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  1. Hey Bruce, An interesting question... There's one item about multiplayer that might make it a "must have" if you use avatars. Fixed an issue where the multiplayer host would incorrectly rebroadcast avatar attach/detach notifications However, there's a few memory leak fixes that may improve "multiplayer" performance, but you will only know if they're must haves for you and your system, if you experiences the particular issues being addressed by the fixes. Check out the fix list to see if any pertain to you. I'm updating because there are optimisations in a few things like memory and graphics that I think are important! Regards, Wayne
  2. I was happy to go with the groups wishes, that's why I asked in the first place. However, I'm very embarrassed that my question has caused such "outrage". Unfortunately, considering Sue's demeanor, I don't feel welcome and can't participate with this club now, even though it has taken me a long time to get up the courage to join such a group. Thank you, Wayne
  3. Hi Bruce and P3D Club Flight members, I'm going to try and make this flight, it'll be my first real (virtual) flight with the club! Is there any objection to me recording in HD video with sound, including conversations between participants, this and future sessions that I participate in? I intend to post the recordings to my YouTube channel "Wayne Freestun", after the events for future prosperity . Cheers, Wayne
  4. Okay. DTP TS OZx Flying Club (Membership Req) Admins :Trev, Craig, Bruce. I assume I have to PM these guys for permission? Thanks for your help. Wayne
  5. Hi, I connected to Teamspeak at what I thought was 0930z on 27/9/2016 and nobody was there. However, I was on the Ozx TS server... obviously, you are on this "DTS" thingy. I can't find anything about DTS in the forum? please direct me to the correct door! Thanks, Wayne
  6. Gotcha, I think I read that somewhere before! Wayne is unconfused now! Thanks Trev
  7. So aren't we OzX comms too? There's a Flight 1 & 2 which I think is the same as TeamSpeak? Are we not going over to Discord? I'm confused... Wayne
  8. Okay, downloaded v3.4 and installed ready for testing tomorrow. I expect we'll meet with Discord in the "Lobby" for IP addresses and briefing from... Jorge? Wayne
  9. I've been considering joining you and wondered which version you were using. I've had V3.3.5 installed since it was released and recently had a "distributed session" with a friend who also upgraded about a week ago. It went very well! Even though we did get separated and got lost in the mountains north of Venice, Italy. So, I'm downloading 3.4 now! Trev told me the P3D sessions are on Tuesday's, and I reckon I can make it for a test before then. Discussion on Discord? Why not make it at the usual time 0900Z (7PM AEST, 5PM AWST, 6:45 PM ACST, 10AM BST) on Thursday 22nd Sep '16 (tomorrow in AU)? Cheers, Wayne
  10. AUD$10.00 is on its way to your account. Cheapest funware there is!!! Thanks for keeping this going Jay kae and thanks to the guys you put in all the hours. it's very much appreciated. Wayne
  11. Thanks Jethro, I appreciate your help. After an extensive search of the interwebs and Orbx forums, I couldn't find any other recommendations to "disable vector for flights within the Oceania region." However, I can confirm that deactivating the FTX Vector scenery areas does remove the issue at YTBG, Specifically deactivating "ORBX!VECTOR_CVX" changes the terrain to smooth and undulating at this location and I suspect in many, many other places too. In addition, I think the artifacts you mention "floating HT towers above the Talbingo Hydro Dam", are a direct result of disabling the Vector components. I understand from the Orbx FTX Global VECTOR Version 1.1 User Guide – March 2014 p13, that the "CVX" scenery folder contains "BGL files for Streams, each road and railway type, encasements, parks, golf courses etc." How these affect the terrain mesh is currently beyond my understanding! I suspect YTPG's design is not compliant with the FSX SDK and the issue stems from the field not having an airport boundary definition. The Orbx ORBX support forum state that "it is vital, that [the airfield] comes with an airport boundary polygon." Reference: Vector README IMPORTANT, for better understanding what Vector intends, does, can do and what it can't do. Started by StefanSchaefer, 4 Mar 2014) So any disabling of FTX vector enhancements are "work a rounds" for problems at specific airfield locations. I'll bring this issue up with the OzX developers to see if they are aware of the issue. Cheers, Wayne
  12. I have the same issue with this field as Ron. "FS Global 2010" is active as my terrain mesh. So I'll disable it and see what it looks like. I disabled the "Oceania" part of FSG 2010 and the steep sided flattened to a reasonable undulation, but still inhospitable to "normal" aircraft operations. I then installed Holgermesh Australia SP3 and the terrain effect didn't alter. Noel "nbrettoner" your's looks okay. Can you give us some insight to what you have installed and activated. Thanks, Wayne
  13. Hi Ozx people, There's a bit of airfield development occurring in South West of Queensland (Quilpie - by es) at the moment and having worked in that area about 30 years ago, thought it'd be good to have a few other fields developed as well. My suggestion is that perhaps someone consider creating Eromanga airport. This is now, apparently a fairly decent airfield with one fully paved runway. How things change, but I suspect it's to do with the oil! Anyhow, what do you think? It will probably be reasonably simple because there's not much around and the town looks pretty good in the FTX AU scenery. I've attached a Google Maps picture for reference. Cheers, Wayne