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  1. New to OMSI2

    Also make sure you have the required AI buses for the version of Bowdenham you're running. Including, but not limited to, the RNC versions of the default MAN coaches As those are required for AI buses to show. I believe the MB O530 is also required but don't quote me on that. I know for a fact the RNC versions of the defaults is needed though.
  2. Dashboard lights not working OMSI 2

    Is light mapping and night mapping enabled in advanced graphics settings? If one of these is not active, that's the problem. I've done that before. :x
  3. Lack of Scenery In London & South

    This would be super helpful, from a tutorial I made a kabazillion years ago
  4. General Screenshots + WIP repaints

    So unless you know who I am, or seen this on YouTube or something, you would not know what this is. Long story short it's a map I've been working on since 2015 that finally got some momentum in development.. Unfortunately I relied to heavily on chicago objects to make it look American so now I am re-doing a lot of parts so that Chicago is no longer required - since personally I am not a big fan of Chicago in the first place (I just used it heavily because I didn't know how to make things look American without it at first). Been looking for people colab with on this map but I have no idea where or how to ask haha. Ignore me. Basically the map is called Cayuga USA. It's supposed to be a muti-city state but I already built some of the smaller cities and thus the more recent screenshots are more focusing on the last things I shared I released a beta version some time ago but yanno. I still got a ways to go. I gave a bit of an intro so that people aren't confused as to where or what this map is. Now that I explained everything *vanishes*
  5. Dash5155

  6. It's best if you get the AI list together (or at least the AI groups) BEFORE you do the timetables. Also, it's best if you get a full street layout before you create your first route... I learned all this the hard way. Is this your first map? Maybe I can give a few pointers myself.
  7. Introduce Yourself

    Well I've made a few posts here and there but now I gotta introduce myself. Hello everyone, I'm Dash5155. Yes, the same one from the YouTubes. I've been playing OMSI since 2013 and my main goal has been and always will be to Americanize OMSI. Since the beginning of time I've been releasing patches to give some of the standard OMSI buses an American feel. Apparently my popularity has increased tenfold when I released the first beta of the Grundelphia map. Now I'm working on more sounds for the American buses released for OMSI. I also have teamed up with quite a number of OMSI developers be it for map mods or vehicle mods, so I'm pretty knowledgeable on the innards of OMSI. I love all American buses honestly, and I'm quite fond of some overseas buses as well. I can't say what my favorite maps are on OMSI because I pretty much love all of them, but favor the ones I'm working. Same with buses (though if someone made a Neoplan AN440 for OMSI that would instantly become my favorite OMSI bus). Anyway feel free to hit me up for OMSI support and whatnot. More than likely I can be of service
  8. General screenshots

    Daily does of Grundelphia screenshots. I tried to bring back the artics but they keep freezing So far the 57 is the only line artics can run on without AI freezes But the line doesn't actually need them clearly
  9. General Screenshots + WIP repaints

    Some did some didn't. None is wrong. Either way I like both repaints.
  10. General screenshots

    I actually love those NJ Transit repaints. What's the name of that coach bus? Screenshot for the day:
  11. Daytonford not working

    Found the issue. You need to re-install the terrain splines.
  12. The New Flyers Hate Narrow Streets

    Yeah. This mainly happens on the 8m streets
  13. Empty AI buses on Hertfordshire V3

    This could be an issue with the bus itself since these types of issues are rarely map-exclusive. If this really bothers you, modify the AI list to contain a bus that you know is fully functional.
  14. Daytonford not working

    Like Esqui said, blue sky means missing objects. Double check to make sure you've installed them properly. Since I can't read the log file I can't tell you what's not tight however if you look through it yourself it's easy to identify missing objects since those errors tend to stand out compared to the standard texture errors. If you repost in a spoiler tag I could be of more service.
  15. This is more of a rant than a question. Anyway I noticed something about the Flyers. and OMSI streets in general. Ever since I started using the Flyers as AI in Grundelphia, 2 buses can't be at an intersection while a 3rd makes a turn as the turning bus gets stuck. Then when the first bus moves, the 2nd bus waits for the turning bus to move while the turning bus waits for the 2nd bus to move. Eventually creating a traffic pile up that can only be completely cleared by deleting the two buses (unless it's a pile up of buses making the same turns). This only seems to happen with the Flyers, but no other buses. This bugs me major since now I have to rebuild certain streets to compensate for the wideness of these buses. [/rant]