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Bruce e

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  1. NOTAM: We have received a complaint from both the ASA & SACAA relating to poor circuit discipline. You are reminded that all landing will be on the active RW as declared by the Wx God Aircraft landing in opposing directions does not make for healthy pilots, also please keep chatter down to minimum during take off & landings & when a/c are in the circuit. Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated. Failure to comply may result in a free boat ride to a place in the Northern Hemisphere! BAMT --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- An initial exploration of Craig's Mnt Isa Remote Strips ( scenery will be available in the next few days ) starting at Cloncurry YCCY Please set wx as below (the time and wind are the important ones) Do NOT place a tick in the wx box in JoinFS Date. present Time. 1030 local... Wind 122/8kts Wx 3/8 Cirrus 10000 to 18000 Vis 50nm Wx file 1905.wx
  2. David here is a link for a PlanG flt plan I created visiting all of Craigs Mnt Isa Remote strips https://www.dropbox.com/s/yqb2y8o596mb4xo/ozxfc VFR Mt Isa Surrounding Strips v2.zip?dl=0
  3. After testing today with Greg we have arrived at the following temporary (?) solution to the issue of different wind directions and speeds seen by pilots. As of now do NOT tick the Wx box in JoinFS, instead each player MUST manually select the wind direction & speed into FSX / P3D I will also publish my date & time / cloud layers / vis should you want to fly in similar conditions Hopefully this matter will be resolved in the near future
  4. Shouldn't be too difficult 1. I publish DATE, TIME & PLACE 2 You load & save flight as above 3. I send Wx file 4. You replace your wx file with mine, job done....what could go wrong In the short term might just be easier to get all to set the wind manually. we can discuss it when we meet next
  5. I have the same set up & dont have this problem. Is it the same for ALL a/c? Check this........... Unless the throttle axis sensitivity is to the far right your throttle will not fully close. See first two pics Rpm 2515 with Saitek throttle closed . and with the Throttle sensitivity to far right rpm down to 732 with throttle closed 732
  6. Why not just "Click & Drag" from the folder containing the pics
  7. Pics link says page doesnt exist This pic shows FSX Camden What objects are you missing???? & the second & third in P3D with original Oz Libs & Oz P3D Libs Cant see any missing objects
  8. Hhmmm! Take off time 1330 local Set rate of wx change to Moderate Take off 0930z I'll see if TS comes good
  9. Leg 9 on the journey to Cape Town sees us flying inland to the north east of our final destination. Scenery for Robertson & Worcester available from <freewarescenery> ## NOTAM ## an optional small bgl <bes_RSA> Any problems sing out Kodak Korner
  10. anyone else getting a TS error, unable to connect to dtp????
  11. If you would like to test Jorge's P3D library conversion I can send you a link Trev, might be useful if you could also send me that link
  12. Timmy, I guess what you are saying is that the OZ Complete is broke and needs fixing? Can't help with that but as I indicated the old individual install does work inc. the libraries Some buildings missing....yes not all objects are P3D compatible yet, Jorge is currently working on that and hopefully will soon be available for testing
  13. Noel, are you selecting the download via "Install Options" on the left in yellow lettering or "Install Product" on the right? If the second then the install just happens in the background & it will tell you when installed....no download managers involved
  14. or revert to the original individual downloads http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/files/file/1825-single-links-ozx-au-complete-ozx-na-complete-ozx-libraries/
  15. So for the foreseeable future JoinFS is to remain free to use. Who knows what the future holds It never was payware, Peter was considering making a charge A look into the origins of JoinFS might clear matters somewhat [in some way not too different to PlanG , Peter & Tim both being members of CIX] Here is an extract from < CIX VFR Club > in the UK JoinFS was created by our member Peter Memmott originally to improve our 2-4-CIX aerobatics teams experience, enabling close formation flight or aerobatics without any lag or aircraft "jumping about", but it has quickly become popular with many Flightsim groups and is indeed a world-class application. So for the moment it is free but if you use it & find it useful there is nothing to stop you offering support to Peter by way of a small donation in the same way that we support Jay & OZx both well worth a bob or two!
  16. Jorge the cupboard doors been unlocked a while now, time to get off the naughty step
  17. Link says the requested topic does not exist. May 13, Peter committed to remaining as donation ware
  18. "Neil Hill spent a lot of time preparing several hundred strips placed around the North Island of New Zealand and we had planned to release the GPS/Start locations in a patch later. Well it turns out the team did such a great job that one has not been needed so I wanted to post it here for any that are interested in seeing some of the NZNI back country and some of the great work that Neil as put in. These strips will now show up in your GPS as start points using Nxxx The x's being a 3 digit number identifier. So you can locate them on the fly or use them as starting points. Just drop this file into your addon scenery/scenery file in FSX." https://www.dropbox.com/s/gce4xk614zwx978/NZNI Airstrips_selectable.zip?dl=0 and to see them in PlanG https://www.dropbox.com/s/go3533ndk3zrah2/NZNI Unlisted Strips for planG.zip?dl=0
  19. To celebrate the resurrection of W10, the ability to open the Login Screen & the repair to one of my Hard Drives Friday will be a Navex departing NZRO Date. 12 May Time. xxxx local Wx On the day Flight Plan: Depart Rotorua heading South climbing to 8000ft The intention is to navigate using NDB & VOR so please do not post a Plan G file (that's cheating)
  20. http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/63666-nzni-unlisted-strips-file-for-gpsstart-locations/#comment-581303 Place the bgl in FSX\ORBX\FTX_NZ\FTX_NZNI_05_SCENERY\scenery folder
  21. Sorry guys but W 10 not playing ball so will have to postpone Leg 9 RSA. Hopefully will be ok for Friday will keep you posted Bruce
  22. Just to be 100% correct. Some objects in the OZx Scenery Library are not compatible with P3D & will not be visible however work is currently in hand to upgrade all scenery objects to P3D & as with all OZx scenery will be avsailable as freeware
  23. Flt plan posted....plenty of time to practice
  24. Good thinking on the "OZx" but I would still go for Matts second pic replacing AUSSIEX with OZx however Alans second pic of the leather helmet tells a tale. Could we have both??? What do others think