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  1. Thanks Terry, Yep I'm staying put with my current installed FSX sim (everything is running sweet for now, and tailored /tuned perfectly, it has been running great since early 2015) & FTXCv2.1 (this was to enable TreesHD) where I was happy to stop. While everything is working well, I can just enjoy the new OZx airfields and what is already installed. Adding little things here and there as needed or what ever goodies come from you good people here at OZx. Your info above is just what I needed, although I had already installed the .bgl's and have seen a few AI at YBWW. I have a few of the FTX AU AI Aircraft you mentioned above with version 4.2, so that's heading in a positive direction. So here's what I seem to have with the my current AU AI v4.2 Cathay Pacific HongKong Trader - B748 (She rolled in at dusk with her big "Arse" hogging most of the ramp). Ha ha REX - Saab 340B - VH-OLN (Parked on the Ramp facing the terminal) Piper Seneca PA34 - VH-AOQ (White / with Yellow/Green markings. Parked at the GA ramp but eventually headed out ) Piper Warrior II - VH-BEG (Doing touch & Go's) Dash8 - Q400 Sunstate ( Unsure about this one, haven't seen it yet ) Dash8 - Q400 NC (NewColours) - VH-QOA (Landed and taxied to the ramp/terminal) Dash8 - Q400 NBCF (Breast Cancer Awareness)? possibly the same thing, but haven't sighted her yet, essentially a Qantas scheme with pink fuselage. Embraer ERJ/170 - AirNorth VH-ANO ( I have 2x VH-ANO's sitting at the gate ) "the twins" This one is not in FTX AU AI v4.2 - but will be present in FTX AU AI V5.0 Embraer ERJ/170 - AirNorth VH-ANV - ( I have AirNorth VH-ANO & VH-SWO) I am very happy with the AI traffic that I do have or have seen, only missing the ERJ/170, there's at least some traffic arriving and departing, so it looks like all present and accounted for.
  2. Thankyou Terry, you're a champion, AI traffic will be most welcome. Question: Your readme says we must have FTX AU AI for the traffic files to work, does it need to be the latest version 5.0 or will it work as well with the v4.0-4.2 FTX AU AI aircraft? (I'm only up to version 4 FTX AU AI, and am not migrated I'm still on FTXCv2.1 so can't install FTX AU AI v5.0 through FTXCv3 / Orbx Direct freeware)
  3. Hi Capt sl, Easy enough to miss these earlier stop-gap type files if they get installed into the Addon Scenery\Scenery folder. Good that you found your culprit causing the elevation issues. I guess you were using the (Sean Harrison version YBWW) it has 3 .bgl's (2 YBWW & 1 wellcamp) in the filename. The (Nick Langley version YBWW) has 3 .bgl's all having YBWW in the filename, both versions found on avsim files library, essentially they are very basic. For others with the same elevation issue after installing Flukey's excellent OZx YBWW PhotoRealistic version - Both of these avsim addons have recommended install paths to the \Addon Scenery\Scenery folder, so it shouldn't be too difficult to find & remove these files by searching for (YBWW or wellcamp) in this folder location. @Flukey A note to Rob (Flukey), after installing your version, I must say how well it fits/blends with Orbx FTX Australia, the airport looks and works great although a little bumpier on the runways than a big jet would like, but I understand this is a PR runway so bumps and dust are to be expected. I did a few dusk flights in and out of YBWW, and those Sourfly lights look great, they really bring this airfield to life after dark. Yet again have excelled with another winner, really looking forward to your YBSU Sunshine Coast AP, it should be something very special indeed.
  4. Cheers Craig
  5. Hi Craig, Although I will not be joining the lads and ladies on their OZxFC adventures, I'm always interested in their success. It is always interesting to fly privately some of the routes, and follow the after pictures by the members. I like your idea of an unofficial beta test, offering scenery not yet seen before for club testing, as an added level of interest to the proposed flightplan. Here's to a successful flight/beta test boys and girls, looking forward to some pictures (if that's allowed before official release).
