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  1. XBizzyB, If you have installed the manpowered gliders already into P3Dv4 and you notice problems with each variant of the Airborne C4, C4 FL, or the Aeriane Swift, you can replace their .mdl files with the ones located after the pictures in the opening post. I have had the C4 working in FSX for some time now with the original .mdl files vario and animations all model functions work without problems, but I haven't tested the Swift, I suspect it works just fine with FSX. The new .mdl files are for P3Dv4. If you downloaded the Glider aircraft in the "Airplane.zip" there is a "C4" Airborne & Airborne FL manpowered hang-glider, 2 Aircraft in different states, containing 3 models ( "prone pilot" & "landable pilot" "foot launch pilot") dangling legs and able to run then takeoff, extend legs for landing and run like crazy). Airborne\model folder contains c4.mdl and Airborne\model.1a contains c4a.mdl Airborne FL\model folder contains c4_FL.mdl The replacement mdl files go into their respective model folders according to their filenames. Make a backup of your original model & model FL folders before dropping the new files into the right folder/s overwrite the existing with the new .mdl files within the Airborne and Airborne FL aircraft folders. Inside the Aircraft.zip you will also find an Aeriane "swift" glider Within the Aeriane\model folder you will find swift.mdl make a backup and replace/overwrite with the new swift.mdl Both of these aircraft C4 & Swift can be taken aloft by tow-plane but the default "Maule" and I think the "Piper Pawnee" tow-plane replacement that some of us use, is to fast or powerful for the lightweight gliders (it probably prematurely detaches the tow-line because of the wild ride on takeoff or the excessive speed thereafter, I couldn't hang on long enough to find out It was like a kite on a long string in the eye of a hurricane. If you intend on using the Default Maule, keep your nose down and hang on tight until the tow-plane gains alt, you will be above max speed even before leaving the ground. You can read the documents within the Airborne folder to find out how to replace / backup original "Maule" to use the much more civilised default "Trike" as Tow-plane for light weights, although I wonder if it matters if using slew to obtain altitude, or when taking a running start with the C4 and looking for the elusive thermals. I found that the C4 "Landable Pilot" model was the only Airborne C4 that would call & connect Towplane. Aeriane Swift also works with TP, the other 2 C4's are user flown and landed but the Prone model does not extend the legs upon landing you must select one of the other two if you don't want gravel rash on the pilots chest. Remember to use Ctrl period "." (Apply handbrake) then Ctrl+Shift+Y to call TP, and when at altitude Shift+Y to detach.
  2. XBizzyB, You don't need Dropbox to DL the file set or any other file on Dropbox, currently Craig' s <Scenery> link is in an uploading loop, but he has kindly supplied a new link, just below the red text in Bruce's opening post. It is still DropBox but, as Craig says above, just click the Download button > select - Direct Download - Save As - to a folder you nominate. This one's about 500Mb
  3. OZx in Prepar3d v4

    Hi QCaptain, OZx v3.5 must be accompanied by all previous versions. Otherwise you will be a little light on content across Australia. "v3.5" is only the latest cumulative version, meaning you must begin with v3.0 then install v3.1 v3.2 v3.3 v3.4 and finish with v3.5 (in that order) also For users of P3Dv4 you must use the P3Dv4 version of OZx Libs (See below) to avoid missing objects such as those missing at your Mt Isa airport and other OZx airfields. As for the OZx libs in P3Dv4, please read Jorge's post this topic and also Download the "OZx_LIBP3DV4.zip" to install the needed OZx Libraries for P3D: http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/topic/27004-ozx-p3d-libraries-open-beta-updated-18012018/&do=findComment&comment=274495 If you have already installed the OZxLIB v1.0 v1.1 v1.2 into P3Dv4 please follow Jorge's advice below to install and use the P3Dv4 version of the OZx library Quote: Jorge Roldan (Aeronauta) "If you have OZx installed in P3D ( the normal way would have created a folder OZx in the root P3d and inside 2 other folders OZx_AUS and OZx_Lib .. , rename the OZx_Lib to OZx_Lib_ORIGINAL and create a new folder OZx_Lib and inside paste the contents of the" http://aussiex.org/ozxteamII/aero/OZx_LIBP3DV4.zip extract the .zip copy/paste Scenery & Texture into your newly created \OZx\OZx_LIB
  4. An enquiry...

