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  1. Thanks for the welcome and the reply, Treetops! Sorry, no , it's not really about Orbx Central, at least directly, it's just my poor way of explaining things. It's probably not that important: the OZx airports a have to be above the Orbx scenery in the scenery library in any case. It's just that I also have Ant's airports, and per the OZx manual, Ant's airports should go above OZx airports in the scenery library. So maybe I can put the question this way: is there any way now of keeping Ant's airports above OZx airports in the scenery library? The previous way of doing so no longer works. As said, It's probably not that important, but I was just wondering. Thanks loads again! - Rob
  2. ..with the new FTX Central 2. The original FTX Central had an insertion point tool for OZx scenery, but the new FTC Central 2 does not, or at least I haven't been able to find it. The result is that the OZx sceneries are shooting to the top of the scenery library as soon as I do a change or update to the library. Is there anyway of keeping the sceneries where you put them, maybe by cancelling out a piece of scripting some place? I had been hoping that the new 3.4 patch would do that, but apparently not. I'm sorry if this has already been answered somewhere else, but I've looked and haven't seen any responses. Thanks loads! - Rob