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  1. Normanton and Chillagoe textures

    Hi Kevin, I think Teecee's on the right track for YCGO, you may have a duplicate. Might also be the case for YNTN. The PR in my FSX @YNTN remains no matter which view angle or external view pan, the problem might be P3D specific. Are you using a mesh product (ie; AU_Holgermesh or Pilots Global 2010.) I don't see Holgermesh in your lib picture. Is FTX Australia installed, have you checked the box for (Australia) in the Vector config tool. btw:- I have FSX and don't have those white box markings at YNTN, are they something you've added or are they part of P3D. I think what Teecee is referring to in regard to OZx_AUS folder was renaming it so that it didn't shift out of position in your scenery library and the FTXCentral insertion points tool (Some users were experiencing problems with OZx folders shifting or disappearing with "FTXCv2"). http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/topic/25728-ftx-central-2-removes-ozx-ysbk-bankstown-from-scenery-library/ But I see that your Scenery library Addons, OZx, and Orbx/FTX entries are in the right position (You are more likely to be using the latest v3 FTXC anyway, so may not be an issue). Not sure about your Vector and OLC positioning if you have them (can't see that portion of the Library).
  2. Ozx 3.5 kmz showing YSPE and YWCK airfields

    Hi Steph, My pleasure, Here is a link on the Orbx forum to OZx (Baz) Barry Meiklejohn's Stanthorpe modified files which go with Elias Smiths Stanthorpe airfield. At the bottom of the Barrys's Orbx post you will find a link to the files click to save (YSPE Scenery fix.zip) follow the instruction in Barry's Orbx post. Pictures are gone but the DL link is still good. https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/85448-australia-scenery-stanthorpe-queensland-yspe-fixes/?do=findComment&comment=781610
  3. Ozx 3.5 kmz showing YSPE and YWCK airfields

    Hello Steph, These airfields are not part of OZx 3.5 or any of the previous OZx complete packages. If you are looking for these airfields they are in a separate download here in the OZx Downloads area (Staff Scenery) They were made by Elias Smith, YSPE Stanthorpe & YWCK Warwick are both listed in "OZx Airstrips Package for QLD Australia" at the below link. There is also a modified Stanthorpe by OZx Baz ( I will hunt that one down if you like, and post a link if I can find it again). http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/files/file/3242-ozx-airstrips-package-for-qld-australia/ Be sure to check out Elias Smiths other downloads, along with any other airfields from other devs in the downloads section.
  4. terrain mesh

    Hello vh-eee, Addon Mesh can make a big difference to the terrain, scenery and airports. Most of us long time OZx users began our Australian scenery Regions with Orbx blue gold green & red but then most will have updated to the digital download of Australia SP3 and 4, default Mesh is just not a high enough LOD when using Orbx and OZx. The close connection between enhanced Orbx regional scenery and the OZx airfields actually works best with an enhanced Mesh product made specifically for AU by Holger Sandmann. If you have FTX Australia SP4 then you can download through Orbx Direct / FTXCentral3 a freeware Mesh for Australia "AU Holgermesh" 76m terrain mesh. There is little to be gained by using a higher LOD mesh than 76m in Australia, as the more gentle 76m mesh represents Australia Orbx and OZx at their best as they were developed using Holgermesh. A higher LOD mesh can often times create plateau and odd undulations at some airfields, I notice this effect when my (FreeMeshX Australia & Oceania) is activated. Hope that helps
  5. P3Dv4 Aircraft?

    Hi Stratocruiser, To be perfectly honest I don't know what you should see in a P3Dv4 installation of the HD Redux Goose, as I'm still using good old FSX, but there should be 2 folders in (Airplanes folder) one for "Default 450hp and 450hp ReduxHD & one for 650HP "HighPerformance" HD Redux versions, which should be the case no matter which sim. The installer overwrites some files in the default G21 Goose files/Folders, I hope you made a backup first. When the installer has completed you should have 2 folders in your SimObjects\Airplanes folders ( Grumman_Goose_G21A & Grumman_Goose_G21A_HP ) Grumman_Goose_G21A = P&W R-985 - 450hp (6x original default textures/aircraft) + 6x HD Redux 450hp versions) Look for G21A in their name (ie; Grumman Goose G21A N121GL ) or default ( Grumman Goose G21A Bare Metal ) Grumman_Goose_G21A_HP = P&W R-985-SG - HighPerformance - 650HP (6x Redux HD 650HP versions) Look for G21A_HP in their name (ie; G21A_HP N121GL ) There should show in aircraft selection, 2 models for each paint a 450hp and a 650HP version, but you must open the aircraft preview to read the performance spec to know which version is the 650HP version from the lower powered 450HP version, or look at the aircraft ID for G21A_HP. What I did in my folders was to modify the Thumbnail.bmp for each texture.**** in the Grumman_Goose_G21A_HP folder, applying a Large text stamp in the corner of the picture "650HP", it was then easy to ID the Goose with more grunt just by the thumbnail.
  6. Albury & Corowa, NSW

    Now that's more like it Wesky, glad you got YCOR working, I think (Ian Routley - icr) did the airfield, but he hasn't been around for quite a while. And yes they are very talented, capturing not only the model but the feel of Aussie airfields. btw, that's one mighty fine pit you have there.
  7. Stawell

