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  1. Would somebody please like to do this repaint for me please KR Gray
  2. You can't get more life like than that!
  3. Craig, How's everything going? Hope you had a great break. KR Gray
  4. FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my friend. Another RFDS BASE Airport ....almost got them all now. Thank you so much Rob
  5. On existing road in FSX/P3d
  6. CLOSER PICTURE ..........
  7. Craig, great stuff !!!!!!!!! ******************************************************************************************* A friend of mine was in an accident and the RFDS picked him up. They landed at TEXAS Airport, Queensland. It's a tiny airport and it shouldn't take much time. Any chance?? Kind Regards, Gray
  8. Just got back to this page Craig ....... ABSOLUTELY AWESOME !!!! Could not have wished for better. A superb effort and hard work ... Gray
  9. This is Brand new from IrIs Simulations, released 2 days ago. It's the Pilatus PC-24 ... the paint job is mine. The RFDS have 3 on order (@$12M each) Gray
  10. Hey Craig!! I just discovered this thread ... Looking SUPERB my friend!!!!!! I've been busy on the aircraft side of things ... my dream came true on the weekend >>>>>
  11. Well Craig .... I'm ready!
  12. The VC is part of the aircraft. model. So the answer is NO. It's like trying to fit the dash of a holden into a Ford. Gray
  13. Just installed v3.5 ...... Wow! Great work by all involved... Thanks Craig and all the developers for a mighty effort. Now the RFDS can reach more airports!! Gray