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  1. The Leeds Lad

  2. I can't wait to drive them once my PC is fixed! (And for those of you wondering, the 36 is a fictional repaint, as its used on the new Gemini 3's that do the 36 route. All the B9TL's went to either CityZap in York/Leeds or Red Express in Lancashire)
  3. From what I remember, you can copy and paste the black window outlines from a default gasket windowed livery (such as Prestonbus, I think) onto your repaint.
  4. Little something I'm working on... This is the new Transdev CityZap, that aims to be a faster service between York and Leeds. Since it's an ex-36, it'll use the Harrogate version of the bus. However, I'm doing this on a PC that can't connect to the internet, since my main PC is out of order at the moment. If enough interest is gathered, I could release it without testing if it works in-game. However for now it'll stay WIP.
  5. He even had the audacity to make it an adfly link as well
  6. Merry christmas everyone!
  7. In York they're allowing under 18s travel free for the first few weeks of 2016
  8. Happy birthday!
  9. Nice! All you need now is a bus to put it in Also, for anyone interested, there's a Deric+ and an Eric+ for sale on eBay as well.
  10. Happy birthday!
  11. This song is a blessing from above.
  12. Looks like I'm playing a game of Slenderman... The thing of nightmares And a creepy neck twist
  13. Happy birthday!
  14. Ah, I was unsure because I drove it once and quit because it sounds like a jackhammer on drugs