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Bruce e

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  1. Installed + updates
  2. Looking to dusting off the DC3 for a future OZxFC flight Would someone confirm whether or not this is the latest version Douglas C-47 v3.12beta http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/local_links.php?linkid=21645&catid=34
  3. Thanks both, installed. just need to learn to fly it
  4. and one more, actually it deserves a post on its own. Don't miss it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oh1S-C1r_mA#t=2.993914 Having attracted media attention across the world, the immaculately restored Vickers Supermarine Spitfire P9347 sold for £3,106,500, establishing a new world record price for any Spitfire at auction Fore the fiull story check thisout http://www.christies.com/spitfire/interactive/index.html and scroll down
  5. The definitive guide to JoinFS with ALL your questions answered. Please <read> _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Kodak Korner. Rob has recently released four new field to go with some good PR of mines in the area. In keeping with the policy of visiting new releases please download the scenery in readiness for Friday Note: If you have Blencowe airfields installed just untick it in the Scenery Library or better still search for YANG YCWA YFDF & YCHK isolate them so all other Blencowe fields are still visible. JoinFS v1.1.15 Date: 21/4 Time: 1430 local Required scenery: <WAMines> More of a site seeing trip with only three landings. Feel free to wander off course & check it all out
  6. Air Festival clashes with a trip to Cyprus but hoping to go to Flying Legends https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTyQINjOicM
  7. Whatever you do do not mess with the Vector Sc Lib order, it [Vector] will install where it needs to go. My FS Global 2010 is immediately below the five Vector entries & above 1107 Base
  8. Yes search for yang ycwa yfdf ycnk in your Blencowe folder & isolate them....then in PlanG go to DATA select DisplayFSXData if using FSX & hit "Build Navigation Database"
  9. has the same function as holding the mouse button Pan & Tilt, use one or the other
  10. This sounds a bit like another H.M.S. Bastard mystery
  11. Late Update: Please note that JoinFS v1.1.15 is required, download < here > Kodak Korner Continuing from FXQN, ending up at HMS Bastard Memorial FAHU (If anyone can find out how it got it's name please let me know) All scenery P3D / FSX compatable & optional, just makes it prettier RSA freeware scenery bes_RSA_apr18
  12. JFS v 1.1.15 is required On the scenery front check FAMG Margate is showing correctly ( there is an " ALTxxx.bgl " that needs placing in scenery / world / scenery, instructions are in the download.
  13. New scenery. I'm posting whatever freeware is available for each leg as we go Take off 0930z sharp, any problems join early
  14. http://www.lordlikely.com/
  15. Still a mystery to me. Found http://www.lordlikely.com/archives/adventures/american-adventure/lord-overboard Not historically accurate me thinks. Got there in the end. Both Jorge and Alan gave me the vital clues i.e. Significance of H.M.S. and Kokstad https://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GSln=Bastard&GSiman=1&GSst=3488&GRid=100936647&
  16. Please all read <this> before today's flight, thanks Flight Plan: EDIT ### Date:14 April, 0600 local , Wind 162/7 ### YSCN Camden to YEES Elderslie via Kingsford Smith Intl & three dirt strips enroute.
  17. I think Jochen is after the strip locations. I,ll post something tomorrow
  18. Looks ok to me but have you set your "Library Insertion Point" for "Open LC" not forgetting insertion point for FTX when you have other scenery installed eg OZx stuff etc
