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  1. pls disregard this thread in all my excitement to install this . I obviously didn't put everything where it should have been like I thought I did
  2. Hi. thx for another awesome scenery but something has not gone right this time . installed everything where it should be but there is no terminal building, or the building next to it, or the 2 hangars to the left
  3. flukey that's not working either
  4. GSX is a ground services utility program by FS Dreamteam. Which provides user aircraft with things like baggage loaders , pushback tugs, catering /fuel trucks etc. so if you dont have that then you wont have the Virtuali folder
  5. and a break you thoroughly deserve. am so looking forward to these two
  6. Hi Flukey getting error message when trying to download this Sorry, there is a problem The page you are trying to access is not available for your account. Error code: 2C171/1
  7. Looks fantastic. Cant wait
  8. Another beauty to look forward too. This is just awesome
  9. I don't have lights either bit confused about what you are asking to remove . is it the soarfly entries in texture folder?( 30 of them?)
  10. another fantastic work. thx so much . you guys who make all this are awesome
  11. Cool i can stop wondering then
  12. Wow the surprises keep coming. i like surprises looks awesome btw . Would this be the unspecified location you mentioned in another post or is that something else still