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  1. OZx in Prepar3d v4

    Hello Tom, OZX Ver 4 with Libs Ver 2 No this will not work as intended, because v3.0 v3.1 v3.2 v3.3 v3.4 v3.5 and libs v1.0 v1.1 v1.2 are completely different to those now defunct (OZx_AU v4.0 & Libs v2.0) and are not as you say a modified OZx_AU v3.5 with extras. It would be best if you go with the current OZx complete offerings (v3.0 v3.1 v3.2 v3.3 v3.4 v3.5 and libs v1.0 v1.1 v1.2) as they will present less complications with regard to the required Libraries and Jorges updated Libs for P3D.
  2. Displaying OzX airports in the GPS in P3dv4.1

    Hello John, Don't be so hard on yourself, So you have the OZx airfields showing in the GPS for P3Dv3.4, that means you have the "340+ Selectable Ozx airfields v3.3" package working in that sim, you just need to put those same .bgl's into P3Dv4.1 http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/files/file/1753-340-selectable-ozx-airstrips/ the latest version 3.3 includes GPS locations for both AU and NA/CAN If you want to install the latest v3.3 340+ GPS OZx3.3_airstrips_BGL_files.zip inside the pack there are two further zip files containing the bgl's for both AU and NA AUS_airstrips_JB_2010_12_07.zip PNW_airstrips_JB_2011_05_24.zip NA BC/CAN "PNW unidentified ICAO Airstrips PNW NA.1.0" original package (these 'bgl's are now included in the 340+ v3.3 pack) Previous separate downloads for AU 340+ and the above PNW NA 1.0 .bgls installed to Addon Scenery\Scenery The v3.3 package install instructions tells you to install these bgl's into the Addon Scenery\Scenery folder, so that is where you might expect to find the bgl's in P3Dv3.4. These are the files you will need to copy across to P3Dv4.1 Addon Scenery\Scenery For AU OZX_Bushstrips_NewSouth Wales_JB.BGL OZX_Bushstrips_NorthernTerritory_JB.BGL OZX_Bushstrips_Queensland_JB.BGL OZX_Bushstrips_Southern Aus_JB.BGL OZX_Bushstrips_Tasmania_JB.BGL OZX_Bushstrips_Victoria_JB.BGL OZX_Bushstrips_WesternAustralia_JB.BGL For NA/PNW OZX__Z_CAN_BC_CZ01.BGL OZX__Z_CAN_BC_CZ02.BGL OZX__Z_USA_WA_WZ01.BGL OZX__Z_USA_WA_WZ02.BGL OZX__Z_USA_WA_WZ03.BGL If you also have "Ants Aussie IFR and VFR Waypoints" package, along with Ant's Airfields then copy these across as well. Ants_Aust_IFRwaypoints.BGL Ants_Aust_VFRWaypoints.BGL Hope that all makes sense, I typed this while the freezer was being defrosted in the next room, needless to say the ice being chiselled out broken up was a great distraction, Oh what an unruly racket.
  3. Hobart and Cambridge in Tasmania

    Hi Terry & Gerold, When you installed the Matt Devenish version of Hobart Cambridge, did you disable these three files in the OZx\OZx_AUS\Scenery folder mwl_YMHB_PR2.bgl mwl_YMHB_PR.bgl mwl_YMHB_AFX.bgl
  4. Stupid Question RE Warnervale Airstrip

    Hello Brett, If you are running the Payware FTX Warnervale YWVA Airport, and you have Ants Aussie Airports Warnervale or Ants AussieAirportsComplete from OZx you should disable Ants YWVA version in your FSX Scenery Library. Ants stuff is normally installed into the Addon Scenery folder. It will be listed in the FSX Scenery Library as "Ants Aussie Airports Warnervale" uncheck this one to see the Orbx/FTX version. The Ants version installation & readme.txt file can be found in your aaaComp installation folder explaining the need to disable Ants Warnervale when using Orbx YWVA.
  5. YTYA Tyabb strange textures

