauty! I believe that's related to the autopilot which is still being worked on, and currently not functional. This is the C-47 by Manfred Jahn with updated vintage VC and more by Jan Visser, Manfred and a heap of other guys. Latest version is V3.1405, and it's available at Sim Outhouse. Cheers,
  6. Pretty sad, I missed the Roulettes this year. Luckily I saw them over my house on Australia Day, but still disappointed I missed them at Avalon. Here are some other formation flights I did catch. Cheers,
  7. Hey Trev, Did you also get Dunedin? If you're using Dunedin with ORBX NZSI, you should disable a file called Seasons.bgl in the Godzone/GodzoneNZDN/Scenery folder. There was some type of conflict and it seems to cause an issue with randomly placed landclass tiles during some seasons (at least in Winter). Here is the ORBX thread about it. Cheers,
  8. Thanks Terry. Skip can put on quite a show. Cheers,
  9. Cheers,
  10. Thanks Terry! This plane was made for Grand Canyon flying. Cheers,
  11. Thanks guys. The train ride probably wouldn't happen, but one of my nieces has travelled several times on a jet from Adelaide to Melbourne by herself, from the age of about 6!(?). Well, actual age I'm not sure of, but she was young. She was handed off by her mum at one end and picked up by her nan at the other end, and she always seemed to enjoy it. She was flying on airliners before I was! Cheers,
  12. Cheers,