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  1. Departing LIQL & heading SW for a birdseye view of the leaning Tower at Pisa before heading Nrth up the coast for LILQ with a further two stops before arriving at or final destination at LILO. I've found three additional airfields not previously in FSX / P3D hence the need to install the <Required Scenery> 7Mb because for convenience I've combined three freeware airfields sceneries in one download,,,,,see the readme file Without the scenery some fields will not exist in FSX / P3D. Any problems let me know A/C: 189nm so probably something capable of a 150 Kt cruise. mix of hard & soft fields but nothing requiring STOL capability
  2. The Pom says thanks for your kind wishes, I will consider you all in my next Birthday Honours list As stated here there is a job waiting for you Jorge
  3. Oh Jorge you found me out, MI5 are recruiting right now I'll put in a good word! Job Vacancies MI5
  4. Depart France arrive Switzerland, through the valleys & over the mountains. We will route round the higher mountains but an a/c with a bit of grunt would be best eg Legacy type. Flight plan & scenery posted below
  5. Oooops 2 scenery as per pic
  6. FTX Global Base covers the whole world then you can add FTX Global Open lc europe/NA etc to make it more region specific FTX Central 3 tells you exactly what you have installed If you contact RAS they will re activate your legacy
  7. David, Route planned using FTX Global Open LC Europe but you should be ok Flight Plan & <Scenery> , makes the default airfields a bit more welcoming Route is planned to avoid high mountains but will need an a/c capable of >140kts would be an advantage eg Legacy, King Air etc
  8. Heads up for next Fridays flight. It's been a while so how about we have a group flight in Ant's freeware Tiger Moth Pics Great flight, lost count of the number of Moths, I think nine! And now for the alternative view ######### Please post which of Ant's paints you will be using ########### <Ant's Tiger Moth> Still in Tasmania, take off at dawn from where we landed last Friday, Sandfly Flight will include some beach landings scenery xxxxxxxxxx Additional <scenery> xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Flight Plan:
  9. Scenery & Flight plan posted
  10. @ Alan please posted your paint so we can all see you in the correct scheme @Jorge. Got it, thanks
  11. Hey Roger, Like Her Maj I too have an official birthday & a real life one. Makes me feel sort of Regal From the royal me thanks.
  12. I have it installed in P3D v3.4 & it mostly works fine, just the very occasional missing texture
  13. South of France & over the Pyrenees to Spain Take off Herrere LFCO Additional scenery <Pyrenees flight> (May make the default fields a little less default) Flight Plan:
  14. ..............and besides, Jorge needs someone to keep him company when he flies off piste.
  15. Mine's the silver one #5
  16. I show them as selectable within fsx
  17. are you using p3d or fsx?
  18. Today we fly a bit further inland leaving FTX NA for British Columbia, Canada with much needed supplies to some smaller camps at Likely & Quesnel Lake on the way to Blue River CYCP. There is a good chance we will be diverted enroute to try & find Hoppalong's friend who is overdue on his flight from Dougal Campbell Field to Blue River. Briefing & additional scenery on the day Optional Scenery: FTX Global Open LC NA recommended
  19. Have you calibrated the stick and the throttle either using FSUIPC or the calibration programme on the disc that came with the hardware or with the sim calibrate facility itself?
  20. We got you an ice cream cake on Friday but you never showed it's melted