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  1. Very touching and moving Jay! I have to say that the best part on my involvement with FS has been the interaction I have daily with people from all corners of the globe, something that I can't imagine not having in my life. Happy Easter to you and yours Jay!
  2. Wow, Ken, absolutely stunning! This one I am actually envious of, LOL.
  3. I had looked at this one earlier and I don't believe that is an airstrip, just a clearing. I went and looked at the website for the resort and no where did I see mention of air travel. To bad though, it ia a neat resort in a great location and would make for a cool scenery if there was a runway "next" to the resort. You could always do a fictional version, LOL
  4. That is quite a list Brad, looks like you have your work cut out for you. The OZx developers do have quite a few projects working, most are full custom strips and not enhancements though. My only suggestions would be to try and keep it realistic as possible, no C-130s parked at Ranger Creek and such and try and focus on quality over quantity since anything added to the sim takes performance down a notch and some are complaining of performance problems already in the forums. Also, using those libraries, most of the objects are in FS9 format which impacts performance more than native FSX compiled objects and then there is the issue of users having to d/l the libraries and permission to use/distribute them. I'd suggest picking a small area, seeing if it is being worked on and then enhancing it, going one at a time. Looking forward to what you come up with.
  5. Nice one Ken, you are a machine! LOL. I'm still waiting for my DVD, so all I can do is play in Gmax.
  6. Nice work Mark!
  7. Very nice! Where'd you get your sat imagery, it's better than anything I have found.
  8. Nice work, I LOVE those HW textures!
  9. Nice work, I especially like the hard winter textures! I used to live at KORS in FS9, this will be a great starting point now.
  10. Wicked shots!! #13 does it for me, just beautiful!
  11. Wow, thanks guys, most appreciated!! It's 9 am here and I figure I better post now as I'll probably be to drunk to type later on, LOL That is a sweet looking cake Mark, you bake that by chance, LOL.
  12. Fantastic work! I'm loving those cows, LOL.
  13. While I do fly both, I much prefer helis. Been into them since I first got into civie sims (FS2000) and a freeware Littlebird from the LZ. My first non commercial real flight was in a chinook, what an experience at 12, LOL. I soooooo wish the Nemeths would do an AS-355 for FSX!
  14. Wow, thanks the HU and the link. I have known Bill Womack for awhile and Holger even longer, it was great seeing them (as well as OZx) getting this recognition, not to mention the insight into FTX PNW and the development process.