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  1. Just tried changing one of the affected PCs' names, flushed everything, tried again - no joy. It's now definitely and officially in the "aliens ate my PC" category of errors. Next time I upgrade my sim PC I guess I'll be able to get access again, but God knows why or how.
  2. Just to add to/confirm the weirdness, I've just checked again and the three PCs I have here that were never used to access FSfiles before the server problems are still working fine, in that I can happily upload from them, but the two PCs that had previously accessed FSfiles will not let me upload. All these machines are behind the same router on the same LAN, and this situation remains the same with the new router, and regardless of whether or not I use my VPN on the machine that has it set up. Logic (for what that's worth) dictates it's got to be either some sort of cookie or similar planted on my machines (but I've flushed everything I can think of - unless there's possibly something registry related) or something in a table on the server somewhere. Anything registry related that you're aware of? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just searched the registry for any reference for "fsfiles" - found two references in an IE branch, deleted them both and tried again but no difference. Might try changing the name of one of the affected PCs next
  3. OK. I have now switched to a new router, which includes wireless capability (another thing I don't like which is why I couldn't test that before). I have reset or flushed just about everything I can think of, cold started everything, signed in from scratch and tried again and I'm still getting the same problem (server error on uploads). I have tried this on both the PCs that refused to do it previously, and I also tried via one of the new IDs (azc60) which I managed to finally get confirmed and got the same problem there. At least two of those sign on attempts were via the wireless connection, which had not been used before. I really don't see how it can be anything at my end, it's got to be a problem in some kind of table in the servers somewhere, none of this weird **** was happening until the server problems, but I don't know enough about that tech to offer suggestions, and I would imagine it must be driving you nuts as well. I don't know WTF is going on here, but I'm done. Too much faffing around just for the sake of a decent interface to use so I shall probably have to stick with imgur. Extremely weird.
  4. I've found what I know to be another working router/adsl modem so I'll rig that up and try it out a bit later on. Still don't even remotely understand this but hey, I'll try that. And I'm as big on friends as I am on smart phones <grin>, the small number of people I know are all grumpy old buggers like me, not a phone between us, and I probably wouldn't even be able to switch the damn thing on anyway. (don't assume from that I'm technologically illiterate - I did 40 years of IT, was a staff instructor for Amdahl, and have been building/using PCs for over 30 years - I just can't abide the whole mobile phone thing - nothing's ever been so urgent in my life it can't wait till I get home). It'll probably turn out to be something to do with phases of the moon.
  5. It is definitely one of the weirder problems I've ever had, for sure. Not sure exactly what you're suggesting here, but if you mean a direct net connection avoiding the router I don't think I can do that. If you're implying some kind of link via a smart phone then I have to inform you that you've found possibly the last hold-out on the planet - I don't (won't) have a mobile phone. Pretty sure I have got another router knocking around somewhere and if I can find it I'll try that. Meantime, don't worry too much about it - if your subconscious suddenly has a eureka moment great, but otherwise I'll stop worrying about this for now. Maybe my subconscious will also come up trumps. While I've got your attention though, a question re fsfiles - is there any kind of limit on the number of files someone should keep on there? any sort of accepted convention for what might be considered polite and non-hogging? Just in case I ever get back on there.
  6. Hi Jay, done all that and still no upload capability (server error) on the two main PCs. I have also just connected up another PC that wouldn't have accessed the FSFiles site at any time in the past and I can upload ok from that, so it definitely seems like a network problem of some sort. I'll try fixing new internal IP addresses to the two offending machines via the router and see what happens cheers, Andy OK, just tried having the router give my main machine a fixed internal IP address and that didn't make any difference. Only other form of ID as far as I can figure is the MAC address and I don't believe I can change that? Can't be the external IP address as other PCs on the LAN will upload ok. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Just had another play with the addresses. Still getting nothing. So I'm going to consider this done for now. Unless you have any kind of "a-ha!" moment, I suggest you don't burn any more brain cells on it. I'll use imgur for now and occasionally have a play at this end to see if I can get round the problem. I might have another router or network card knocking about I can try at some point, see if that makes any difference. But hey - life's too short . . .
  7. Just tried IE and Safari, with and without my VPN connected, on main PC, and IE on my fsim PC - same server error as usual. Still ok on the PC that hadn't been switched on for months Ain't this fun?
