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  1. kande120

  2. Starke Field

    Sorry about that. Try the link below. I've also edited the post above to try and correct the problem http://www.4shared.c...kra_Starke.html Ken
  3. Starke Field

    I've just completed updating the scenery for Starke Field using the feedback from those who downloaded and checked the airfield for me. Thanks guys. Download link is still as follows http://www.4shared.com/file/XlPnabAk/kra_Starke.html A correction to the nav instructions to find Starke Field. From Townsville YBTL fly 20nm heading 170magnetic. Those who use real life charts will find Starke Field marked on the Townsville VTC on the 20nm DME arc. Lat/Long S19 35.19' E146 46.88. Changes include Added runway 06/24 • Added Texture to Water Tank • Added Extra Runway Signage • Extended Hangar under construction • Improved Boundary and Runway Fences • Improved Ground Textures • Reoriented windsocks to show proper wind direction • Corrected Elevation issues with house Some screenshots are included of both the FSX and real life field.
  4. Starke Field

    Thanks for the comments Prof. I hadn't thought about the hangar roofs in the Google Earth image, so that will be fixed along with improved seasonal colouring. All the open hangars have dirt or gravel floors, so I'll try to match that. Ken
  5. Starke Field

    I'll have to fix the fences. Markwlee is recommending FenceBuilder Pro which looks very good from the website. You are right about the trees obstructing the glide path on runway 15. Believe me, I was fortunate on my first solo that the active runway was 33. Even now, with 250hours up, it can get a little interesting on final if I am trying to land close to the threshold of 15. Most of the guys who hangar their aircraft here accept that they will touch down 1 or 200 metres from the threshold. The full runway is about 900 metres long, so the aircraft we fly (Skyfox Gazelles, Jabirus and Lightwings) still have plenty of runway to pull up.
  6. Starke Field

    Thanks for the comments. I have just discovered how to apply a texture to a cylinder, so the water tank is fixed. Next on the list is to match the seasonal textures better, and stop the road from being covered. I will also add the marker cones for the second runway 08/26 which is at the northern end of 15/33. It is very short and believe me, rather hairy to land on with my real life aircraft, a Skyfox Gazelle with an approach speed of around 55knots! The trees at the western end of the runway only leave about 300 metres of usable runway when landing on 08. Ken
  7. Starke Field

    Actually, the dead trees are really there. The skeletal hangar has been that way for over 12 months now, so I thought I'd leave it in the modelling!
  8. Starke Field

    Here is my first attempt at a photoreal airfield. Starke Field is used mainly by ultralights and the local ultralight training school. I have used GA aircraft in the main hangar as I can't find suitable ultralight mdl files. Thanks to all who have written tutorials on the subject, and forum members who replied to my earlier posts. Files are available here. http://www.4shared.com/file/Az27Ic9I/kra_Starke.html]kra_Starke.zip Screenshot is here (can't seem to get it to display correctly as an embedded image) http://dc251.4shared..._Screenshot.jpg Ken
  9. Thanks for all your help guys. I think I have things working now. Now to come to terms with what file naming convention to use, and how to make sure I'm not including objects from some esoteric library nobody else has!!!
  10. Good idea. However, how do I upload the files? I can see where to link the files from, but not how to upload them.
  11. Thanks for the tip Jorge. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to have helped. I may have to go back and build the shed and hangar again from scratch as I've tried so many different fixes, that I've lost track of what I'm doing!
  12. Yes. I have made both texture files (one for each building 1024 x 1024) Originally, one file was 1024 x 512, but I changed that. DDS files are created in the texture folder, but are only 683kb whereas the bmp files are around 3 meg.
  13. Hi guys. I'm trying to build a photoreal scenery for Starke Field, a small private airfield about 20nm south of Townsville Airport in North Queensland. I've been able to successfully create the ground textures from Google Earth (thanks to the tutorials supplied by this site) and am now trying to create custom buildings for the airfield. I can successfully create the buildings in GMAX, and add photoreal textures to the surfaces from photos I have taken. I have also been able to create a model file, and place the buildings in FSX using Instant Scenery. However, the textures I have created for the buildings are not showing up, leaving only a black surface (grey shading from GMAX does show up correctly). I have tried creating dds files with both Imagetool and DXTBMP, but to no avail. My system runs Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit. I have placed the texture files in the texture directory corresponding to the scenery directory (both in Starke Scenery directory) and am now running out of things to try. I hope someone can help me with this. Ken