    Hello Peter, Not sure this is relevant as I'm not running P3Dv4, perhaps Craig can enlighten about P3Dv4 compatibility. Have you placed the elevation correction file ch_YSWL_ADEX__ALT.bgl from the folder in the package \fsx_scenery_world_scenery_folder into the Scenery\World\Scenery folder. And if you are using FTX Vector, have you disabled YSWL in the Vector AEC configuration tool. Per the Stawell readme.pdf in the package For Vector do you have 3 or 4 files marked .inactive (there should be 3 + I off ) (see Stawell Readme.pdf for instructions) If you have also downloaded Craig's update "YSWL traffic" from the YSWL Ready for Download page, the 3 files from the DL also need to go into your \Scenery\World\Scenery folder. (Overwrite when prompted).
  8. Stawell

    Hi guys and gals, Firstly a big thankyou to Craig Hanley for YSWL Stawell airfield. Thanks for the traffic update, also good to see REX on the forecourt. Much appreciated by OZx regulars. Second, If you've noticed some extra (buildings & hangars) cutting through Craigs ones, you might have Terry's (Teecee's) "IS" mods in a folder called "TC_Folder\Scenery" if you do locate this file TC_Stalwell_IS.bgl and switch it OFF like so TC_Stalwell_IS.bgl.OFF (I know its spelled funny but that's the only one needing to be switched off) you should then see Craigs airfield without the extra (Hangars & Buildings). Apologies Teecee. See pics below. (Click to enlarge)
  9. Flinders Island (YFLI) for FSX and P3D

    Hi FatCat, Tolmachevo, that's cool, interesting runway layout, looks like it will blend pretty well with the highway and fields giving you a good PR to work with. I have not flown in Russia so looking forward to seeing how it comes together, it might give me incentive to fly there. Mount Hotham has been done by OZx Anthony Lynch many moons ago, but it will be interesting to see your version. Ballarat looks very interesting, I don't think its been done by anyone yet, so that will be great, at least my Ballarat is still bland default.
  10. Flinders Island (YFLI) for FSX and P3D

    Thankyou FatCat, no hurry, keep up the great work. Have you any other airfields in the pipeline.
  11. Test Message for Forum

    Hi Jay, Bit of a rocky update for a couple of days, when I visited 2 days ago things looked very different, a lot of things weren't working (Posting, Profile views, Signatures, Edits and Settings) so refreshed browser cache "nada", returning here today everything seems to be back to normal, and your usual high standard of excellence. "TY" Out of interest when someone clicks the "like" button we now have an odd wording " ie; (such and such has "Reacted") could we change this word to something more appropriate, the word "Reacted" is kind of ambiguous, and doesn't really convey a sense of appreciation for the liked post. If Reacted was kept, it would need an explanation to go with, either "good reaction" or "bad reaction".
  12. Flinders Island (YFLI) for FSX and P3D

    Hi FatCat, Thanks for your YFLI airfield, its a great little place nicely modelled, although in FSX the 3D grass seems a little transparent in daylight, and has black crosshatch effect with aircraft landing lights. Can you tell me if the New Version with "new 3D grass, new season variation, dynamic lighting" for P3Dv4 is just for 64bit P3D, or is there a "New 3D grass season variation" version for us old 32bit FSX dinosaurs.
  13. Albury & Corowa, NSW

    Hello Steve, As mentioned above in Post #11 . YCOR Corowa (not Cowra - YCWR) is installed by OZx Complete v3.3, as you have the .bgl.s this would indicate you have at least got v3.3 installed. Your Sim being FSX:SE shouldn't have object display issues if your install is complete and you have OZx set in the correct Scenery Library order, but P3D users would notice some objects missing, OZx devs are working on P3Dv4 compatible OZx Libs for this reason. There are further steps in the installation of OZx AUS complete, and that would include the OZx libraries v1.0 v1.1 v1.2. if these libraries are not installed many custom OZx objects will not show in the scenery, hence your lack of buildings. OZx does not rely on FTX/Orbx AustraliaSP4, it will work with default to some degree, but FTX AUSP4 is recommended because it looks much nicer, 'blend wise'. "AU Holgermesh" is also recommended because it makes the AU terrain look more natural. If you head over to this link: Click the Green "Download this file" button, acknowledge the agree & Download button, you will be presented with a download panel for each OZx AUS Complete version and the OZx Libraries. I would recommend that you make sure you have OZx AUS 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5 and have also Downloaded and installed OZx Libs 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, these must be installed in version order as quoted.
  14. New OZx Google earth KMZ

    Cheers Rob, thanks for the confirmation. Google Earth for Desktop are now offering GoogleEarthPro (free) - its supposed to have more tools / features, I guess mine updated because I had the Google updater enabled. Though I think the Chrome browser version will still be the (Standard) Google Earth with Blue/White globe icon.
  15. New OZx Google earth KMZ

    Thankyou Rob much appreciated, I usually just put them in my OZx docs folder and double click to add then save on exit. Speaking of Google Earth, I notice today that my GE Desktop icon has changed to a grey/white globe and is now "GEpro" can you confirm the same. I don't recall GE running an update, it must have been a sneaky silent one.