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    Colorado, USA
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    Aircraft (although I'm not a real pilot) and cars.
    Computer simulations both flying and driving/racing.
    I'm a cranky old retired postal worker but I drive a very sporty Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder and a Ford F-150 4X4 pick'em'up truck. I moderate 2 forums on AVSIM. The Flight Unlimited series forum and the "Racing fools" forum. Neither gets much traffic for several years now but at one time they were quite busy.
  1. twsimfan

  2. I have some questions but 1st some help please...

    All fixed. I put the rotorwash program for the Bell 206 Redux back in and that seems to have repaired the problem. I do not have the Bell Redux in but the rotorwash one is tiny so if that fixes it then all is well.
  3. Problem with wake (spray) on Goose Redux

    Never mind. I fixed it by putting the rotorwash program for the Bell 206 Redux back in. I do not have the Bell redux in but the rotorwash one is tiny so if that makes the Goose happy then I'm happy too.
  4. Problem with wake (spray) on Goose Redux

    Wolter, The missing texture would seem likely. As I said on the Support forum I removed the Bell 206 Redux yesterday morning. All 3 parts of it. The main part, the expansion, and the rotorwash. I would not be at all surprised if there wasn't a texture in common between the rotorwash and the spray for the Goose. I found those 3 parts of the Bell Redux on the installed program list and removed them. But I haven't been able find the Goose Redux on that list. I think the fix for this will be to remove the Goose Redux, put back my save of the Goose folder from before I installed the Redux, and then to install the Goose Redux again. And I can do that manually if the Goose Redux is not on the installed program list. But I don't want to get double entries on that list and mess up my registry. So I need confirmation if it is on the list or not before I try this fix. Thank you for the response!
  5. I have started a topic on the support forum regarding this problem and I wasn't sure if it was best to put the picture here or there so I'm putting it in both places. If this is incorrect then please remove the one that is the poor choice. It has been working fine for several days but starting yesterday afternoon this is what I get every time I am moving enough to kick up a wake. Out of the water it is working fine. I'm assuming the best course of action is to remove it and reinstall it. But I can't find an entry in the installed program list for it. Is there one? If so what is it called? If not then is it OK to put back my saved copy of the Goose's folder and do the install again? I've got the Goose Redux v1.20 in FSX with SP2 on a 32 bit Vista system.
  6. I have some questions but 1st some help please...

    Here is the screen shot of the problem I am getting with the Goose Redux wake:
  7. I have some questions but 1st some help please...

    OK maybe if I cut down the background and ask more direct questions. 1. Is the Goose Redux on the installed program list and if so how is it listed? 2. If it isn't on the installed program list is it OK to put back my saved folder for the Goose and do the install again? I still need to figure out your procedures for posting screen shots but things have been kind of hectic around here. Thank you.
  8. I have had the Goose Redux version 1.20 installed for 4 or 5 days and I have come to love it for it's beauty and power but I have encountered a problem with the wake. Hmmmm... I was going to insert a image of my problem here but I can't figure out how to do that. I guess I'll describe it. Mixed in with the wake is what at first appeared like black smoke but on closer inspection it is made up of black squares that start small, swirl around in the wake, and get much larger as they go. Background: It has been working fine until this afternoon. I assume it has something to do with the fact that I had the Bell 206 Redux installed as well (base portion, add-on pack, and rotorwash enhancement) but removed them this morning. After that I didn't fly the Goose until the flight where I first noticed the black squares. That flight had been going well for over an hour until I landed in the water. The startup smoke looked spectacular like always (2nd best startup I've ever seen in FS behind the MAAM B-25 for FS04) and all else was fine. I would try to uninstall then reinstall but I can't find the program on the system uninstall page... I found the 3 for the 206 easy enough. Can somebody please help me out? In the mean time I'll go try to put my screen shot showing my difficulty on your screen shot forum. BTW: I mean no disrespect rgarding the Bell Redux. I don't use helicopters very much and I just don't what to keep such a large package installed that I will seldom use. I found a single non-hires paint in the AVSIM Library that is nearly idendical with your green & while US registry one only blue instead of green and that will suit my needs just fine. Your paints are artistry but in this case it was wasted on me. I have some more questions regarding the Goose but I'll save those until I can get this problem resolved.