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  1. I still didn't get anything other than a rollercoaster but managed to land it a few times. Not pretty, but nobody died!
  2. Terry, it's part of OZx V3.4 or somesuch. FSX\OZx\OZx_Aus\Scenery, mra YTBG PLC.bgl and mra YTBG PR.blg.
  3. Thanks for going to all that trouble Noel. If mine looked like that I'd consider it a billiard table! I've run Vector elevation thingy...No joy. I'll play some more. Cheers
  4. I've noticed Talbingo on a few of your flights and I have a question. Is the airstrip built on the side of a hill and have a cambered rollercoaster for a runway? Mine does and it's not possible to land anything that resembles an aircraft there. I've got FTX Australia, OZx up to date and Anthony's everything. I've got Holger's mesh although I tried swapping it for Pilote's 2010...No difference.I can't think you'd go there a second time if it was like my YTBG so I must be missing something. I have two entries in FSX\OZx\OZx_Aus\Scenery, mra YTBG PLC.bgl and mra YTBG PR.blg. I tried 'offing' them but of course that just left the same terrain but with no airstrip. Any ideas what it might be? Pretty please.
  5. Every little helps I guess. Glad to pitch in.
  6. I can see your problem Bruce. The tyres are flat!
  7. Oh my gawd! A right bundle of laughs then.
  8. Is it just me, or did the England coach look beaten even at pre-match interviews?
  9. "Terrain! Terrain!" No s**t, Sherlock?
  10. Bugger! I've got 'em all.
  11. Good old England. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory...Yet again. At least it wasn't the French. That comes later...
  12. Guilty as charged. Thanks to the whole crew. FSX wouldn't be the same without you.
  13. I think you'll find that not many WW11 fighters had either. Come to think of it, none of them did! P.S. I do know you're kidding.
  14. Yep! A2A have a lot to answer for....Thankfully. EDIT: Flew it, didn't care for it, uninstalled it. We surely have been spoiled.
  15. Excuse me poking my nose in. There is a freeware Hurricane HERE. I don't know what it's like, I've only just downloaded it myself. I really wish I could join you chaps for this but I have things to do. Shame it's not on in the afternoon. P.S. The free download takes about a fortnight!