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  1. Northern Au Any GA. Next week we return to NZ <OptionalScenery>
  2. The dreaded w10 USB enhanced power saving function strikes AGAIN Keeping fingers crossed
  3. Valentine's Day flight into Switzerland departing Le Versoud as the sun sets
  4. Still in WA Mandatory Scenery: All fields except YCUN are Blencowes, Link to his airfield scenery in last weeks post. or just Google "fsx Blencowe & the icao" eg "fsx Blencowe ydon" etc If you want a bit more clutter add this Sc Feb Flight Plan
  5. Nice pics Greg. Next week, Feb 14 we will return to Europe t/o at dusk for an evening flight to Interlaken, Switzerland. Then we continue the "Epic African Adventure" flying Morocco to RSA, Cape Town, starting Feb 21. I see this being a mix of Jeremy Clarkson colliding with Charlie Boorman! Already flight planned leg 2 & 3 plus additional scenery to break up the flight into 20 to 30 minute legs A/c of choice would be WoP Spitfire, P51 & RAS Legacy maybe alternating between the three. We need a cruise of 220 to 240 Kts
  6. Morocco or Bust....sounds like a title to a film. I wonder if Bob is free? Have a good trip!
  7. What location, what scenery, what mesh are you using?
  8. Somewhere in the wilds of Morocco, North Africa so bring your bucket & spade! Scenery available A2A Spitfire would be a nice challenge.....You will need O2 to get over the Atlas Mountains! less challenging would be the RAS Legacy take your pick
  9. Still in EU, any GA. Some pics for the album: Additional <Scenery> to add a bit of life to the airfields
  10. I'm obviously still learning how to use a Gregorian calendar. Should be Friday, Feb 3 for the next scheduled FSX OZxFC flight Ive corrected the post
  11. Continuing in Western Australia 136nm anything capable of 140 ish cruise will be good Required Alan Blencowe Scenery (links below) in addition to OZx BlencoweModelLibKit YDUM YKOJ YBOP
  12. A visit to West Australia is long overdue. Scenery. All OZx plus YCUN Orbx freeware A/c. Any GA Flight Plan:
  13. Departing LIQL & heading SW for a birdseye view of the leaning Tower at Pisa before heading Nrth up the coast for LILQ with a further two stops before arriving at or final destination at LILO. I've found three additional airfields not previously in FSX / P3D hence the need to install the <Required Scenery> 7Mb because for convenience I've combined three freeware airfields sceneries in one download,,,,,see the readme file Without the scenery some fields will not exist in FSX / P3D. Any problems let me know A/C: 189nm so probably something capable of a 150 Kt cruise. mix of hard & soft fields but nothing requiring STOL capability Picture Gallery: What it really looks like!
  14. The Pom says thanks for your kind wishes, I will consider you all in my next Birthday Honours list As stated here there is a job waiting for you Jorge
  15. Oh Jorge you found me out, MI5 are recruiting right now I'll put in a good word! Job Vacancies MI5