  19. Amen to that!
  20. Geee Have you a date for this?
  21. How to Live with JoinFS & Keep Smiling Follow Jorge's guide excellent instructions for a smooth P3D or FSX flight using JoinFS. VERY IMPORTANT - you must have the latest version of JoinFS or at least the version that is indicated in the Flight Manager's Post. See here http://pmem.uk/joinfs/install.html (Reason is : not all versions are compatible). Insure JoinFS is run with Administrator rights. P3D / FSX Start your SIM in Free Flight and ready to fly at the selected airport, these settings need to be applied : P3D FSX ( these settings guide you through P3D, find the similar ones in FSX) Select the AC of your choice and enter in "Tail Number" your Nickname (this will show in the AC label in SIM) Options>Settings>Graphics >Frame Rate Controls - set 30 for target frame rate [NOT UNLIMITED] Options>Settings>Traffic - tick Tail Number (Show vehicle labels , Tail Number , Distance, Altitude) Options>Weather>Simulation Settings - Rate at which weather changes.... full LEFT "No Change", or as directed by the Flight Manager on the day Settings>Simulation>General - untick Pause on task switch Settings>Simulation>Sound - Untick Mute on Lost Focus (Available on P3D only) Settings>World>Time and Season - as instructed by the Flight Manager Once all this is done, it only requires doing once, unless you delete your .cfg file (FSX.cfg or prepar3d.cfg). JoinFS Now for JoinFS, the main Manual is here http://pmem.uk/joinfs/JoinFS_v1-1-4-Stable_Guide.pdf refer to it for images and more detailed instructions... Start JoinFS, in JoinFS main window select File>Settings in "General" enter your Nickname and tick "Show Nicknames in simulator". Adjust your Follow distance (normally 100m). OK JoinFS needs to do a Scan for Models. This requires your SIM to be running in Free Flight and ready to fly In JoinFS main window select File>Scan for Models (even with the SIM running a msg saying "you must first start the sim..." may appear , ensure that "Simulator" in JoinFS main window is GREEN by clicking on it) follow the instructions given , if you have Objects in other than the default folders ( case is P3D Ants Winjeel) you can point to them using the Additional folders window. Click "Scan", a message will tell you it's done and the number of Objects found. (this needs doing only once or every time you add a SimObject) To join the server we use in OZxFC you have to enter in the JoinFS main window, next to "Join", the following data: " aviator.digitalthemepark.com:6464 " Click on "Network", the sign will become temporarily ORANGE then GREEN and you will be connected to the server (if it stays ORANGE or RED you may have an incorrect address in the "Join" window or your Internet Connection is not working) you will see "Users" 2 (at least you and the server), or more. To see who is in the SIM with you, select from the main JoinFS window View>Aircraft. This window will show the Aircraft that are already in the server ( remember this is a public server so you may see other people there) As happened in FSX or P3D if you don't have the Livery or Aircraft the other clients are using you may see an inappropriate aircraft or may not see the aircraft at all, in this case highlight the AC and at the bottom of the window select "Substitute" .. change it to an AC you have ...an easy way out is to select from the main JoinFS window File>Edit Model Matching and substitute there default AC for models you have . If the Flight Manager's Aircraft is in the View>Aircraft window and he is providing the Weather, you need to highlight his Aircraft and tick the square under the heading "Weather". While on this window , as you highlight an aircraft the word "Follow" will also be available at the bottom. This is handy when you are lost or too far away and want to join the flight. This will put you right behind the aircraft you selected at a distance determined by the setting in the JoinFS main window File>Settings>Follow distance If you have any questions please read the manual and look at the images , if still in doubt please ask.. Credits Author: Jorge Proof readers & additional script: Alan, Bruce ======================================================================================================== and some of the above in pictures A few "must do's" to make life easier for yourself & others. If you think you maybe unsure about anything please try to be on TS a bit earlier so as not to delay the start of the session which should be at 0930z All users must be on the same version of JoinFS, currently v 1. x. xx with "DigitalThemePark" showing in the join box. Instructions for doing this can be found <here> In Settings ensure you enter your Name & "Show Nickname" is ticked When starting your sim, FSX or P3D, enter in your sim the "date & time" posted for the flight. (JoinFS doesn't recognise season or time of day when ticking the Wx box) It would also be helpful if you were to set within your sim the" Rate at which wx changes" to "Nil" With sim running & JoinFS running select File / Scan for Models making sure you have pointed to the root folder for your sim. ie FSX or P3D Select "File / Edit Model Matching"...Select an a/c of your choice to substitute for "Default Single Prop" & ".........Twin Prop" etc that you are likely to see when flying online. ALL THE ABOVE SHOULD BE A ONCE ONLY SETTING When everyone is online quickly double check by selecting "View / Aircraft", that you are seeing other online a/c as you wish to see them (This will not be the same for all, your personal choice of a/c, making sure that you are not seeing another online a/c as a flying donkey or a Comanche as a Spitfire with a nose wheel etc.) If Wx has been set for the flight highlite the lead a/c & tick the Wx box To summarise After the initial set up it is simply a case of 1.start the sim, select "Free Flight". Enter Date, Time & Airport you want to take off from. 2.start JoinFS joining DTP checking both SImulator & Network are GREEN and that's it, you're in the session! 3. check you're seeing other a/c as you wish to see them by selecting "View / Aircraft" in JoinFS 4. Highlite the lead a/c & Tick the Wx box and you're good to go Comms remain on DTP TS Bugs. Currently the wind dir/speed is not correctly portrayed on sims other than the sim that set the Wx (has been reported as a bug) ANY QUESTIONS, please ask now!
  22. Note: This online flight available for users of FSX or P3D courtesy of "JoinFS" Instructions for JoinFS & setting in with DTP <here> Any problems just shout. -------------------------------------------------------------- Leg 5. South Africa After a stopover in Ladysmith to carry out much needed repairs caused by several assegais fouling the tailplane we continue to Qacha's Nek FXQN in Lesotho History lesson: Lesotho is completely surrounded by South Africa. Lesotho (then Basutoland, a British protectorate) was annexed to the Cape Colony in 1871, but became separate again (as a crown colony) in 1884. RSA Scenery FAHR FABM FAFB FXMM bes_RSA_Apr11 Aircraft. Any GA capable of 180kt cruise eg. Legacy type Location Flight Plan
  23. Who forgot the battery acid