    Hello Heinz, I wish I could help you with your monitor setup but I fear I am out of my depth advising on Radeon ATI / Cataylist dual monitor setups. Nvidia / Geforce / Nvidia Inspector / Nvidia Surround, is where my skill set extends. I had another lengthy post prepared but chose not to post it, I feel it would only serve to complicate matters and potentially lead you in the wrong direction. You need advice from a ATI Radeon user for best setup of Dual Monitors in FSX. I am happy that you discovered SimStarter's Profile interaction with the additional entries in the FSX.cfg, I hope you can overcome the this issue, (SimStarter is also a tool I do not use). I think we've exhausted all the possibilities solving YTYA's DX10 issues, in the absence of any other technical input. Its down to Shaders 3.0, DX10 or Radeon Graphics. I cannot replicate the transparent hangars in my own setup as there are no common components between our Sim setups except FSX. All the best Heinz Kind regards Jethro
  6. YTYA Tyabb strange textures

    Hello Heinz, I had a look through your attached FSX.cfg, it appears that you are still using the "Venetubo" modified version. If it were my sim, I would rename this FSX.cfg to FSX.cfg.HeinzVenetubo then let FSX rebuild a fresh config on next sim restart, re-enable PreviewDX10 and the fixer., make any FSX setup checkbox and slider adjustments, then close FSX, re-insert into the [GRAPHICS] section of FSX.cfg HIGHMEMFIX=1 There is also need for TML of 4096, very few addons require this, REX clouds / Textures maybe, but this places an added burden on your system. [GRAPHICS ] TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD=2048 is plenty, and likely your hardware may cope better with 1024 (Default) Next....... test your sim @ YTYA. <========================================================================> Your current FSX.cfg contains quite a few tweaks & errors which can make for complications. I am reluctant to make changes / or suggestions to this FSX.cfg as I do not know what is best for your current setup using Radeon graphics card. You appear to have a multiple monitor setup but I cannot determine which resolution or Display setup you are using by the multiples contained within the config . Significantly entries are listed for both ATI & AMD [DISPLAY.Device.ATI Radeon HD 5800 Series.0] Anisotropic=1 Mode=1920x1080x32 AntiAlias=1 [DISPLAY.Device.ATI Radeon HD 5800 Series.1] Mode=1920x1080x32 [DISPLAY.Device.ATI Radeon HD 5800 Series.0.0] AntiAlias=1 Mode=1920x1080x32 Anisotropic=1 [DISPLAY.Device.ATI Radeon HD 5800 Series.0.1] Mode=1920x1080x32 [DISPLAY.Device.AMD Radeon HD 5800 Series.0.1] Mode=1280x1024x32 [DISPLAY.Device.AMD Radeon HD 5800 Series.0.0] Mode=1920x1080x32 Anisotropic=1 AntiAlias=1 [DISPLAY.Device.AMD Radeon HD 5800 Series.0] Mode=1024x768x32 [DISPLAY.Device.AMD Radeon HD 5800 Series.1] Mode=1024x768x32 If using more than one monitor or Multiple Graphics cards (SLI) there can be more entries, but I find the multiples very strange if you are only using a single monitor, one entry when sim is first configured in Default DX9 .0] and another if DX10 is enabled 0.0] If you are only using a single Monitor with DX10 then there should only be one or 2 entries [Display.Device.ATI Radeon HD 5800 Series.0] entry, if only DX9 mode had been used. If you have enabled DX10 then you would see a second 0.0 entry [Display.Device.ATI Radeon HD 5800 Series.0.0] Why there are multiples I don't know! Why there are both AMD & ATI listed I don't know! There are 3 significant tweaks in your Venetubo config that may be affecting the YTYA buildings whilst in DX10 mode which are: BufferPools, RejectThreshold, ALLOW_SHADER_30=1, [BufferPools] RejectThreshold=131072 PoolSize=4000 UsePools=1 I would stop using PoolSize & UsePools comment the lines to disable //PoolSize=4000 //UsePools=1 Use [BufferPools] RejectThreshold=131072 if you wish or need but don't use this in combination with PoolSize & UsePools [GRAPHICS] ALLOW_SHADER_30=1 I would not be using this tweak, I would also Refresh my Shaders & Shaders10 folder/files after disabling this Shader 3.0 Tweak. I mentioned earlier in the thread, that the use of Venetubo's "Shader 3.0" can complicate things, particularly the display of object textures. Nvidia Graphics cards & driver, can make significantly better use of Shader 3.0 (but still with complications) Radeon Cards & driver have more difficulty with Shader 3.0 as it is somewhat of a hack / cobbled together implementation when using this shader version with a Radeon card. Comment the line to disable //ALLOW_SHADER_30=1
  7. YTYA Tyabb strange textures

