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  1. Confirming both theses files DLed just fine via Firefox and DTA one click manager
  2. Another two great additions for us 'banana-benders" - thanks heaps Rob!
  3. Thanks for this one Jankees - Bobby Gibbes was a family friend and one of my mentors in my youth - never got to fly with him in this one 'tho.
  4. Ahhh ..... time to "chance it with Ansett" again - lovely modern paint on an old bird Matt!
  5. Excellent shot Gaz! Great how Ant's scenery keeps on holding up.
  6. Long awaited appearance of the original VOZ/FS9 masterpiece by the same author - good on yer Flukey!
  7. +1 to wot Pat said.
  8. Yep the Masked Marvel has done it again - all browsers working - thank you yet again Jay Kae!
  9. What an excellent addition to your already great collection of Australian scenery Craig!
  10. On and off problem for me since Feb 2016 - only site doing this on my system - Chrome has similar problem - IE always works, sometimes very slowly - great pics by the way -hope to fly online again with you all one of theses days.
  11. Indeed many Happy Returns Bruce.
  12. Not there in my FSX TC ....
  13. Fantastic stuff - thanks blokes.
  14. Many Happy Returns Mate - have a top day