  6. Hello Peter, Things are becoming clearer now! I believe this is the picture you are referring to, Milton Shupe's FS9 Puss Moth, depicted in the picture should work fine as an FS9 Aircraft model in FSX. The scenery / airfield in the background is indeed Ken Hall's YTRE (Taree) viewpoint just infront of the piano keys on Rwy 04 looking at the hangars. The zoom level in the picture does not do justice to the overall picture of YTRE, it does not capture the terminal, but is more about the little red aircraft (Puss Moth), as the caption below the picture in the 3.1 manual explains. Feel free to search out Milton's FS9(Puss Moth) to complete the picture I'm sure it will work just fine. The OZx Libraries can be downloaded from the link pasted in my previous post, I would suggest that when you arrive at this page you will see where to download OZx Libs v1.0 v1.1 v1.2. (See pic below) When you have the 3 libraries downloaded and extracted, Re-install each one beginning with 1.0 then 1.1 then 1.2 Each one subsequently adds new or revised content to the previous version in the "OZx_LIB" folder, each installer will overwrite where necessary. If you are seeing the same YTRE as my previously posted pictures (Ken Hall's OZx AUS version), and you have all the OZx_AUS & OZx_LIB installed then you are good to go. Take with a grain of salt the Versions.text, they seem not to remain in place, as you can see in previous post some of my version.txt files have gone AWOL, but that does not mean I have not installed all OZx only the .txt files don't reflect my true sequential installation.
  7. Hello Peter, Milton Shupes PussMoth FS9 version of YTRE. Where what D/L did you see these pictures of this YTRE scenery for FS9, as far as I'm aware Milton normally does Aircraft ie; (Puss Moth). You will need to disable that in your Scenery Library for the OZx version to shine, Ken's version YTRE which is made for FSX / OZx is a much better option IMHO. Try to steer clear of FS9 scenery for FSX they are not compatible, FS9 = Flat Earth, FSX = Round Earth. You will also have problems with elevation data and texture resolution with FS9 stuff. If you need to check the versions you have installed thus far for OZx 3.0 through 3.5 and the OZx Libs you have currently installed, you can navigate to your OZx folder \OZx\User_Docs\Versions. Contained within the versions folder are .txt file version numbers. I believe this is still the case, but upon looking at my own versions folder it only registers these six, even though I have the full compliment (OZx Complete 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5 & Libs 1.0, 1.1, 1.2). I think the safest option is to visit this download link http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/files/file/1825-single-links-ozx-au-complete-ozx-na-complete-ozx-libraries/ This page contains the installation guides for each pack. Click the "Download this file" button, click the "agree dialog" button, the following panel will open give you all the single link downloadable zip files you need to install OZx complete. Read the instructions carefully then proceed to extract into a temp extraction folder, then run the installers in their proper sequence. If you don't need the NA (NorthAmerican Airfields) just ignore those ones and continue downloading and installing the AU (Aussie) airfields & Libs. Below is an install sequence for OZx, but please read the install instructions for each package prior to running the .exe ((As Administrator) Right Click mouse)). Note below I have omitted the NA installers as we are only talking about AU, you will also notice when and what libraries are required for a OZx Complete installation up to and including the most recent version. I have included a reference for AU Holgermesh it is only available through Orbx, Afaik. OZx 3.0 - Zipfile has 2 installer parts - OZx_AUS_v3.0p1.exe & OZx_AUS_v3.0p2.exe (Read the readme instruction remove all trace of : ............... if you have still got them installed somewhere. Incl M/S PussMoth YTRE) ((OZx v1.0 & v2.0 v2.1 v2.2 & VOZ_VSX, UKVFR, FTXAA_Freeware v1.0, OZx_Ben_Lomond)), prior to install of OZx v3.0 OZx 3.1 - Zipfile has 1 installer part - OZx_AUS_v3.1.exe OZx 3.2 - Zipfile has 2 installer parts - ozx 3.2 a (preparation).exe & OZx 3.2 B (Airfields).exe OZx Libraries 1.0 - Zipfile has 1 Installer part - OZx Libraries 1.0.exe OZx 3.3 - Zipfile has 1 installer part - OZx_AUS_v3.3.exe OZx Libraries 1.0 - Zipfile has 1 installer part - OZx Libraries 1.0.exe - (This should have been installed just after OZx v3.2) OZx Libraries 1.1 - Zipfile has 1 installer part - OZx_LIB_v1.1.exe - (Required) FTX AU Holgermesh 76m v1.0 - Recommended Freeware - Can be obtained through "Orbx Direct" (but you must have an account & FTXCentral v3) OZx 3.4 - Zipfile has 1 installer part - OZx_3.4.exe OZx Libraries 1.1 - Zipfile has 1 installer part - OZx_LIB_v1.1.exe - (Required) (This should have been installed just after OZx v3.3) OZx 3.5 - Zipfile has 1 installer part - OZx_AUS_v3.5.exe OZx Libraries 1.2 - Zipfile has 1 installer part - OZx_Lib_v1.2.exe You may ignore the after installation "Defrag advice" as this only concerns HDD's and not your new installation on SSD drive.