    Hello Heinz, I think we're running out of possibilities here Heinz, I don't think the AutogenConfig merge would be causing the issue, I doubt that SimStarter would be the cause, unless you had some scenery.cfg error or had disabled the OZx_AUS &/or OZx_LIB or one of the core FSX folders by mistake. I could check your "Active" Scenery.cfg file for you if you like. (But only for the profile where everything is enabled) It can be found here: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX I'm glad your new/repaired dll.xml worked to allow you to install ACX for the 10min demo test at YTYB 10 minutes Demo is enough to check a specific location (as I needed to confirm your transparent hangars and the large white building there at YTYA while using DX10 + fixer) The test and pictures confirm that this could be the same for other FSX:MS + AccPack + DX10 Fixer users. The basic development age of the airfield and its objects and object textures, only visible using DX9 mode. It would be great if another FSX / DX10 fixer user could confirm what they see at YTYA Tyabb in the location of your pictures. This would definitely put the matter to rest (it may not be fixable for DX10). Thanks also for confirmation about your FSX install location, the folder name is the same as Default install location only you must have kept the default location folder name and just changed to D: Drive location. (There is usually no need to maintain the default name when installing fresh) my FSX is installed like this ( G:\FSX ) on a Dedicated 1TB HDD using the whole drive partition, very simple. There should be no need for further concern about your dll.xml Essentially the multiple ObjectFlow entries and Tab corruption most likely occurred around the time of Orbx migration and subsequent ObjectFlow.dll updates, this might be down to SimStarter profiles being reloaded, though not the Orbx ObjectFlow.dll update per se. Up-till-now has gone unnoticed by the user. If you are running FTXCentral3 and are up-to-date with Libs, patches, and ObjectFlow for your installed products this corruption should not re-occur. There is an uninstaller for ACX if you nolonger wish to use the tool, go ahead and uninstall using "Windows Control Panel / Uninstall a Program" then uninstall "Addon Converter X" it will remove the entry from your dll.xml, the tool will nolonger be loaded on sim start.
  8. Missing airports

    Hello Captain (Serenity) Poppens, True "FlightSim Serenity" lies in the installation and use of FSX acceleration or FSX:SE (SteamEdition) or P3D , if your PC hardware can handle the load. Add to that some fine OZx freeware and Orbx Australia, "instant serenity". No its not Nirvana yet but its coming along nicely. FS9+VOZ1.8 was nice, back in the day, but FSX+Orbx+OZx is so much more. How can we convince you to walk into the light, LOL You need a "mixed cassette" some groovy tunes, and a post hypnotic suggestion. (FSX, FSX, come into the light... come into the light... come into the light....) On the count of three, I will click my fingers, and you will no longer think as fondly of the old FS9/VOZ days, but have a strong and overwhelming desire to move to FSX or P3D OZx Orbx where most of your Aussie airfield desires have been created.
  9. YTYA Tyabb strange textures

