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  1. A fine collection for possibly the finest early jet fighter/bomber - always looked great in RAAF liveries and the air shows were something to die for - remember standing alongside AYPY on the fence with a formation of three flying past at circa 50 feet inverted over the adjacent apron - you probably wouldn't see that these day LOL.
  2. And thanks Bruce for convincing the tireless Craig to keep on producing these marvelous "oases of the outback"
  3. Instinctive navigation skills mate - congrats!
  4. And thanks for V2 as well which happily arrived before I installed V1.
  5. Ahhhh ..... red ones go faster - thanks x 3 Matt!
  6. And thank you for this one as well!
  7. Thank you Matt for this VH paint!
  8. Also knew what you meant mate - that's the heading bug for the notorious DC3 Sperry Rand autopilot which was normally U/S most of the time in real life. Apparently very difficult to emulate in FSX but will be interesting if they can get it to work realistically in a future version.
  9. Glad yo got it sorted mate, that Jethro bloke knows a thing or three
  10. A brave bit of work Sir! Nice shots too.
  11. Make sure your have all Ants Airfields at the very top of your scenery listing.
  12. Wondered what Craig has been doing LOL - sorry I can't join in as, it being THAT day, I'll have Guinness in one hand, guitar in the other and be singin' Ould Sod songs with my mob - Slainte to ye all!
  13. What a great collection Scott - bit harder to catch them than the Roulettes methinks.
  14. Majestic shots mate!
  15. Top shots Scott!