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  1. another fantastic work. thx so much . you guys who make all this are awesome
  2. Cool i can stop wondering then
  3. Wow the surprises keep coming. i like surprises looks awesome btw . Would this be the unspecified location you mentioned in another post or is that something else still
  4. wow you guys are rocking and rolling
  5. Looks mighty fine
  6. looking awesome
  7. it seems the afcad I created was not behaving likei was hoping it would, thing is that PR runways don't show up for me, the default grey would show on top of it ( something to do with those not having acceleration version of fsx I think I read somewhere), so what I have been doing is to using ADE reduce the width to 0 therefore getting rid of the grey. used this with dubbo and some others recently and there it seems ok, but for some odd reason at YSBK it creates all this gremlins. was actually losing the papi on 29C as well anyway thankfully flukey brought out those alternative runway files so I tried that and it seems to have done the trick. although obviously I lose the PR runway. suppose can put up with that thx for your time and help Jethro
  8. at about 1.46:23. also visible 1.47.05 to 1.47.20
  9. no. not any i know of. always been the default version. i do have fly tampa sydney , but have the LC switched off was just watching a video of some guy flying into the YSBK airport scenery and actually saw the papi lights in that as well near the toll building
  10. Hi just noted this . seems like a runway(heading of 260) cutting across the 3 runways. theres nothing visible as such in daytime, although the papi lights at each end are there.
  11. oh wow. another one. you are on a roll or what looking awesome already
  12. thx flukey awesome work
  13. just to verify this in the install "Add OZx YSBK Lib folder within in your Flight Simulator**\OZx\OZx_LIB folder and overwrite any files if prompted" do I take the contents of the scenery/texture folders of YSBK Lib and put them in the OZX Lib scenery/texture folder?
  14. always look forward to OZ airports . plus this one being new and not in the sim and being done with such quality really makes it one to look forward to