    Hello Heinz, I found a great many problems within your dll.xml and have fixed them all hopefully. See Zipped file below - extract to a new folder on your desktop the repaired dll.xml can be found in the "Heinz REPAIRED dll.xml" folder. Also returned to you for safe keeping, is your unaltered original. There are 2 folders inside the zipped attachment Heinz ORIGINAL dll.xml (Folder) & Heinz REPAIRED dll.xml (folder) If you open the Heinz Repaired (folder) you will find a repaired version of your original (dll.xml) file. Copy this repaired version of the dll.xml back to - C:\users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX and overwrite the existing one. It is quite ok to overwrite in this instance, as I have given you back your original un-altered (dll.xml) file in the "Heinz ORIGINAL dll.xml" folder, within the zippped attachment. (Keep it safely stored) elsewhere on a storage drive. There was quite a lot of iregularities within your supplied original dll.xml file, much corruption was found and fixed. ObjectFlow module .dll's - multiple instances of the same entry There were 2 instances of the EGHI entry There were 2 instances of the EDBI entry There were 2 instances of the EDBH entry There were 2 instances of the CEN4 entry There were 84 instances of the CBB7 entry The entry line lead Spaces and Tabs were not in the proper .xml file format for the "ACX program" to install into the dll.xml or load as a program to be added to the FSX.cfg [trusted] module/gauge section. Potentially the many other errors were preventing the effective loading of much of the other contents within the dll.xml file, it is likely that there were other issues with your simulator because of this file corruption, as yet un-noticed by your self when flying the sim. Since this repaired (dll.xml) is the new version that will be loading the modules on sim startup (and hopefully it is working perfectly) When you start your FSX sim for the first time there may be a few new "load this module" dialogs to say "yes" to, just click "yes" to allow these modules to be added to your FSX.cfg [Trusted] section. Finally after you start your sim you should immediatley load a flight at (YTYA Tyabb airfield) (obviously using your DX10 and the fixer) check if the buildings have returned. If they have, then we have found the source of your problem. (at least as far as installing and loading ACX for a test demo). If not then immediatly close FSX and reinstall "Addon ConverterX" (it should install correctly this time, as there is no other dll.xml file corruption, atleast none extra than what I have already found). Finally, the Default Folder installation of your FSX (D:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X), is more than likely the cause of the dll.xml file corruption. (An Administrative Permissions issue). If your OS system drive is indeed designated as D: rather than the usual system drive C: then you have FSX installed on D: drive but inside the OS protected folder location, this location often interferes with read/write I/O file operations (Admin permissions). Also if you have not yet turned off Win7 UAC (User Account Control. then please do so as this can also interfere with Read/Write to important core files in the sim folders. The default install location was quite acceptable when we ran WindowsXP (in the era of FSX coming to the market place) but things changed in this regard when Windows7 and OS's thereafter came along. It has for a long time been considered best practice to install FSX to its own Folder "outside" the protected OS folders "Program Files (x86)" or even better to install FSX to its own dedicated drive in a folder called FSX. Then to take ownership of the files and folders Read/write Admin Permissions). Cheers and happy simming from now on, Jethro. Heinz dll.xml.zip
  10. YTYA Tyabb strange textures

    Hello Heinz, Sorry this (ACX tool) did not work for you. You did the right thing saying "no" to the message box. I really don't know if you actually have a corrupt dll.xml or that ACX has flagged your dll.xml incorrectly, it is true though, that any new modules entered into the dll.xml must do so in the right format to an undamaged dll.xml file. All previous modules entered into the file must follow the correct format. Often times an extra tag, space, or backslash from a prior module entry in the wrong place will make all the difference. If the dll.xml is damaged, the other modules will also be affected and may not function in the simulator, It may well be a positive detection indicating there was already corruption or it was a false positive, none-the-less it should be looked into. Would you be able to copy your dll.xml file then ZIP (compress) the copy dll.xml file (the actual file) and attach it to your next post using the paperclip attachment tool, I can take a look to see if its good or bad. The file is found in C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX Don't uninstall ACX at this stage, I need to see your "dll.xml" as it is, in its current state. Incidentally, you say you are using FSX MS + SP1 + Acceleration, have you ever had FSX:SE (Steam edition) installed at any time previously. This will give me some idea how complex your existing FSX installation actually is.
  11. YTYA Tyabb strange textures

