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  1. Nice work Robert - Unspecified? - don't open the spoiler if you want to keep the surprise Woohoo!! exciting stuff, beautiful job.
  2. Hi Terry, Are you sure you have installed all the OZx packs 3.0 > 3.1 > 3.2 > 3.3 > 3.4 > 3.5 + Libs 1.0 > 1.1 > 1.2 I have searched the OZx manuals PDF's for Mt Beauty and the only mention of Mt Beauty was in OZx 3.0 as a label on a picture, so I'm thinking Mt Beauty is installed by that pack.
  3. Thanks Noel - You can call me Gunga...... but don't call me, late for Din....ner. Ha Ha Ha Ha!!
  4. Hi Terry, Looks like FTX AU is OK but you are missing files, OZx Mark W Lee's YMBT - CVX, OBJ, PLC, PR1, PR2, as listed below. 300_LC8745_Mt_Beauty_Poly.Bgl & 500_LC_8745_Mt_ Beauty.bgl are Orbx AU SP4 Region - Custom LandClass and will be fine (These are needed). You should have as part of OZx complete v3.5 to display Mt Beauty mwl_YMBT_CVX.bgl mwl_YMBT_OBX.bgl mwl_YMBT_PLC.bgl mwl_YMBT_PR1.bgl mwl_YMBT_PR2.bgl You would also have in your (TC_Folder\Scenery) your own Instant Sceneries modifications to YMBT - TC_Mt_beauty_IS.bgl See pics below, my FSX file search and pics of Mt Beauty YMBT
  5. Woah, Sue 9.6Tb, and I though I was being OTT with my miserly 4.5Tb Total, although I have killed a few older IDE drives over the years and one newer 500Gb drive in a lightning strike. 2x1Tb-Ext HDD=Long storage Downloads & System Image, FSX Image 3x500Gb-Int HDD=Programs and quick access Files, Pictures, Docs & Downloads 1x500Gb-Int HDD=OS drive 1x1Tb-Int HDD=FSX Dedicated drive It will be good having Photoshop again, even as CS2 version for doing a few little personal repaints using the Paintkits that come with some aircraft. Once upon a time I had a trial version of CS5 & fully intended to get into Aircraft repainting but could not afford/justify the AU $800 pricetag, so the trial ended and subsequently ditched CS5. Kudos Sue much appreciated.
  6. Hi Sue, LOL - glad you found the Key. If you were like me "Bull in a china shop approach" (I missed the assistant and went straight for the checkout). Now we both have the keys to the CS2 china shop. How did you get on with CS2 installation, I think mine went ok but had some difficulty finding the "Photoshop/Plugins" folder to drop the "dds.8bi" plugin into. Eventually got there, all is working fine. If you have difficulty finding where to drop the DDS plugin, per the, - "Photoshop/Plugins" the actual folder location after CS2 installation has finished, try here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS2\Plug-Ins copy/paste "dds.8bi" into this folder. Extracting the - the "Read Me.txt" is not very intuitive with the actual location. There will also be some Optional Plugins & Optional Extensions if you used the default install locations from the installer, here: C:\PhSp_CS2_UE_Ret\Goodies "Photoshop Read Me.wri" has info on this.
  7. Hi Sue, I don't think this one is free or trial, Setup asks for serial key to continue installation it won't continue without one. Did you have difficulty installing past this point or did you already have a registered key for CS2. EDIT: Apologies Sue - I found the Key on the DL page, I should have read that part more carefully. Appreciate the link - thankyou
  8. Hi Greywolf, You should be getting a PM or email from Noel or Email from me through Noel very soon. I've written a long emailed set of instruction and request for 3 .cfg files as it is far easier to send the actual files via email. Must get some rest now its been a big day.
  9. Hi greywolf, Thanks for the scenery.cfg (Pasted text) I have carefully examined this particular scenery.cfg and have determined that it is completely shot. There are missing entries and entries that should not be in this particular .cfg (if it came from AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX) the order is definitely all over the shop. Please don't make any alterations or deletions for the moment, I am gathering together a plan to resolve your Scenery.cfg issues and will PM you once I have layed out a proper set of instructions. I have also been in contact with your friend Noel - aka "nbrettoner" and may if you agree, ask him to assist you with where and what files are to be reworked. I am going up the street for a little while and will get to work on this as soon as I come back. Or as soon as humanly possible, as I have many things on my plate requiring immediate attention.
