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  1. Thank you TreeTops. I was out of line. I just assumed that members posted that they had made a contribute. Anthin.
  2. Sorry guys.Please accept my apology. I was over the top. I guess too many thing on top of me at the moment. Anthin.
  3. Am I the only person left trying to reimburse Jay to keep this site going? I am an old age pensioner living below the poverty line,yet I try to help. Come on folks,please help. I cannot do it all by myself. If this post angers anyone,so be it. OZX offers so much for free. Scenery,repaints,etc. Anthin.
  4. Supernatural BC. Anthin. Happy New Year.
  5. The same from me. But please help Jay financially. Anthin.
  6. Have just made another donation. Happy New Year. Anthin.
  7. Another one tomorrow. Sorry its not more but have to pay my Electric bill. Anthin.
  8. Hi T, The coastlines are definitely improved.Period. was quite shocked to see the difference. The whole country looks better. I will probably will be yelled at but it is true. Thanks for alerting me to this. Anthin.
  9. Ther are quite a few repaints for both at Simviation, under payware. Anthin.
  10. Great video. Even better, without the screaming so called Neurotic music. The sound of the aircraft,better music.
  11. I use internet download manager and have never had a problem. I get 1,2 MB per sec. From FSS. There is nothing wrong with download managers. They are definitely NOT malware. Just try one. They are necessary for large downloads. All the best Anthin. ps. Adrian would not suggest them if they unsafe.
  12. Merry Christmas Jay to you and yours. Hopefully we will get there not too long after Christmas. Anthin.
  13. Another contribution. Anthin.
  14. Thanks. Those guys are fruit loops. Anthin.