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  1. Orbx announcing Australia V2 for next year

    Thanks for filling me in on the history and I agree totally. What do you think though about the advertising for FTX AU V1 at OrbxDirect that says "100's of freeware airports available". Surely they mean OZx because I honestly cannot think of anything else but OZx that would have 100's of freeware airports.
  2. Orbx announcing Australia V2 for next year

    To be honest, looking at the way Orbx has marketed Australia v1, they have indirectly relied on OZx freeware to supply the extra airports to make the region really interesting (and it really is interesting for VFR). Now, for Aus v2, they are going to have to either make a whole heap of airports themselves for VFR, or they are going to have to piggyback off OZx again. I just wish that Orbx would at no cost help the community speed up the completed development of OZx for P3D version 4. That way they would be able to market Aus v2 as probably the most amazing region ever created for ESP sims and without having to add a lot of development cost on their end - and they would get browny points with the community to boot. It would be win-win for everyone. Should I post this on Orbx forums? Cheers.
  3. Personal Assistance Humbly Requested

    Yep, not a good idea to borrow money for computer equipment. Done.
  4. OZx in Prepar3d v4

    Missing taxiways happens even with Orbx in some places even in P3Dv3 32bit. Orbx YBAS is a classic example. I wonder if ModelConverterX can fix it?
  5. OZx Donation Drive 2017

    Good news. Thanks.
  6. OZx Donation Drive 2017

    Let it be. Let it be.
  7. glider1001

  8. Flinders island

    Thanks for trying to help and hope you are fit enough to fly in the simulator if not in real life. A rendition of Flinders island airport would be good but no stress. Flew over the area in the simulator today, as part of a round Tasmania + islands adventure. You actually lived on Flinders Island for thirty years, wow.
  9. Request for YKMP