  10. Hi greywolf, I think there may be a misunderstanding as to which scenery.cfg is used by FSX as the ACTIVE. Regardless of the one you have been working with from your C:\Users\{YOURUSERNAME }\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX\scenery.cfg (this one is not the one that needs to be examined) The scenery.cfg located in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX\scenery.cfg (this is the one we need to look at) note the location
  11. Hi greywolf, Are you reading the "Active" FSX Scenery.cfg from C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX and if so could you make a copy and attach it to the post using the Drag files here paperclip (File attachment) in the Posting edit pane. I will have a look to see where it is mixed up. Edit: I can't open or DL your Scenery list.txt but its not the one we will be examining as it does not interact with the "FSX Scenery library" I will need to see the Scenery.cfg as a file that way it will properly show any discrepancies. Navigate to your C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX and copy (do not move or delete) the "Active" scenery.cfg file as is into a folder, use a zip tool to compress/package it, then attach it to your post as described above.
  12. Hi capt sl Ahaaa, so the afcad you created may contain the 260deg phantom, and one of the by-products of setting Runway width "0" means that any taxiways will show detatched from the runway in order to have the PR runway display. That explains it somewhat, I have read about the SP2/Acceleration differences in this regard, if it works at one why should it not work at another. Maybe you have not taken into consideration that the entire field is PR and that any other ADE.bgl will override the PR. This is not the case when using Flukeys ADE.bgl & ADE_CVX replacement files as he has modified both to work in harmony with each other. IMHO using either the Original Flukeys OZx YSBK PR airfield or the Replacement files result in a excellent user experience. Just out of interest, I did an experiment using the rf_YSBK_ADE_CVX.bgl from the replacement set, and keeping the PR rf_YSBK_ADE.bgl - in effect having the PR runways showing and the airfield + taxiways with the Replacement ADE_CVX.bgl, this is probably not the prescribed method for their use but doing so gives you back the PR runways, although doing so defeats the purpose of the Replacement files having a Flat hardend surface to land on. I like the Full PR so am going back to Flukeys Original set. I'm glad you are seeing better results using Flukeys replacement files and hope the 260deg phantom has disappeared as a result.
  13. Hi capt sl, I just ran a few tests with Flukeys OZX YSBK PR airfield, and again with the Replacement ADE.bgl & ADE_CVX.bgl, and could not reproduce the phantom PAPI or runway-edge lights @260deg, nor could I reproduce the errant overlays at Runway/Taxiway junctions. I think the problem lies outside of Flukeys file set, and still believe you may have YSBK airfield from another freeware in your "Addon Scenery" folder. Other than that I'm out of ideas for the moment, unless Flukey can add anything. Try a search for these files if you have them switch them .off as I have here: YSBK_ADEX_MR_CVX.bgl.OFF YSBK_ADEX_MR.BGL.OFF TC_YSBK_IS.bgl.OFF
  14. Hi capt sl, Thanks for the video link, I've had a look and I'm glad you gave me a (frame time), the video was a long one. The video daylight landing YSBK / RWY 29R gave me a chance to look at some other aspects on the field which could point to the issue. So I did see the phantom PAPI in musicalaviator's video, but besides that there were some other elements that could indicate another ADE , ADEX .bgl is active in his sim and yours. If you look at his runway exit at 1.48:14 - 1.48:32 there is a triangle section of taxiway overlaying the PR runway. If you follow his approach path from 29R threshold to runway exit you can see various similar taxiway overlays that are not part of Flukeys YSBK or PR runway / taxiways. Some of the Yellow PR taxi markings were not showing particularly at runway / taxiway junctions, this either indicates musicalaviator and yourself have another Bankstown ADE.bgl active or you have installed Flukeys YSBK PR runway replacement, there are 2 files rf_YSBK_ADE.bgl & rf_YSBK_ADE_CVX.bgl I am not using these runway replacement files, preferring to use the airfield in Flukeys original PR format. This might explain why I see none of the anomalies with phantom lights or taxiway overlay. But I will install and check to see if the phantom PAPI lights show or the runway/taxi junctions exhibit the same overlay. You should check the rf_YSBK_ADE.bgl with the ADE tool to see if the phantom lights are part of any facilities placement for the APX, any anomalous lights will be shown on the ADE window, particularly those on a 260deg alignment. Pic from the video 1.48:24 junction overlay indicating other YSBK ADE.bgl is active
  15. Hi capt sl, Search your "Addon Scenery" folder for YSBK also. Do you have the "ADE" tool, maybe you could start it up, Find YSBK stock Default AP, or any other version of YSBK besides Flukeys YSBK, connect to sim and see if the lights show on the airfield and in ADE panel, then check Flukeys YSBK for the same, I'm sure those lights are not coming from Flukeys version, but another AP / YSBK ADE.bgl file at least you can identify which version of the AP contains those phantom runway and PAPI lights. Could I ask if you have a link to the video you mentioned, it might give some other clues.