    Hello Heinz, Try this tool, it might just work "Addon Converter X v1.09" You can try the free demo version beginning at YTYA for "10 minutes" it will find and fix on-the-fly http://www.flightsimtools.com/adconvx/ there is a full payware version and update to v1.09 if you find that it worked. I have never used this tool nor am I endorsing, but as I continued to research your issue I discovered the Addon ConverterX tool and thought it might be useful. Please read the user manual before you start and select (checkbox) as indicated in the picture on the "ACX" DL page the folders that the tool will search (ie; OZx_AUS) before you start and load FSX at YTYA, this will maximise the benefit in the 10 minute demo to confirm your findings that the tool has found and fixed YTYA transparent buildings for DX10 fixer mode. Caveat: I don't think the tool makes permanent changes but rather as a plugin makes temporary changes on-the-fly, hence the need for the payware version if you find that the free demo actually fixed your issue. Quote: Addon Converter X is a plugin for FSX that makes many add-on aircraft and sceneries developed for FS2004 compatible with FSX SP2 and FSX Acceleration Pack. Many existing aircraft and sceneries suffer display problems with these FSX versions, such as missing textures or missing scenery objects in the DirectX 10 mode. Addon Converter X resolves many of these problems on the fly, thus allowing you to enjoy thousands of sceneries and aircraft developed for previous Flight Simulator versions with FSX. Addon Converter X does not modify any files you have installed in FSX. It performs conversions on the fly as FSX is loading files. You don't have to "convert" any add-ons you are installing. Simply copy them into FSX, and Addon Converter X will make any necessary changes automatically.
  12. YTYA Tyabb strange textures

    Hello Heinz, Thankyou for the follow up information, initially I responded to your second post before it was edited/added to. (My notification email did not have the added text) I note in your second post, that you have recently updated your Graphics driver, perhaps reverting to the previous driver might be a worthwhile exercise. If your problems at YTYA occurred immediately after updating the drivers then that might be a clue. I believe the answer to the question about why YTYA works in DX9 mode and not in DX10 mode, revolves around the scenery itself, and the development techniques at the time YTYA was developed. I guess it has a lot to do with models and textures which were originally from FS9/FS2004 design SDK, which worked perfectly in FSX SP1/SP2/Acceleration under DX9 API, but would not work properly under (experimental - PreviewDX10) very much like Ported FS9 aircraft sometimes did not display as expected under DX10. It wasn't until much later, when Steve Parsons started to make improvements to the implementation of DX10 in FSX, that display of objects and textures within FSX/DX10 started to work, to the point where the benefits of DX10 could be utilised within the simulator. There is no reason why Steves fixer, now properly implemented can't display YTYA airfield buildings & hangars on FSX/DX10 platform. I still believe the answer to your transparent buildings under DX10 + Fixer is just a simple matter of refreshing the Shaders10 folder and possibly reviewing the settings within the DX10 Fixer configuration tool as per Adam Banks user guide. I cannot advise on this, as I do not use DX10, nor have I used Radeon Graphics card. It also helps to be using the most reliable, stable, glitch free, Catalyst drivers for your Radeon Graphics. (Adam or Steve can indicate which one to use.) I believe there are drivers linked on adam's site. If you are still not seeing improvements to the display of these buildings under "DX10 with Fixer" Perhaps you could visit the DX10 sub-forum over at AVSIM forums, and post a question to Steve Parsons, he will likely give a better explanation than I, and maybe able to help you setup your Radeon Graphics to work with his DX10 fixer. As to why you aren't seeing this transparency elsewhere, I'm not sure, other than that the other sceneries may be FSX native models & textures which work perfectly across all API's.
  13. YTYA Tyabb strange textures

