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  1. Good spot, I'll post link to FACT and recommend an individual download
  2. Southwards from Middleburg on our journey to Cape Town on the southern tip of south Africa Scenery: (Please note that all scenery was based on 76M mesh so there may be the odd elevation issue, it is what it is) Individual airfield scenery available from http://<> following installaton directions for FAMB FAAP FAEO FAPF Plus additional clutter & <Jerico Farm Strip> Location Map ( full flight plan to follow) Jerico Dam Farm Strip
  3. Old Irish toast I drink to your health when I'm with you,I drink to your health when I'm alone,I drink to your health so often,I'm starting to worry about my own!
  4. You are truly in for a treat this week, not only do we check out Rob's latest airfield as we depart Mount Isa but we then visit three possibly four brand new strips created by Craig especially for this flight I am indebted to Craig for creating these unexplored dirt strips at very short notice PICS: Edit: A/c: Any GA capable of sustaining a 180kt cruise Flight Plan: <Scenery > includes Camoweal Undilla & Rocklands "Barkly Downs"
  5. Dr Who's Tardis has had a malfunction & we find ourselves in South Africa just north of Swaziland <> and download scenery for FASZ, AW04, FALL, AW05, FAMB & carefully follow the installation instructions. + a few airfield elv correction bgl's <> + clutter < bes_RSA> So far the flight plan track covers some 2000 nm!
  6. Watching "The Dish". Is that really the American National Anthem? Hawaii 5 0h Bet Obama would have a chuckle
  7. A picture is worth a thousand words, thanks
  8. Dont delete, just add Canowindra
  9. Amended flt plan posted, added Canowindra, scenery bgl on the day
  10. Welcome to Parkes YPKS another cracking new scenery from Craig. Any GA capable of 140 - 160 Kt cruise Weather forecast is for possible bad weather
  11. Departing Luxor Intl HELX flying SW to Jebel Abri 344nm Any GA capable of a 210kt cruise eg RAS Legacy Edfu Temple Reinstall the following scenery <Temples & Airfields> plus another small download on the day The destination is a supply flight to vehicles taking part in an Intercontinental Rally reported to be aprx 1nm North of Jebel Abri (Scenery on the day)
  12. All swell that ends well?!
  13. NZSI A challenging flight into the sunset If at first you don't succeed go round Visiting sheep sheep & more sheep Baaaah! <Optional Scenery>
  14. Is your throttle closing fully in the sim when you close the Saitek throttle or can you still close it further using the mouse on the sim throttle? Does this only happen in this a/c