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  1. Can you give us some clues! I'm not gathering any from your instruments or GPS.
  2. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone has ever had or seen this phenomenon before, and knows what causes it and how to fix. Gigantic (Monster) aircraft shadows following the aircraft they were flying, which are not reflective of the aircraft type they are flying. And could perhaps point me to a solution. (See System Specs in Sig) At this stage I'm considering a "Shaders" folder refresh might fix the problem but would like some thought on the matter before going ahead. So in the below pictures, was a flight in a C152 (FSInsider model) flying down the east coast of NSW heading for and landing @ OZx YMER Merimbula. As I approached from the north, lurking above me was the shadow of a Gigantic twin prop aircraft, thinking that I was about to be crushed by a monster I paused the sim and rotated the spotview to see what was casting the shadow and why it was so big. There was actually no aircraft above me so proceeded to land, the shadow was pointing in the opposite direction and did not seem to be my own. On exiting the runway it appears this is my own shadow (somehow wrongly displayed) but not reflective of the tiny C152 single prop. Prior to arriving in Merimbula and on flights elsewhere around the globe the C152 aircraft shadow behaved quite normally and appropriately to the shape size and position of the aircraft, relative to sun angle, as it has on all other flights since installation.
  3. Hi Teecee, I don't know which files cause those 2 tree types to display, but would like to check what appears in my sim at those locations, (Do you remember roughly which coastline in the first shot, and airfield in the second, and what season. In the old FTXCentral v1 v2 and I believe v3 as well, there was an option to use OZx trees when switched to Oceania region. With the introduction of Orbx Unified LC and removal of region switching, (Global Hybrid or Region selection is nolonger available in FTXCv3) setting your region to Oceania is nolonger possible. In my current setup I'm still using FTXC v2.0 along with older v160321 Orbx libraries, so both Global Hybrid and Oceania are still switchable. Perhaps as a test, to force display of the native Aussie Gums in Oceania, have you tried un-checking "Use Orbx Trees" & "Use TreesHD" ( if you have it) in FTXC settings.
  4. tasmania

    Which TC - Devonport & YDPO .bgl files should you remove or switch .OFF for proper display of (Flukeys) YDPO OZx version ? As we are all eager to fly Flukeys YDPO Devonport I thought I might post a list of files you may wish to disable from Teecee's earlier modified file-set. (Sorry Teecee, trying to tread lightly across your toes here, thankyou for your earlier YDPO airfield and LandClass for Devonport). I noticed there were a few LC mismatches and some lamp posts interfering with Flukeys scenery, a sim search revealed the following. For those of you who have installed TCs (Teecee's) files from either the "OZx Extras" folder or "TC_Folder" containing the same files but named slightly different. Below is a list of files to search for, relating to TC's modified Devonport, YDPO, dpo & extra lights on apron/taxi. You may find, located in your TC_Folder, and/or OZx_AUS or OZx Extras, for Tasmania LC if activated. These are the files I have switched OFF AFX_YDPO.bgl.OFF YDPO_Lib.bgl.OFF dpo area.bgl.OFF TC_dpo area.bgl.OFF tas around YDPO.bgl.OFF TC_ around_ YDPO.bgl.OFF TC_devonport_lighting_IS.bgl.OFF TC_devonport1_8646_LC.bgl.OFF TC_devonport2_8746_LC.bgl.OFF tc_TAS_devonport1_8646_LC.bgl.OFF tc_TAS_devonport2_8746_LC.bgl.OFF You might also notice some additional (short black lamp posts) distributed around the apron and taxiways (Flukeys flood lamps are the taller ones which are correctly placed according to the new PR APX), some of these posts are placed too close to parking spots or taxi lines and one is in the middle of the main taxi from the terminal ramp. To remove these lamps and posts you need to disable (.OFF) the bgl file below from your TC_Folder\scenery. Not sure why it is named "Elizabeth town lights" and displaying at Devonport YDPO, but having isolated this file the lamp posts disappeared. I'm not sure what effect this has on Elizabeth town lights TAS, but since there seems to be no airfield located in the area I figure no harm to disable the file so that Flukeys YDPO can shine . TC_Elizabeth_town_lights_IS.bgl.OFF @Flukey Please feel free to split this post from your topic, into a new topic if you feel it is misplaced.
