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  1. What bus is that?
  2. Yesterday's runs in Freyfurt. Route 65: Route 63:
  3. A run in Freyfurt. I am sticking to this map for now as it runs prefect on my system with any bus.
  4. A test run in Börzsöny - Fictional with the 280, modern look.
  5. Two runs in F.S. yesterday on the 387 & 188.
  6. In F.S. today I did route 289 in a Setra 215UL.
  7. Today in F.S. on route 156 in the new Mercedes Sprinter Minibus (sliding door version). I took some extra screens to show off this new minibus.
  8. Yesterday in F.S. an early morning drive on route 387 in the SD84.
  9. An evening and early morning shifts in F.S. See spoiler in what buses and routes I did.
  10. Hello guys, I have recently moved to Windows 7 64-bit (same PC) and reinstalled OMSI 2. Now on lunching it everytime this DirectX comes up before it starts, screen below. But OMSI works ok. Is there a reason for this?
  11. Doing route 865 in F.S. a bit earlier today, The bus was a SU15, but not sure which one as I have the PL pack installed. I will write it down next time.
  12. Playing in Ebstein last evening. Screen 1: doing route 103 in a Hamburg bus. 2: doing route 107 in a D87.
  13. Hello guys, What polish maps are there? I have F.S., P.S. PKM and Podmiejska. Are there any others?
  14. Some maps are working now, as I have deleted some which I never play on.
  15. Hello guys, For some reason my OMSI2 will not load any maps, all I get is sky and all maps are installed and even the default Berlin map doesn't work. I haven't made any changes etc. Looking in the logfile which I have uploaded, says cannot find TLR or something. Please tell me how to fix this, even if it means a reinstall, just tell me please. Please reply ASAP. logfile.txt