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  1. Hi Teecee, "It worked" Well it did and it didn't. The Direct link to your picture gives immediate access to your picture @ fsfiles.org but its still only showing as a link here in your post. If you are clicking on the (dark grey band option in the post edit panel) after pasting the link: to "display as a link" that would explain why your picture reverts to a link only. Don't click this option if you want your link formatting left untouched. When I use this method the picture is displayed like this:
  2. Try this Teecee. It looks like you pasted the code for "Viewer Links" instead of the http:\ code for your picture using "Direct Link" from "Embed Codes" drop menu I don't use the HTML or BBCodes, just Copy/Paste the "Direct Link" code directly into your post edit panel, the picture should begin to load immediately. Btw very nice dual picture, I like the top one, love those rustic old shearing sheds.
  3. I agree jeansy, .png for those premium quality shots with a smaller file size, but .jpg for the quick and dirty ones where you just need to produce sample pic with a reduced file size. Ifanview is my goto tool when clearing out (bulk conversion) the FSX default V key .bmp saves, as they are usually 4-5mb and up to 15mb each but reduce to 1.5-1.7mb for the same size as .jpg's.
  4. @Flukey Hi Rob, I really do appreciate the confirmation about YANG - West Angelas LC in my installation, it was awful, I quite agree. I managed to fix the problem which was in a folder outside the "OZx Pilbara WA airfields" folder. I have a TC_Folder containing some mods and extras that (Teecee) had done. It contains mostly stuff for Aust Central and WA mining sites, Tasmania, North Sydney, and a few other assorted IS modifications to airfields around Australia. In my TC_Folder\Scenery I found this file ( TC_ w_angeles_town.bgl ) so switched it OFF, West Angelas township LC & buildings are now correct. So I guess that's the answer to "what caused that?" in the other topic. http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/topic/26638-black-squares-black-runway-markings-some-airports/&do=findComment&comment=269660 Once again Rob, many thanks. Cheers Jethro
  5. Yes Rob I thought the same, my YANG installation looked awful as well. I seem to have picked up some LC that does not exist in your version from "OZx Pilbara Region Airports WA" it has some really out of place buildings sitting on top. I'm having a look at my Pilbara install right now and any other errant addon that might be placing this ugly LC on your fine West Angelas Airfield. It does not look the same as your development/DL pictures, though most of it is correct the urban LC is not right at all. I've not discovered anything yet, will keep searching or reinstall. I initially thought it was because I was still using the old FTXC Hybrid mode switch with FTX Global and my other FTX regions all active (Oceania NZ N&S, Nth America) and so fourth. It can sometimes misplace incorrect LC in the Outback areas of Australia using Hybrid mode, so switched to (Oceania), that was the first thing checked but alas it was the same. Heres a pic similar to the one in your OZx Pilbara DL (still can't work out where the urban LC comes from) Got any ideas!? I'm stumped and I think I have scratched a bare patch on my head tracking down the cause. In an effort not to Hijack Narrogin Glider's thread, I will create a new Topic, hopefully you might have some other ideas why the urban LC and accompanying buildings are appearing at YANG. Cheers Jethro
  6. Hi Narrogin Gliding, Each of these airfields in your FSX sim show some missing OZx Library textures or(Other addon libs missing) for at least some objects (hence the black objects). It would be a good idea to reinstall each of the OZx Libraries 1.0 1.1 1.2 again, in that order, (Right mouse click the installers, select "Run as Administrator". Also search your sim folders for each ICAO, you may find another addon is conflicting with YWGN YKAL YANG as there seems also some suppression of the OZx airfield PR (PhotoReal) runways, the surrounding PR airfield also don't look quite right. YOOD - (Oodnadatta) Missing OZx library textures. YWGN - (Wagin) Wrong runway texture, possible conflict with another YWGN addon airfield. YKAL - (Kalaumburu) Wrong runway texture, possible conflict with another YKAL addon airfield. YMGD - (Maningrida) Missing vegetation ( kh_FSX_dandelions.dds ) and/or ( dandelion_texture.dds ) from OZx Libs YANG - (West Angeles) Wrong runway texture, possible conflict with another YANG addon airfield. If you have Alan Blencowe's WA addon airfields for YWGN YKAL YANG there may be a conflict, there is also a requirement when using his scenery that you install his special libraries, this may be why you are seeing those black patches on those conflicting runway textures. If conflicting ICAO's (which are not Orbx or OZx) are found you should add an .OFF extension to the .bgl file or remove the file to a new folder so as to deactivate it in the sim. Then start your sim to rebuild the scenery library database and re-check the airfields. Here are some sample pics from my FSX sim of what you should be seeing (Winter season, midday, Max Autogen, with most scenery sliders full right) FTX Australia SP4 + All OZx complete + all OZx Libs.
