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  1. Thanks Buz, it worked for me too. Cheers, Les Hey Aussieman, I know you from Orbx, it was your post that sent me running to this Forum and download Bankstown. Thanks for your input, I am going to do it right away. Cheers, Les (hwh85 on Orbx)
  2. I am a newbie to this forum so, please forgive me if I pose a question already answered somewhere before. I have just downloaded and installed Bankstown and I am very pleased except that I too have some buildings missing. I did not have an OZx/OZx_LIB folder so I created one. Now the next problem, I have looked high and low on the aussiex website under down loads and I could not find the OZx YSBK Lib file, Please point me in the right direction. I have attached some screenshots to illustrate what I see.
  3. Hear, hear.