    Hello Geoff, Welcome to OZx, You're in luck because (YKTN - Kyneton) is an OZx modified Airfield by (mwl - Mark W Lee) and is available by installing OZx Complete v3.3. (You will need all "OZx Complete" versions though - see below) YKTN is not available as a standalone installation. I hope you have Orbx "FTX Australia" to make things a little more interesting away from the airfield. OZx and FTX AU really do compliment each other. You will need to install all versions of "OZx Complete" starting at v3.0 > v3.1 v3.2 v3.3 v3.4 v3.5 including the OZx libraries v1.0 v1.1 v1.2 to enjoy not only YKTN but many other OZx airfields all over Australia. (+400 airfields and counting). DL link: http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/files/file/1825-single-links-ozx-au-complete-ozx-na-complete-ozx-libraries/ Because the OZx Kyneton YKTN airfield does not have an ICAO afcad (only PR and airfield objects) It might also be of benefit to install the "340+ Selectable Ozx airstrips v3.3", which will make it easier to locate from the map and select from the FSX Airports selection screen. DL Link: http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/files/file/1753-340-selectable-ozx-airstrips/ Here's 2 pic's from YKTN in my FSX sim.
  5. Flukey's QLD outback

    Sensational work Rob, glad you have been able to find a little time away from new dad duties, to produce these fine new airfields.
  6. To The Designers

    Hello Josh, This is an extremely old Topic, there seemed to be some early interest from the OP that he would like to assist with photos for the possible development of YROM - Roma Qld by an OZx Developer. Offers were also made to Orbx but it seems family, health, and the business of life/work may have prevented this little project going forward. I don't think it progressed much further in any case, there is no evidence of "YROM" in the OZx Complete package 3.0 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5, or in the other OZx scenery packages. The only reference to "Roma" is in Orbx AU landclass, where the default/stock airfield is in-place. The stock YROM can be selected from the airfield selection in your sim, but unfortunately it appears very much still in a default state, albeit with surrounding Orbx LC textures, it may be Orbx default enhanced but still default none-the-less.
  7. Gunnedah

    Deleted Ooops YGDH_ADFAI_ADE_TIM.BGL is the culprit. Had the same problem quite a while ago. http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/topic/25418-flukey-runway-texture-problem/&do=findComment&comment=259443 http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/topic/25418-flukey-runway-texture-problem/&do=findComment&comment=259446
  8. OZx scenery not working properly.

    I see no clean Default "Addon Scenery" Layer at any priority or [Area.120] in your picture Jeansy. That's the missing default piece in the puzzle, currently ES YCGO Chillagoe is corrupting that Default entry along with the 5 other OZx titles which have inadvertently been installed into the Addon Scenery\scenery folder.
  9. OZx scenery not working properly.

    Hi Delta_Mike1, (Darcy) I have had a closer look at your latest Scenery.cfg, and indeed you have messed up your installations and activated from the within the wrong folder. (Apologies Jeansy, but this may be why Darcy is still seeing the same situation with your edited Scenery.cfg). As Jeansy has noted you don't have OZx_AUS, as a result your OZx_LIB will not be activated from the right folder Which is usually created by the installation of OZx complete starting with v3.0......v3.1 v3.2 v3.3 v3.4 v3.5 Is installed into OZx_AUS, the OZx_LIB folder will be installed into this folder and enabled/activated in FSX from the proper place as well as having the correct directory structure when updating as required by other OZx addons. OZx_LIB needs to be removed from the current location then install OZx Complete all versions and then OZx_LIB v 1.0 v1.1 v1.2 After yet another look at your cfg Leave the OZx LIB folder where it is, and leave it activated (if you later install OZx Complete, it looks to be in the right location - Don't know how you managed that). There is also no ORBX FTX AU Australia in your Scenery Library so you will be seeing some significant blending issues where OZx meets FSX default Landclass textures. In FSX main folder we all have an Addon Scenery folder, the normal location where you would manually install addon sceneries and airfields / afcads as folders in their own Titles/scenery/texture folder then activate in the FSX Scenery Library. Within the Addon Scenery folder there is a scenery folder and a texture folder, normally these remain empty as they act as a cache folder you should not add scenery addons folders to this as quite often activation can corrupt the main Addon Scenery entry within the Scenery.cfg as is noted from your cfg, sometimes the addon Scenery can accidently be removed from the cfg altogether where the sim will display an database error dialog about missing Area.120 or some other layer which may be corrupt missing or required as a core FSX layer. What you seem to have done with your installation is to install several complete scenery packages into the Addon Scenery\scenery folder and then activate each package into the FSX scenery library from there. It has corrupted the Addon Scenery "activated" entry in the Scenery.cfg , you effectively have no default Addon Scenery folder activated in the library list. Effectively disabling every other entry added/activated from the Addon Scenery folder. example: Yours - showing \ES YCGO Chillagoe activated from within the Addon Scenery\scenery folder [Area.120] Title=Addon Scenery Local=Addon Scenery\ES YCGO Chillagoe Layer=120 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Mine - and all uncorrupted default "Addon Scenery" folder entries [Area.120] Title=Addon Scenery Local=Addon Scenery Layer=120 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE I'm not sure what can be done with your installation at this point, there needs to be some careful reconfiguring of your OZx titles as listed/highlighted below specifically where they reside and their activation into the Scenery.cfg Until we see what or where you might have installed your addons, simply changing the layers/Priority will not solve the issue. If you are not confident to Deactivate & manipulate these folders into their proper places as described then you may be looking at a total reinstall of FSX:SE and all your current addons. Hopefully we can help you get things sorted in the most practical way, without going to that extent. This will involve disabling/removing the 6 OZx titles / (entries Bolded in Red below) in the FSX Scenery library, allow database rebuild then exit the sim. Then begin the folder cleanup by cutting those 6 addons from the Addon Scenery\scenery folder, Paste them to the Addon Scenery folder (that's one directory back/up), you will need to record what their folder name is so that you can re-enable them in the Scenery Library, they should have a Scenery and/or Texture folder inside them containing the packaged files. When re-enabling be sure to keep them above Orbx / FTX in the scenery Library priorty list (you could just add them back and they will reside at the top of your list above the OZx_LIB). Current Scenery.cfg Area's and layers OZx addons in wrong folder location [Area.120] layer 120 ES YCGO Chillagoe [Area.137] layer 132 ES_YWSY - Whitsundays Airport [Area.143] layer 134 YHLC Halls Creek [Area.142] layer 135 YBWW - Brisbane West Wellcamp [Area.144] layer 136 rf_WA_Mines [Area.145] layer 137 YTWB Toowoomba You should have an entry for default FSX "Addon Scenery" folder as shown in mine above (position 120) after you disable those 6 addons and rebuild your database (no need to disable any other addons they seem fine as far as priority- but may need to be tweaked later on). Then the process of re-enabling your OZx addons in the scenery library from the right location will begin. Once you have completed these tasks, we can take another look at your latest Scenery.cfg, as the entries should then be in somewhat proper folder locations and Priority Order.
  10. OZx scenery not working properly.