  7. Hi Matt, Hope you are having more success with (YCOR Corowa) with the (340+ Selectable) I've done a little more checking around the web for YMAY Albury, there seem to be only 2 freeware addons which will slightly enhance the airfield over default. The first is by Jeff Crisdale, I downloaded it last night from Simviation (YMAY Albury (Australia) 2012) here: https://simviation.com/1/search?submit=1&keywords=YMAY&categoryId=54 It has a few more hangars, 4 helo pads, 2x fueling stations, main terminal, new tower, new airfield cvx, (using default objects - It looks ok (better than default). This is the one I would favour over default (stock) for YMAY airfield, my preferred version until something better comes along. (The DL comes with comparison pics). The second one is By Kym Burton, in (New South Wales Airport Pack) at Fly Away Simulations Here: https://flyawaysimulation.com/downloads/files/10285/new-south-wales-airport-pack/ , it comes in collection of other Aussie NSW airfields, YMAY is just one in the pack. It does not change the field very much over default, still quite sparse with minimal hangars and taxiway layout, no heli pads, (more or less looks the same as default FSX stock YMAY. Here's some summer / (Max autogen) pics, using FTX_AU_SP4 + Jeff Crisdale's version of YMAY. (Don't worry about the runway texture I am using a replacement HD asphalt texture)
  8. Ha ha ha.......... We're gonna need a bigger boat! or plane, maybe a heavy lifter C17 or AN225 if she's bigger than her brother.
  9. LOL, how does that big fella get inside that tiny boat, he's 3 times taller than the door. Is hopalong a giant?
  10. Hi mcbellette, or should I say (Matt) I tried answering along the same lines as Flukey over in your Orbx topic, and found your same topic here. Perhaps this might help in your search. If you open your \OZx\User_Docs find OZx_ORBX_Ant_Fields_3.3_directions.pdf which would be installed by OZx Complete 3.3, it lists YCOR and a dist/bearing from YMAY266029. Many of these OZx strips do not have an afcad so don't appear in the airport selection screen. If you have not installed the (340+ GPS Selectable OZx airstrips) locations into your sim then the un-afcad'ed airfields including YCOR would need to be located using old fashioned whizzwheel distance & bearing from a known afcad location, such as YMAY. Maybe you can download and install the 340+ GPS Selectable OZx airstrips. Then you can find them in airport selection and on your GPS & Map.
  11. Hi Brett, Yes you are on the right track, you have discovered the profile name in the latest NVP version is listed as "Flight Simulator 10" instead of "Flight Simulator X" but either will show the correct executable for the FSX sim (aces.exe fsx.exe) in the green portion of the banner. Below I have assembled my whole NVI panel into a single jpeg. Although it is in horizontal view so that I could maintain readability. You can save it to your PC and then rotate the image 90, then zoom in with MS picture preview. You will notice some of the title for each entry might be different, or in a different position in my earlier NVI version compared to the latest NVP version, and many will still have the same wording, essentially they do the same thing, (Allow access to inaccessible Driver options that are unavailable in the "default Nvidia Control panel". My settings are here listed as a guide only ( your mileage may vary ). The 2 most important settings are "Antialiasing" AA (AntiAliasing) and "Texture Filtering" AF (AnisotropicFiltering) and how you wish the NVP and the Sim to handle these features. As you can see I have my AA set to 16xS this works for me but you will need to experiment first with 8xSQ or 8XS for shimmer or jaggies in your sim with 2 or 3 displays. AF setting @ 16x will prevent possible blurry texture render (This is a must imho). You will also see I have handled the VSync as Adaptive 1/2 Refresh" (My monitor's 60Hz refresh rate =30hz sync) This works quite well for my needs and single display for Aircraft/Scenery, utilities and maps are viewed on a second monitor, Fullscreen & windowed (no tearing) from the main display. You have mentioned that you have 2 displays and a third on the way, I will leave you to experiment with the settings, try not to go for extreme Supersample or High AA settings where while these settings can display extremely sharp images they can place great burden on your graphics display particularly over 3 displays on a single card. You will see in one of the above post where (Flukey) has his Scenery settings, you should and can aim for these extreme settings with 2 exceptions Water Effects should only be set to 2xHigh (never use 2xMax- it places unreasonable burden on the CPU with no viewable benifit) and "Special Effects Detail" slider should be full Right. This should work well on your very capable PC (simming rig) but you should always remember that FSX is still a 32bit sim and therefore subject to OOM's (OutOfMemory) VAS limitations, moderate your Autogen density where necessary and also your AI aircraft Boats Ships and Cars, Airport Ground Vehicles at minimum (1 notch on the slider - more does not equal better, just more CPU burden). A last word, at least for now, when you have setup the NVP you should refrain from entering back into the "default Nvidia Control Panel" if you do for example wish to change a setting in the default NV CP such as screen res/ colour settings, be aware that NVP FSX profile will need to be re-enabled. Also when you have made alterations to the profile you should always click the "APPLY" button twice to save and set the profile you intend to use. Wow that's a lot to take in, hope I haven't left you giddy.