    Eh Good People Flying up the east coast I landed at the grass strip at Old Bar to find a biplane parked by the strip, matching the interest in historical flight at that airport in the real world. Very cool! However continuing up the coast I had to land at Microsoft's almost no existent reproduction of YKMP Kempsey airport. Orbx has not modeled that airport and a search of OZx and Ant reveals nothing. Any chance that this airport can be improved? We may one day get a simulator pilot that lives in Kempsey. They would enjoy having the local strip modeled! Apologies if I have posted to the wrong area. Cheers
  10. Hi there First just got to say a big thank you to OZx. Orbx FTX scenery for Australia is great but if you add the entire OZx collection to it, it becomes inspiring. All those freeware airports done with such attention to detail. Incredible stuff. That said I was wondering where to post this. CumulusX Aerosoft forums? FTX Orbx forums? I decided to post at OZx because you people deserve as much attention to this site as you can get. Basically I'm going to give a run down of a sensational cross country simulation experience I had and that others can have too, if they have Active Sky Evolution software. September the 12th 2010 10am local time. An incredible spring day for gliding! We were driving down to Caboolture at 10am on that Saturday morning to do some shopping. As we're turning into the carpark I look up and there are at least two gliders thermaling above the town! On the way back an hour and a half later, they're still up there in some very nice cumulo on a superbly stable day's weather for flying. Feeling envious of course (because I cannot fly real gliders!), I decided to take on the day in the simulator. The software I'm running is listed below. You need ASE for the historical weather archive for that day. My intention was to get into the air over Caboolture at 10am in the simulation and head northwards as far as I could go.... Software FSX Acceleration ASE for historical weather CumulusX! 1.8 (A most stunning gliding lift simulation including ridge lift) WinchX (not required for this adventure) DiscusX 1.6 (an amazing glider simuluation by Aerosoft) FSUIPC4 (for wind smoothing) FTX AUS DVD All regions latest SP (totally transforms the landscape) Helgermesh terrain mesh freeware OZx latest including the Ant fields (mind blowing freeware) REX2 Overdrive for weather rendering textures (amazing stuff) TrackIR4 (basically essential for gliding) FTX Caloundra Step 1 - How to run CumulusX and Active Sky Evolution Together for Cross Country Gliding Simulation It's taken a long time for me to work out how to use these two great pieces of software together. Sure you can easily use them together at any time, but there are bugs in simconnect that destroy the accuracy of the weather depiction over time. After many different approaches this is how I have settled on running the software for the purposes of cross country flying. ASE - default settings thermal/ridge lift disabled and direct wind control off. "Force to sim time" on. FSX - save regularly at milestones in the trip and set this save as the default flight. A milestone is when you have reached the maximum possible height directly above an airport. Knowing the height and the location, you can plan the next milestone.... Restarting the simulation - because of a bug in simconnect, at some point of time into the simulation, the CumulusX thermals do not sync correctly with the weather that ASE is reporting. They match for a while even after a weather update, but at some random point go out of sync. So once I reach a milestone airport along the cross country path, I restart ASE and FSX which resets the weather system to update correctly for a while (including CumulusX). In a glider, these milestones are in the region of forty minutes or so of simulation time which is fine. The point is that between milestones you need predictable weather. Once over the top of the milestone, you can take whatever ASE/CumulusX throws up in safety. Ninety percent of the time the updated weather matches the previous weather correctly anyway. Reload the default flight and ASE automatically downloads the latest weather based on the time and date in the default flight. Fly on to the next milestone and repeat. If you don't follow these steps, it's still fine to fly, but the thermals you get don't match the actual conditions after a time. At the end of the simulation day on the last leg at sunset when no thermals are needed any more, turn off CumulusX because the CumulusX clouds look wrong at sunset. During the day they blend very well if you have REX2 Overdrive installed. The Cross Country Journey Caboolture to Rockhampton in a day! First Leg, Caboolture to Maryborough The 10am weather from Caboolture to Lake Mcdonald is perfect for gliding. The 12th of September is a day of very light winds and so you do not have to take water ballast with you. I took off at Upper Caboolture airport via a CumulusX simulated towplane launch to 4000feet directly east. Cloud tops are around 5000ft and it's basically no dramas. After release it is awesome to see the tow plane peel off back to the airport. Flying over the top of the Glass House Mountains is cool especially if you have Caloundra Airport Scenery from FTX installed. The weather match in the simulator seemed to me to be very close with what I was actually seeing in reality on that day. Once you get past Maroochydoore and reach Lake Mcdonald airport, things get really interesting. This is because as you head north on that day, the conditions continue to stabilize as you enter the centre of the high pressure system. By the time you get to Maryborough, the visible thermals are really starting to thin out. There still are very good thermals around, but difficult to spot. At Lake Mcdonald you can split either going via Gympie following the airports to Maryborough or head along the coast following the Fraser Island path. I tried the difficult and dangerous route which is the most vunerable to landing out which was going from the Fraser Coast across inland to Maryborough West