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  1. Glad it helps John. I've done a bit of GE browsing and so far 2 PR backgrounds (WIP) I've just called them by the nearest name I can see on the map. One I've called Baldy Creek S 35 04' 43" = E 148 49' 55" and the other One Tree Hill S 35 08' 39.66" E 149 02' 34.83" - This one has pretty crap GE imagery but I grabbed a better PR from Yahoo Satellite in SBuilderX. I'll keep looking mate. Cheers Tony
  2. This might help a bit. I've grabbed these from my Natmap raster disc. The blue circles with a line inside indicate landing areas and the line is the approximate direction of the strip. There are 4 maps NW, NE, SW and SE with Canberra in the top or bottom left or right hand corners of each. If you see one that could be interesting it's worth a look at in GE. Some of these could very well be in areas that GE has crap imagery for, others could very well have been abandoned and returned to scrub or paddock. If you see something interesting and can't pick it up in GE then copy the map, put a yellow cross of circle on it and post it here or PM it to me and I'll zoom in on Natmap and find the co-ords for you. All 4 maps I've put up in the Gallery. Cheers Tony
  3. Canberra-SW.jpg

    From the album Tony_A

  4. Canberra-SE.jpg

    From the album Tony_A

  5. Canberra-NW.jpg

    From the album Tony_A

  6. Canberra-NE.jpg

    From the album Tony_A

  7. New Scenery Objects

    Nice Mark! No.4 looks like a Bougainvillia. You could do a few colour variations of this one as there are many variations around and they do get mixed and matched quite q bit in plantings around the place. Cheers Tony
  8. FSX Airport Selection

    Just part of the AFCAD type work required to make crosswind runways work in the Sim. Just leave them there and ignore them. Cheers Tony
  9. sportstar

    Got onto the Evektor site and the Eurostar is a different aircraft Sportstar Dimensions & Performance Dimensions Length 17 ft 7.5 in 5.98 m Height 8 ft 2 in 2.48 m Wing span 28 ft 5 in 8.65 m Cabin width 46.5 in 1.18 m Baggage compartment volume 6.2 cu.ft 175 l Weight & Quantities Empty weight (basic a/c) 680 lb 309 kg Empty weight (widely equipped a/c) 745 lb 338 kg Max take-off weight * 1,320 lb 600 kg Useful load (basic a/c) 640 lb 291 kg Useful load (widely equipped a/c) 522 lb 237 kg Max. baggage 55 lb 25 kgl Design load factors +6 g / -3g Wing tanks capacity 31.2 US gal 118 l Flight performance Never exceed speed 146 KIAS 270 km/h Maximum level speed 115 KCAS 213 km/h Cruise at 75% engine power 110 KCAS 204 km/h Stall speed VS1 (no flaps) 45 kCAS 83 km/h Stall speed VS0 (full flaps) 40 KCAS 74 km/h Rate of clim 1,020 fpm 5.2 m/s Service ceiling 15,500 ft 4,720 m Take-off run (concrete RWY) 620 ft 190 m Landing run 590 ft 180 m Maximum range 700 NM 1,300 km Total endurance 8.5 hrs Under ISA conditions. All information can be changed without notice. Eurostar Dimensions & Performance* Dimensions Length 17 ft 7.5 in 5.98 m Height 8 ft 1.6 in 2.48 m Wing span 26 ft 9 in 8.15 m Cabin width 46.5 in 1.18 m Weight & Quantities Empty weight (basic a/c) 609 lb 276 kg Max take-off weight 992 lb 450 kg Max. baggage 33 lb 15 kg Design load factors +6 g / -3g Standard tank capacity 17.17 US gal 65 l Long range tank capacity 21.13 US gal 80 l Flight performance Rotax 912 ULS Rorax 912 UL Never exceed speed 270 km/h 270 km/h Maximum level speed 240 km/h 220 km/h Cruise at 75% engine power 200 km/h 180 km/h Stall speed 65 km/h 65 km/h Rate of clim 7.5 m/s 5.0 m/s Service ceiling 6,000 m 6,000 m Take-off distance (concrete RWY) 200 m 280 m Landing distance 300 m 300 m Range (standard tank) 750 km 750 km Range (long range tank) 920 km 920 km
  10. sportstar

    Found this to get a bit more information http://www.evektor.com.au/sportstar.php Nice looking aircraft. Then did a search at Avsim for "evektor" and found repaints for EV97 Eurostar -One pointed to http://files.fsnordic.net/Flight_Simulator/Aircraft/General_Aviation/index.php to download the original aircraft. Looks much the same aircraft from the piccies on the Evektor and FSnordic sites. Cheers Tony ps - downloaded the latest version but haven't had a look at it yet.
  11. IMG_0071.JPG

    From the album Tony_A

  12. IMG_0070.JPG

    From the album Tony_A

  13. Img_0069.jpg

    From the album Tony_A

  14. IMG_0068.JPG

    From the album Tony_A

  15. IMG_0068.JPG

    From the album Tony_A

  16. IMG_0068.JPG

    From the album Tony_A

  17. IMG_0067.JPG

    From the album Tony_A

  18. Voz 1.8 complete

    You're not a pest mate( If you did happen to become one, someone here would soon let you know ) If you don't ask you'll never find out. Voz was made for FS9 and some things will still work in FSX but as Voz files are a conglomeration of some bits will work some bits won't work I wouldn't try it in FSX. BOB, if you're talking about the download from Orbx, is for FSX only. Cheers Tony.
  19. Autogen

    G'day Darryl, I recommend that if you are just starting out with Annotator, go to AVSIM or Flightsim.com and download... using_the_autogen_annotator_264833.zip You'll find this tutorial should start you off then if you have any problems come back here and you will find help.. The .bgl you need to open is the Photoreal (PR) file. Cheers Tony
  20. Thanks for that Jay !! - I've never had any unmetered usage from Bigpond before - logged in now !! Cheers Tony
  21. Top Secret. Do Not Look!

    Welcome to the forums Aaron, I don't know if you are familiar with Ant's previous work with FSX scenery but if you click on the 'downloads' button on the top of this page and go to '3rd party addons' and the 'Anthony Lynch Sceneries' - I think that's the sequence but you should be able to find your way - you'll find Ant's 9 volumes of Aussie Airports he's done for Australia. I you don't have them already then GET Them Mate - you won't be disappointed. You could try one or two but I'de just download and install the complete set. I can guarantee you won't be disappointed. Cheers Tony
  22. MegaUpload Donation explained..

    As others have said already Jay, I trust your judgement mate. Go for it if you think it's the best way. Cheers Tony
  23. Removing AI Shipping

    You could just go into Setting Display Traffic and pull the Shipping back to zero ! Cheers Tony
  24. Mareeba photos needed - help please

    G'day Prof, There's an FS9 Wilga at Flightsim.com which seems to work O.K. in FSX.... Search for fsxwikdw.zip This is a "Tweety bird" re-paint I was mucking about with. Someone may be able to turn it into a static (or add as a limited movement AI) if you wanted to put a "local" into your Mareeba. Cheers Tony
  25. Top Secret. Do Not Look!

    While I agree with TonyM that this is well worthy of Payware status, I'de advise a bit of caution - probably seek a bit of expert legal advice ! (Free if you know someone). Once you start asking people to pay or donate you come under the radar of the A.T.O. and other nefarious Govt. Departments who can give you a lot of extra work to do - keeping records, audits, becoming a registered charity collector, etc. which could end up becoming a real P.I.T.A. once you have to start dealing with Govt. Departments. Not trying to discourage you Ant from the great work you keep putting out !! Just a word of caution. Look before you leap mate!! Cheers Tony.