  8. Hello Peter, Reading your post, it worries me that you are trying to install an old FS9 version of YTRE into FSX. As Trev has indicated FSX and OZx go together, I would not try to install any FS9 VOZ scenery into FSX. If you would like to see a nice OZx rendition of YTRE by (Ken Hall) it will be found in FSX by installing OZx 3.1 package. But all other Versions beginning with 3.0 and Libs 1.0 would be the place to start. You should begin your OZx Complete installation With v3.0 then continue installing v3.1 v3.2 v3.3 v3.4 v3.5 In this order You should also install OZx Libs v1.0 v1.1 v1.2 in this order Also, remember to place OZx above Orbx in your FSX Scenery Library. Of course the best paring for Australia is Orbx FTX AustraliaSP4 & OZx Complete, also all of the other OZx freeware titles. 340+ OZx airfields are included for your enjoyment. Ken Hall's YTRE has a PR asphalt runway and a crossing grass strip with buildings and hangars authentic to the time of development. Here's 3 Summer pics of YTRE from my FSX setup, if all goes well this is what you should see in yours. (Depending on your Graphics Sliders of course)
  9. Hi Alan, Not sure what's going on there, something must have changed since FTXCv3 & Migration, I'm still using the old system under FTXCv2 with the Region /Hybrid switch and Libraries of that era. But if you want to manually switch these 10 files .OFF here is a list to find in your OZx_AUS folder you'll also see the one that Jorge mentioned above. ( rob_Pinkenba_PR.bgl "Pinkenba" spelled with an 'n' ) \OZx\OZx_AUS\Scenery rob_FishermansIs_CVX.bgl.OFF rob_FishermansIs_PR1.bgl.OFF rob_FishermansIs_PR2.bgl.OFF rob_Lytton_PR.bgl.OFF rob_Pinkenba_PR.bgl.OFF rob_YBBN_Coastlines_CVX.bgl.OFF rob_YBBN_MudFlats_PR.bgl.OFF rob_YBBN_Shorelineexclude_CVX.bgl.OFF rob_FishermansIs_OBX.bgl.OFF rob_YBBN_Shoreline_exc_CVX.bgl.OFF
  10. Hi Alan, Yep I've got all 5 of those .bat files, and many more in my Orbx\scripts folder including (Remove_OZx_YBBN.bat). Could you redo your search (as below) and post another pic of the resulting .bat file list. Using "Details View" windows file display, perhaps you could open the Orbx\scripts folder and use the Windows Search for the whole filename Remove_OZx_YBBN.bat or in the Scripts folder type *.bat into the search, to show all batch files within the folder. You should be seeing more than 5 depending on your installed Orbx products. In the normal Alphabetical directory list "Remove_OZx_YBBN.bat" should be below your .xml's but above your .cfg files displayed in the list. Using the *.bat search the "Remove_OZx_YBBN.bat" file should be five or so from the bottom of a "Details view" page result. EDIT: Another late thought! Are you using FTX Global Vector, if so have you checked the box in your Vector configurator "Also using Australia" or words to that affect! I'm only using FTX AustraliaSP4 so it might be worthwhile checking this box in your setup.
