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  1. Today I felt the urge to fly from Kingston SE to Mt Gambier. I decided to fly the Alabeo AgTruck which is one of my faves. I took off, leveled off at 500' on the right heading of 134M and admired the bleakness of the landscape. My eye lids started getting heavier and I fell asleep. When I woke up after some quite pleasant dreams there was the Mt Gambier runway right on the nose, I was at 800' and steady as a rock. Must be getting old.
  2. I took off from Aldinga at dusk, skirted the Fleurieu Peninsula, finally landing at Goolwa after last light. Here are the pictures to prove it. .
  3. Thanks Terry, that was the first thing I checked. I don't understand why this is suddenly happening with Ants Airfields. I also have Bankstown and that is fine. Aldinga is also an Ants airfield and that is also fine. Jethro's suggestion solved my problem (see just above). Cheers, Les Thanks Jethro, it did the trick but I would never have thought of it without your help. Thanks Mate. Cheers, Les
  4. Every time I cycle views on the ground the texture warps and slowly develops as the attached screen shots illustrates. It only happens with Ants airfields. I have Orbx scenery throughout but did not do much flying over Australia because of the lack of airfields until I discovered OZx and Ants. Now I am pigging out visiting all the fields I used to fly into in real life plus a lot more but the experience is somewhat spoilt by this glitch. I am sure there is a solution but I am not clever enough to know what it is. Could you please help me. An important part of my activity is to take screen shots which involves cycling views. I would appreciate some help please. It only happens with Ants airfields.
  5. Thanks Buz, it worked for me too. Cheers, Les Hey Aussieman, I know you from Orbx, it was your post that sent me running to this Forum and download Bankstown. Thanks for your input, I am going to do it right away. Cheers, Les (hwh85 on Orbx)
  6. I am a newbie to this forum so, please forgive me if I pose a question already answered somewhere before. I have just downloaded and installed Bankstown and I am very pleased except that I too have some buildings missing. I did not have an OZx/OZx_LIB folder so I created one. Now the next problem, I have looked high and low on the aussiex website under down loads and I could not find the OZx YSBK Lib file, Please point me in the right direction. I have attached some screenshots to illustrate what I see.
  7. Hear, hear.