  5. Hello Peter, Could you post a picture please. (Showing the hangar issue) Also, which sim are you using (FSX:MS+Accpack FSX:SE (Steam) or LM: P3D v1, v2, or v3) I visited the location last night where the large hangar is located, in my FSX sim the hangar and all other objects appear to be there, but depending on my aircraft position and aircraft view & zoom level in relation to the hangar, the hangar is clipped from view when panning in VC or Spot view. Otherwise the large hangar is present when viewed from greater distance without being clipped while panning / zooming view. Since you describe only seeing the front & frame of the hangar with transparent roof side and back walls, a picture might indicate wether it is a Camera.cfg clipping issue or something missing in your setup or a library ordering issue. Usual indicator of missing texture is a black object model, but you describe transparency which would indicate something else. Also are you using EZdok for camera views. See pics
  6. Hi Craig, I don't think the opening hours for the main terminal would warrant all the extra effort to have lighting in the terminal, although the Taxi lighting and Flood lighting is very much appreciated from a sim POV, the RFDS guys on call are probably working in a dimly lit back office during the night. Terminal staff would probably be at the local hotel. Opening Hours: Mon 7:45am - 6pm Tue 7:45am - 6pm Wed 7:45am - 5:15pm Thu 7:45am - 5:15pm Fri 7:45am - 5:15pm Sat 7:45am - 12:30pm Sun 2pm - 8:30pm
  7. HI Craig, Thankyou, DL installed / Tested, I have sent you a PM with results.
  8. Thankyou Craig, greatly appreciated. Only too happy to test the fix in FSX before live posting.
  9. Not specifically Antons Taxilights issue, (I don't have Taxi lights at all) but I'm not sure what lights should be showing. I have created my own topic in OZx support.
  10. Hi Craig, Thankyou for your Broken Hill Airfield, very nicely done, plenty of outback rustic charm. I noticed that (Antonvs) had some irregular shaped Taxiway lights, not quite sure what time of day or Sim he was using (2 intersecting planes of light placed on the faintly marked taxiway centerlines). I was wondering if you could help me with my taxiway lights as they don't seem to show in my FSX setup @ YBHI. I have runway lights and the forecourt/apron lights but nothing to get me off the runway and down the main taxi to the teminal. (Perhaps a dusk or night shot showing the lights at the airfield would be appreciated). I have your YBHI airfield installed and activated in FSX from this directory (G:\FSX\Addon Scenery\OZx_YBHI_Broken_Hill_v1\scenery & \texture). Placed the underscores into the foldername to overcome FTXCentralV2's propensity to remove OZx from the Scenery Library. (Yes I'm still using FTXCv2 - not migrated) Only had one OZx title disappear for the very first time it was YBHI ( some members had this occur with Flukeys YSBK ) - Connecting_underscores, are my solution to keeping OZx titles activated in the Scenery Library). Also Installed the YBHI Libs from the package into OZx\OZx_LIB\ scenery & \texture My OZx is above FTX and OZx_YBHI_Broken_Hill_v1 is above OZx_AUS & OZx_LIBS in the FSX Scenery Library. I have also switched OFF some Broken Hill .bgl's from TC's files as noted in Anton's Topic and Noel's (errant buildings on a dirt road outside your YBHI coverage ie; South Grafton RadioShack). Doing so removes these buildings and tidy's up the LC. Here are a few pictures from overhead Dusk - about 7:00pm Summer ( its a little dark but you can see Runway and forecourt/apron lights) but no Taxiway lights.
  11. Hi Noel, I think I have found your buildings on the dirt road, outside of Craigs YBHI scenery (YSGR 126.7 radio shack - South Grafton) They would seem to be part of TC's Broken Hill mods (4x .bgl files). I found 2x LandClass files ( tc_brokenhill_PLC.bgl ) One in \OZx_AUS and one in \TC_Folder I decided to switch them both .OFF There is also TC_broken hill.bgl & TC_Brokenhill_IS.bgl If you search your FS installation folder for "tc_Broken" you will find the files listed below. Switch them OFF the errant sheds will disappear.
  12. Hi Kevin & Jorge, Had a look in my FSX setup, found the hangar, although Kevin I don't know how you read "Steven Hegarty" on the sign board, you must have 20/10 vision. I can sort of make out Steven Hegarty, though it may not be the actual name for the model. Pics
  13. Hi Flukey, Have you flushed your Browser Cache yet. For flushing all browser cache's > Go into Windows Control Panel > Internet options > General Tab - Browsing History "Delete" (you should Un-check "Preserve Favourite website data") proceed with "delete" flushing > then Re-check that box when finished.
  14. I agree Dan, Jay has protected our Gotham skies with great skill and vigilance there is no doubt, I'm reaching for the soap and toothbrush, the word "if" will be washed from my mouth.
  15. My comment has nothing to do with the recent browser / server issue. But as an aside to the mind blowing skills and knowledge one must have to maintain a server and smooth running website. I was watching a YT video "Linus Tech Tips" some may like his banter some may not, (I do like the Linus YT channel). He had a Server disaster in early Jan 2016 which looked like it was going to be a real heart breaker for the organisation, only to find a plausible method of resurrecting the system through tech support. If Jay Kae has these skills, then we are truly blessed to have him as our caped crusader / webmaster. The problem would not have been too serious but I thank you for looking under the hood, rooting out the problem.