  11. Hi Alan, Strange things are happning in Brissie. Though I don't think OZx scenery would be causing this, there may be a conflict have you run the Remove_OZx_YBBN.bat. Have you raised this issue over at Orbx. I have an FSX setup - FTXAustSP4, FTX YBBN & OZx Complete and have run the .bat file from the Orbx\Scripts folder to remove the OZx mudflats from the marshland adjacent rwy19 and river mouth. Not sure if this has any effect on the locations in your screenies, but worth a try. \ORBX\Scripts\Remove_OZx_YBBN.bat (10 files are removed using the batch you can manually back them up before running the file. If you open it with MS notepad or preview the file, it will show which files need to be manually backed up, manually switched .OFF, or removed by the .bat file. First location - Ship run's a ground. This phenomenon is normal where the track for AI ships can occasionally leave them high and dry in narrow rivers. Do you have (Heinrick Nielson's AI Ships) or is this ship from the YBBN scenery package or a static ship model. Do you have "OZx Shipping AI". I don't see the ship at my current (Ship & Ferries 16% - @ExtremelyDense Autogen), I'm thinking it might be AI Ship. What % are your Ship traffic settings. The scenery layout looks the same as mine only in FSX, this might just be a dodgey ship captain with questionable piloting skills. Second location - (Factory with stacks & Fuel tanks in the river) I don't see these misplaced objects in my scenery. Might be worthwhile raising this at Orbx, or trying the .bat file mentioned above, it might remove the un-needed OZx files from this location as well as the OZx mudflat oilslick at the end of Rwy 19 when FTX YBBN is installed. (Compatability issue with OZx) the batch file also removes some files from Brissie around Fishermans Island further up the river. Some pics
  12. Hi Rob (Flukey) Just wanted to say thankyou for your continued enhancement of our OZx/Orbx world, these mining strips are perfect.
  13. Hi Pat, and other OZx'ers Just a small question, regarding compatibility recommended by developer FatCat. On FatCat's webpage he notes that : Two versions: for default FSX/P3D and for ORBX Global installed FSX/P3D He does not say if it is compatible with Orbx FTX Australia SP4 or FTX AU Blue, only listing Default and Global for both sims. As you seem to be quite happy with the result can you indicate if FatCat's YFLI works/blends with FTX Australia SP4. Also have you noticed any autogen issues elsewhere around the globe with the AutogenDescriptions.spb file swap.
  14. Hi Jay, Ok so its Friday after 5 days of indexing, I though I would give the new search tool a comparative check. I'm of the same view as Jankees, I don't think the new web search function is delivering more comprehensive results. I know it is unfair to prejudge on the basis of one search, and I will continue to compare both where time permits. Maybe it is just a case of more testing with different search terms to produce better results. In an effort to be constructive this may just need some tweaking to allow the service to produce a more comprehensive result. (I won't throw the baby out with the bathwater on the basis of one result, assuming you most likely have some powder and fresh PJ's for the little tyke before putting the results of the bathing baby to bed). ha ha vote undecided either way My first search using both search functions was for an ICAO YAMK (as I am trying to sort out an issue that has recently surfaced with this default airfield and how it fits with FTX Australia and or OZx, it is neither OZx or Orbx though it is not sitting on the correct terrain or LClass) per the ongoing topic at Orbx. I opened a browser tab for each search, typed YAMK into the IPS search OZx forum home page tab, 2 results were retrieved. Then typed YAMK into the "website Search" OZx forum home page tab, where only 1 result was retrieved. While neither search produced anything useful with regard to my issue "as I though it might not" it revealed that the results were not in favour of the new web search. This ICAO search was not overly obscure, but if both search functions were comparable then the new one should have at least brought the same if not better results if indeed there was more to info on the subject text. One other thing I've noticed is that there is no "Advanced Search" function in the new web search, whereas the IPS search has this function.
  15. Ta Jay I'll give it a try after 3days to see if it is indeed better by comparison. Might do a search using both then vote.