    Hello Heinz, I was hoping you were running an Nvidia graphics card, I would have more ideas resolving your transparent buildings issue. I have zero experience with Radeon cards or the Catalyst drivers setup for FSX/DX10+Fixer. Though I think that maybe where your problem could be. I will need to ask a friend which Catalyst driver version are best (most stable) for FSX. There may also be an outside chance that you have your DX10 fixer setup incorrectly, have you consulted the manual, or visited Steve's site or used "Adam Banks" DX10 setup guide http://www.nzfsim.org/ (when you go to this link click the green "ENTER" button.) Click DX10 fixer in the banner menu will take you to the Doc File & download page http://www.nzfsim.org/index.php?dsp=downloads&f_sort=fixer Have you tried using Default DX9 mode (Uncheck DX10 - restart sim) what were the results. Have you tried re-naming your FSX.cfg to FSX.cfg.Heinz as a backup. Found in C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX Doing so will remove any Venetubo tweaks (which can also cause such graphical errors), the [Trusted] section from the config will need to be acknowledged again when the sim restarts along with your FSX graphics and setup section. Upon restart FSX will create a fresh config. Not many continue to use Venetubo tweaks, since hardware has become more capable. (ie; Venetubo Shader 3.0 tweak) never quite worked when combined with Radeon Graphics. But sometimes did with Nvidia graphics, depending on driver version and other tweaks in the config. Because you are using DX10, there may be a glitch in the Shaders10 folder, you can refresh these shaders by deleting the contents of the Shaders10 folder, (Make a backup before deleting / move them for safety if you wish, store them in a folder on your desktop). found here: C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local\Microsoft\FSX FSX will re-create fresh DX10shaders when the DX10 option is re-enabled. It might also be a good idea to perform the same deletion within the Shaders folder (DX9 shaders) so you are guaranteed fresh shaders whichever mode you choose to run FSX in. Below: the one essential tweak all FSX:MS users should have in the FSX.cfg [GRAPHICS] <====in this section HIGHMEMFIX=1
  14. YTYA Tyabb strange textures

    Hello Heinz, I have a few problems at YTYA -Tyabb airfield myself. The PR seems of inferior resolution to the surrounding PR causing the asphalt taxiways leading to the hangars to disappear. Along with a building behind the hangers to appear black (longstanding issue), and road & rail disappearing across the YTYA PR area. I don't have your Transparent hangar problem though! Which version of FSX are you using.... FSX:MS + SP1 + SP2 FSX:MS + SP1 + Acceleration FSX:SE (SteamEdition) which includes SP1 + Acceleration DX9 Default Preview DX10 (without DX10 Fixer) PreviewDX10 (With Steve Parsons DX10 Fixer) Are you using Nvidia or Radeon Graphics card. Have you updated your graphics driver recently. What OS are you using 7, 8, or 10. Do you have any tweaks in your FSX.cfg. (ie: Bufferpools) Are your OZx Libraries, up to date OZx_Libs v1.0 v1.1 v1.2 (installed in that order) If using "Preview DX10 mode", it might be worthwhile un-checking the DX10 box (then restart your sim) to see if your transparent hangar problem is resolved. Heres a few pics of the issues I'm seeing right now.
  15. Static Helo Rotors - "Q" for Jorge Roldan

    Thankyou Matt & Jorge, Perfect explanations, I can live with the animation, no need to deconstruct the .bgl's. I suspected that might be the case, (very similar to rotating GIF's - offset by degrees) when the animation plays it is undetectable where the animation starts or stops. You're right Matt, Holsworthy has a plague, each copter with a different rotor frame offset.