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  1. . Many thanks for this lovely paint, Jeansy! It's a real pip, and it'll get a lot of air time from me, f'sure.
  2. . Very many thanks for this, Mate! It's a welcome utility indeed. And +1 for the networked version Cheers,
  3. . I feel your pain, JayKae -- as most of us do, I'm quite sure. There was a Greek king named Sisyphus who's worth looking-up on Wikipedia, or whatever. From him was coined the adjective "sisyphean", which comes close to describing a job like yours. I certainly don't think I could handle all that you do.
  4. Hi there, Hawker:

    Ref your "C185 Tundra N667KT-Polished Alum"

    I very much admire this lovely alum. finish. I have nothing against pure paint, but this motif really does...er...shine! Many thanks for producing it.

    I've two requests for your possible consideration, Hawker: Would it be possible to do a similar paint, using RED, in lieu of green? And could you incl...

  5. Same Caribou that had the spinning-prop problem. I've managed to somewhat wrestle that beast to earth, but another more problematic situation has arisen. And nothing I do seems to fix it. I produced a few FSX paints for the Bou, with the final products being in .dds format. The paints show-up just fine and dandy in my setup, but when another player loads them, he gets only the dreaded black silhouette. I have Acceleration, whereas he has SP2. Can that difference account for the black-paint situation? I'm hoping that this sounds familiar to someone who can suggest a remedy for the paints, so that I can distribute them to others. Thanks and cheers,
  6. Many thanks for the instructive replies, gents. I'm trying a few new (to me) ideas based on what I've learned here.
  7. . Well, it appears that I've discovered the problem. Apparently, the Alpha Channel can be set-up to perform duties other than applying a shine to the aircraft's skin. In the case of the AlphaSim Caribou (sorry I didn't mention), the Alpha causes transparency, rather than gloss. Who the heck would've applied that to a Caribou!?! Anyway, since the spinning prop file had to be changed when I migrated to Acceleration, sure 'nuff, the Alpha was darkened, and it caused the spinning hub to disappear entirely. So now, with the combination of the AlphaSim Caribou and Acceleration, I appear to have two choices: crappy spinning-prop disk and a hub, or no hub and a decent spinning prop disk. Sigh. Thanks to any and all who tried to wrap their heads around this one. .
  8. . Hullo, Folks: Relatively, I'm an absolute n00b at painting, but I'm progressing, learning much (thanks to marvelous help from the likes of you), and enjoying the heck out of the entire process. But I've run into a snag with revolving propellers: The prop hubs show-up very nicely when they're static; but when the engines start and the blades turn, the hubs disappear completely! Has anyone seen this problem, or heard of it, before? I've tried a number of things, but none have helped, and I've run out of ideas. So in desperation, I'm asking here. Here's hoping someone can shed some light on this nagging, visually-jarring problem. TIA.
  9. . Many thanks for the prompt, happy service, JayKae! But . . . alas, the problem still appears to be present. Still getting the "The file was not found on the server" message. Tried a few variations, but no joy. Any suggestions as to what I may do to help? I'm more than willing to wait, mind you, for this reportedly marvelous work of art! Many thanks, JayKae. .
  10. I'm having the same problem ("The file was not found on the server") as Bruce was having -- but with the Grand Canyon scenery. I dutifully downloaded the "downloader", un-zipped it and ran it, but I cannot get past the error message. If the server is having a bad day of it, that's not trouble -- I can return later. But I just want to ensure it's not something I've done wrong. Can anyone ease my angst? Many thanks, .
  11. Gottit all! Many, many thanks, Matt
  12. Well . . . (he stammered hesitantly, not wanting to sound like a *complete* juvenile at the game) . . . would I be too much of a pest if I asked the sequence of events, incorporating Image Tool, to edit a .DDS texture file in FSX? Do I use Image Tool from the beginning, or just to save the final result? If the former, I'm guessing the sequence would be something like: - Load file into Image Tool - Convert to .bmp (?) - Send to Editor - Edit, Save - Recall into Image Tool - Save as dxt5-format file How'm I doin'? And believe me I *really do* appreciate your taking the time and trouble to help me out on this!!
  13. Will do, Sir. Sounds like good advice. TTYS.
  14. Many thanks, gents, for your kind and thoughtful insights. I'm better armed, now. But . . . Perhaps I can pester you on another, semi-related matter: The primary reason I've been messing with FS9-style .bmp files (and having the above problems) is because I'm a craven coward; Every time I tinker with the FSX-native .dds texture files, I get bupkiss for my efforts. More specifically, I haul the .dds file into DXTBmp, flip it, and send it to the editor. I make the changes, save. In DXTBmp, I recall from editor, flip, save and replace. And I get a black paint for my troubles. Every time; no exceptions. Whatever I'm doing wrong I'm doing consistently wrong! If someone could set me on the path to righteousness, with this rotten snag, I'd be enormously grateful! (Adopts sycophantic grin and waits hopefully)
  15. Ah! (Comprehension sinks through thick skull, leaving mouth agape) That would make perfect sense, then. Guess I'm just gonna have to live with it, then. Many thanks for your kind input, Mate. I do appreciate your taking the time. Cheers,