airport. There is a lot of national park and state forest and nowhere to land out if you miss a thermal! The safest route I think would be Lake Mcdonald inland past Gympie heading northwards along the OZx airport route to Maryborough. One nice thing you can do in the simulator that you cannot do in real life, is to turn your transponder on and ask for Brisbane Centre to give you flight following. This allows you to circle up into the thermal clouds themselves and know that you are still in radar contact. Heading towards Maryborough, Brisbane centre warned me of a Cessna less than 1NM from me while I was thermalling! In real life you cannot do this because the transponder would use too much batteries and make the glider too heavy (I think!?) Second Leg, Maryborough to Agnes Waters Without question follow the Bruce Highway to Childers then onto Monduran. Thermals are still visible and it's midday so there's not too many dramas. You are entering the most stable region of the high pressure system now. What is simply stunning is how stable the mid air was on that day. We are talking a 5kt southerly type airstream even at 6000 feet. That makes it a lot easier to stay in thermals (because they are not leaning over in the wind) and the slight tail breeze makes the journey a little bit quicker. Once you get to Monduran it's directly north to Agnes Waters. This last leg is 75km and on the day it was difficult because the thermal tops are high enough but the high pressure system has rendered their visibility to zero (no cloud top to indicate where the thermal is!). When you approach Agnes Waters, the situation improves along the coast with a few visible thermals. I basically used two invisible thermals along that path around the 6000ft-7000ft heights to complete that leg. Third Leg, Agnes Waters to Coorooman Creek Airport near Rockhampton It's getting into midafternoon territory, the thermals are good strength but difficult to find even along the coast line. You need sufficient height to clear Gladstone. The plan is that if you have to land out, then not at Gladstone airport but at Curtis Island! In the simulation the journey to Rockhampton was made possible by invisible thermals mid to late afternoon with tops around 6000 feet. Right at the end of the day around around 5pm cumulo start showing themselves again at tops around 3000feet as you approach the Rockhampton coast. The sunset with Rex2 overdrive is stunning but landing at Coorooman creek is a challenge in the twilight as your ability to gauge distances seems to be affected. In summary, by reloading ASE/FSX/CumulusX at the milestone airports, you give yourself a break from very intense simulation flying (because you do not have a motor!), and the weather syncs up correctly in terms of thermal activity. The day was perfect because a distance of almost 500km was achieved from Caboolture to Rockhampton, from 10am finishing up near sunset! The simulation quality is so good with FTX Australia DVD, OZx and REX2 Overdrive, that you do not just fly it, but drive it! If you drive along the road from Coorooman Creek to the town of Emu Park, the scenery is fantastic. The Queensland trees and houses are modeled really nicely. The windmills, electricity polls along the road and the street lights and evening sky at twilight blow you away. But after all, if you are flying gliders in the simulation, you do want to be blown away quite literally. Flying over those OZx airports along the milestone points along the trip makes you want to land there because of the really lovely modelling of those strips that has been done, but you have to keep going in what was ideal weather. I'm thinking about going around Aus in the simulator by glider. The thought is only possible because of all those OZx airports! The greatest span between airports around the entire Aus coastline seems to be around 140km which is dooable in a glider on a good day. If I find any other perfect cross country flying days and if any actually gives a (s_____t), I'll do more posts like this. Honestly, the FSX simulation of gliding these days is fantastic. I've wanted to host a multiplayer OZx gliding club via an internet lan hookup, but I have concerns about the stability and quality of the simulation in a multiplayer experience. Apparently flying gliders on the official servers is looked down on because we have been stigmatised for leaving our tow planes behind on the servers! Cheers, enjoy. Harry
  11. Eh people Just landed at YPLI Palmer Island. Very nice job! Love the Japanese business man waiting to catch a flight out! LoL. These OZx renditions of airports are telling a story as much as accurate depictions! Brilliant stuff. Thank the developer would you? Cheers Harry PS) even a light house at Yamba. Yeah!!!
  12. Eh there Brilliant job on OZx3.2! Love the idea of pre-GPS VFR navigation around rural AUS. Serges Google earth map is great for this. Just starting out I have found an airport not in Serges list. YCOB Cooranbong: http://www.gcmap.com/airport/YCOB. I think the airport only shows up if you install ORBX Aeropelican. It is nicely modelled and shouldn't be overlooked. Perhaps I am missing the point and there is a better way to locate airports that do not appear in the FSX airport list for Australia. Cheers
  13. Serges Google Earth Map additions/improvements

    Hi mate Ummmmmmmm, how do I say that I feel stupid? I flew over the airport again and with the binoculars saw that the 15cm texture resolution of the airstrip has X's marked on both ends of the paved strip. So yes it looks like this airport is closed despite what gcmap says. Why it closed I do not know? Security threat so close to the power station? So you people are just too cluey. I cannot catch you out. So there is no need to update the Serges Google Map if the airport is closed. However the airstrip is really fun to land at in any case . It is really well texture rendered, has a building modeled and some cars parked in the parking lot. When you touch down you have to contend with a runway that has a big elevation difference mainly in the middle. The dirt strip looks fun too. Cheers and thanks