  8. OK, so here's the latest. I have just signed on from yet another PC, one that I just have as a background backup for my media server. On the same LAN as the others, but hardly ever switched on, running Win 10 pro and Firefox. Logged on to FSFiles, and uploaded fine. Came back to both my "normal" PCs. Flushed the DNS Cache, ran CCleaner and removed pretty much everything, refreshed Firefox and double checked all cookies were gone, cache empty etc, and tried again. Still getting server errors. Tried Chrome and BSOD'ed. So there may be something deeply weird at my end, but as it only started around the time of your server move and it obviously has affected others in the same way I'm very confused. It feels network related - any suggestions for anything else I can check from this end? The only thing I haven't looked into is the registry, but I can't begin to think what might be relevant in there. The machine I was able to upload files from was most likely not up and online at any point since the original problems at server relocation time, but all my other machines are usually up and running most days, so I do wonder if there is something cookie or dns related behind this. And networking is not one of my major talents so I don't really know where else to look. Like I've said before, if ultimately I can't get back on to FSfiles fully again it won't be the end of the world, but I don't like unresolved bugs in my environment (and I suspect you're the same). Just let me know if at some point you're closing the book on this and I won't bother you again. If I figure it out from my end (as I'm sure it will continue to bug me) I'll be sure to let you know what is was. But I'm sure not going to wipe the drive and start fresh just to upload a few files (which is no doubt what you'd tell me if you were Microsoft <grin>) So, like I say, if you can think of anything else I can do at this end in the light of this info, let me know. cheers, Andy
  9. Hi Jay, no worries. Just tried again, still getting "server error" on uploads. Switched to different machine, flushed aussie.org and fsfiles.org cookies and tried again - same problem. Tried one of the new ids I couldn't set up before (andyviapack) and got the message about having to confirm activation. Asked to resend confirmation email and that actually worked this time (no SMTP error). Responded to the email, and got the new account activated, but then same server error when I tried to upload. Logged off, logged on to other machine and tried there but same again. I really hope this is not something I'm doing - but can't see how it could be, given all the variations I've tried. Don't want to become the "oh no, it's that ****** again" in your inbox but it does seem like something weird is happening here. It's not urgent, and I can get by using Imgur, but it would be nice to be able to get back to using fsfiles eventually at some point. cheers, Andy
  10. Hi again Jay, I've just tried to create yet another ID to get upload access. Different PC again, different emailid etc. Still getting the "Invalid address: SMTP connect() failed" msg at the end of the process and never receiving the activation email and so can't get in to see if I can upload this way. And my original ID is still accesible, but not accepting uploads ("server error") cheers, Andy
  11. Hi Jay, I never did get access after the fix of last week (still getting my original "server error" msgs on my id). I tried yesterday from a completely different PC that I'd not used before and got the same error as Avance above. So I've tried Win7 and Win10, Firefox, Chrome and IE, three different userids and as a guest. Definitely a very small needle in that stack somewhere. cheers, Andy
  12. Just tried (twice) to create a new account. Both times, it goes through the setup process apparently ok but at the end I get a plain window with the simple error message Invalid address: SMTP connect() failed. If I refresh the page I then see a message saying - Your account is almost ready An email to (new email id*) has been sent with instructions to activate your account. The activation link is only valid for 48 hours. If you don't receive the instructions try checking your junk or spam filters. *I used two different accounts - one was a new gmail id created specifically for this ([email protected], with FSFiles new userid = azc60), and one was an existing and known working account ([email protected], with the FSFiles new userid = andyviapack) On neither email did I receive the activation email (but that figures, given the nature of the original error message). These two attempts were done on different machines on the same home LAN, both with a/v disabled just in case. I'm beginning to think I've done something to offend your servers <grin>. I can access the site ok with my original id, view files etc, but not upload. Don't want to be a pain re this - if I've fallen through some kind of crack in the logical substrate of this universe and it's going to be too complex to resolve I'll just accept my fate and use Imgur, but like I said - I like the style of FSFiles and would like to use it if I can. cheers, Andy Had a thought that it might be due to me being online behind a VPN, but I switched that off, reconnected, and tried a basic upload via the public (not signed in) access and that failed on me (internal server error) as well. Don't know if that helps (or just makes it worse)
  13. Hi Jay, still getting exactly the same thing via Chrome. I've also tried IE, and my normal choice (which was working fine until the server move) is Firefox. I've also tried from both my PCs. Maybe delete me and I'll set up again? Cheers, Andy
  14. andy1252

  15. Hello Jay, I am having similar issues - failed uploads "Server error (internal server error)" and I also get the SMTP error if I try the contact option. I have been using imgur as backup, but I really like the layout and style of FSFiles and I'd like to get back to using that, so - any advice? Perfectly happy to be told I'm doing something stoopid but can't see it. My userid there is Andy1252, same as here. thanks, Andy