  12. Hi Brett, A: No, this is the ROG monitoring and OC tool for your GTX1060 Graphics Card and should be left enabled. The Nvidia Inspector/Profiler is a Graphics tool to give access to the inaccessible features of the Nvidia graphics driver native Control Panel. The Native control Panel features are accessed by either right clicking your mouse on a blank area of your desktop and selecting "Nvidia Control Panel" or by going into Windows "Control Panel" (large or small icon display) and selecting/double clicking "Nvidia Control Panel" icon. NVI = Nvidia Inspector (The earlier iteration of the program) NVP = Nvidia Profiler (The latest iteration, with some changes to its access to user/game profiles) You would more than likely only be able to download the latest NVProfiler, but the earlier NVI tool versions can be found via google search, but may lead you back to the developers original German webpage (Download page) http://orbmu2k.de/tools/nvidia-inspector-tool#more-244 There are earlier versions but I think it best to use the latest version NVP (NvidiaProfiler) which will better suit your modern graphics hardware GTX1060 and the Nvidia driver version you have installed. "Nvidia Inspector / profiler" once downloaded and extracted to a folder in C:\Program files\NvidiaInspectorProfiler - will need to be accessed by creating a shortcut to the ( nvidiaInspector.exe ) on your desktop. The "Driver profile Settings" are accessed via the button with the "crossed screwdriver and spanner" directly adjacent the "Driver Version" in the opening Profiler panel. You should also make sure you have these files in the same NvidiaInspectorProfiler folder otherwise the profile entries/selections in NVI will be unreadable. CustomSettingNames_en-EN.xml nvidiaInspector.exe nvidiaInspector.exe.config Perhaps reading a few forums and Youtube Videos (FSX specific for NVP with modern graphics hardware) about the Nvidia Inspector Profiler setup and use might be the way to go, just so that you have in your own mind how it works with the sim, and the advantages/disadvantages for each setting. (There are only specific settings that other users have found useful - there is no need to mess with all the settings. I could provide you with a screenie of my own NVI settings for FSX, but I am using an older version v1.9.7.3 (before NVInspector became NVProfiler) with a whql Nvidia Driver v347.25 for my Gigabyte GTX770/OC graphics card. My settings may only be used as a guide for obvious mileage reasons. Let me know if you need my inspector setup pics, or possibly the guys here who are using the latest NVP might provide you with a profile .nip
  13. And above that - Anisotropic instead of Trilinear. @brettoze Brett, you will need to set your Anisotropic Filtering to 16x in your Nvidia Control Panel, and if using Nvidia Inspector (Profiler) you should set 16x for the aces.exe / fsx.exe profile. You might also like to set your Antialasing in the NvidiaCP 8x, and for more AA settings use Nvidia Inspector (Profiler) AA to at least 8xSQ. I personally use 16xS. The use of NVI/NVP will allow access to settings not found in the native Nvidia Control Panel and therefore some selections must be made and saved to a profile, the guys here can help with those settings or supply a (.nip) profile. Once an NVI Profile has been set, there is no need to return to the native CP, otherwise native NvidiaCP settings will override NVI/NVP that you will be using for your FSX simulator. Obviously there are some settings in NVI/NVP which can also improve your sim performance and appearance, you have a strong system and therefore it will be able to tolerate some higher settings. There is also an Nvidia CP tool for setting DSR (DynamicSuperResolution) for your monitor, but lets get your basic FSX Nvidia 3D and FSX looking sharp before going down that road. Incidentally - what are you using as Display monitor, the pixilation is overwhelming, or possibly taken with a phone camera. If you need to take example screenshots in your simulator to show what your sim looks like in reality, you should use the keyboard "V" key, the screenie taken will be saved as a .bmp in your C:\Users\yourusername\Pictures\Flight Simulator X Files - folder you can open them in MSPaint to resize and "save as" .jpg Alternatively you can use a free program such as ( IrfanView ) to do a bulk resize and conversion of your saved V key screenies from .bmp to .jpg Jpeg quality is still just as good only with a much lower file size than a bitmap file.
  14. Hi Trev, Just a quick followup and a big thankyou, everything went very well, it was my overtired eyes and at the end of a very long session in front of the computer screen. I'm sure if I had taken a break or three, things would have become clearer. I installed about 40 addons, all re-reading the instructions so as not to accidently mess up a working FSX configuration. But the ones I most wanted were the HD Redux Goose VH-ROK (rusty) and the HD Redux Bell206 (with my all time favourite repaint for the HD Bell206 VH-BHU) Deep Blue, mirror shine, Gold flashes, and a white belly. HD Redux & A2AShockwave lights & BladeSlapSounds make the Bell206 a perfect helo. I once owned a BMW with this same Deep Blue paintjob - VH-BHU looks sensational. The HD cockpit is also pretty good with its improved HD textureing. Redux HD Bell206 VH-BHU (glassy and classy paint job don't you think!) Redux HD Goose VH-ROX (pitty it isn't aliased to the 600HP engine, I will have to change that, or settle for the 450HP's) the 450HP's can barely pull the skin from a rice pudding, but that might be best for the rusty airframe.
  15. Thanks Trev, much appreciated, I suspected it might be that simple. Copy that on the big red text, I've been staring at the screen all day, installing all kinds of stuff, everything is starting to warp and diverge in my eyes, maybe its time to head for the pillow and pick it up again in the morning. I might even get one quick flight in the Rust bucket before shutdown.