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  1. The great TigerMoth air adventure ... Great flight chaps ... lots of fun !!! Ray.
  2. I`ll be there with VH-DHA ..... Been getting plenty of stick and rudder work flying out of "Raysfield" !! Ray.
  3. Great Scott !!! ..... Uhmmm ... errr : Now that`s impressive You have done a fantastic job to build this all from scratch ... my hat is off to you sir. Oh well ... back to my humble little combat flight stick ... sighhhhhh Ray. Milviz : MD 530 Milviz : Bell 407 Aerosoft : Bell UH - 1D
  4. Jorge ..... I have been enjoying these OZx flights so much that I decided to take the 407 across to Lagoon Bay for another run !!! Would love to see your virtual cockpit .... I guess this would really enhance the experience . Ray.
  5. By Gum Jorge .... Tell that flightcrew chap of yours to watch where he points that thing !!!! Great flight fellows .... thanks for letting me tag along. Ray.
  6. Cor blimey .... Climb ... Climb !!! Bet that had the heart rate rising !!! Ray.
  7. Right -Te - Ho then ... Made it in to Quintin ... Full flap ... Pull back hard on Rudolph ... Piece of cake !!! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night ... Have a good one chaps !!! Ray.
  8. Oh no !!! Guess what I will be doing Friday 7.30 ...... Christmas guests ... !! Have a great flight chaps ...... Ray.
  9. Hey Jorge ... I am really enjoying my association with the Ozx group !! Thanks again ... Ray.
  10. Fellows ... I enjoyed last week`s flight so much that I decided to have another go at the flightplan ... but this time with the MD 530. Makes this New Zealand flying so much more fun !!! Just sensational scenery. Ray.
  11. Well I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed our guided tour of the south island tonight !!! Such a pretty place ... lots of mountains ... not at all what I am used to !! Thanks again chaps for organising such a great flight .... Ray.
  12. Great Scott !!! Trust Noel to be chatting up the ladies on the beach whilst I am battling engine fires ... Some blokes have all the fun !!! Great flight .... Ray.
  13. Hey Bruce ... Yeah she is a grand old lady ... Does not liked to be hurried so I paid the price !!! Aerosoft have produced a lovely simulation with this one. Looking forward to our next trip ... thank you for the effort to organise these Friday night sessions. Ray.
  14. Well I made hard work of that flight ... engine fire over crocodile infested swamp !!! A big country up there .. but made it for the group shot ... All great fun even if I sweated all the way !!! Ray.
  15. Now this looks better ... Catalina at Yam Island ... Open water .. No worries !!! Ray.