    Woops, wrong Scenery.cfg Delta_Mike1. Try looking in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX that's where you can find the active "scenery.cfg" containing all your addons. The one attached is only the backup default from FSX root folder.
  11. Hi Jorge, you're a little too high and to the right in your GE map. Go West young man, and a little South. See 2BY radio Byrock airfield is just to the left.
  12. My dear Watson, I think Moriaty has been renaming ICAO's RBR got BYR v2 and it looks just perfect now.
  13. I think you're right Jorge, mine looks pretty much the same (FSX). PR + runway + object/autogen exclude missing. I have the white markers for the ends & middle but some houses and shrubbery on the runway.
  14. FSX Scenery Library

    Hi Nightstrider101, The topic link at avsim has a Freeware Terrain Mesh "FreeMeshX" for Australia & Oceania along with Mesh for the entire globe. I find that sometimes FreeMeshX is great for Australia, but there again "FTX AU Holgermesh" always wins through in the end, as FTX AU and OZx for that matter were developed with the enhanced but more subtle 76m AU HolgerMesh. Head here to DL FreeMeshX, be sure to read the opening post by Daniel Moser with regard to your area of interest : Main page NineTwoProductions FreeMeshX http://ninetwopro.com/freemeshx/ AVSIM Forum Link FreeMeshX https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/467933-freemesh-x-global-10-release-announcement/ You can either use the Direct Downloads for each part or the Torrent's, my preference is use the direct path Download links, be sure also to get the "Patch package". The position/priority in your Scenery library will be to place FreeMeshX - Australia & Oceania & FreeMeshX - Patches and any other FreeMeshX package, directly below your last Orbx/FTX entry
  15. FSX Scenery Library

    Hi Nnightstrider101, Thanks for the additional info in your installation/s. It does clarify the FTX stuff. In any case the Scenery.cfg posted is not the active one from \ProgramData The best library order for your current installations would be the one in my post above: with the inclusion of "AAA" Hamilton Island YBHM, Every entry position 15 and below should be FSX core entries in your current setup, naturally this will change as you add new titles. Just remember to place your OZx above Orbx/FTX and + Ants above OZx then any other addon airfield/scenery above them. 1 Ants Aussie Airports Brisbane YBBN 2 ANT'S AUSSIE AIRPORTS Hamilton Island YBHM 3 YBSU 4 Hobart YMBH 5 OZx_LIB 6 FTXAA_ORBXLIBS 7 FTXAA_HOLGERMESH 8 FTXAU05_ROADS 9 FTXAU45_SCENERY 10 FTXAU46_SHORES 11 FTXAU48_CUSTOM 12 FTXAA_YMLT 13 FTXAA_YMML 14 FTXAA_YRED 15 Addon Scenery