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  1. Sorry Gentlemen that I haven't put any files up to be looked at but here's a few piccies of what I've been working on...... The Old Station - very near completion. I've gone back and redone with a higher resoloution PR. Annotation still a WIP as is seasons colour matching By tony_a at 2008-09-22 Boonah - Also added a higher res. strip and airport area over the top of the original. Annotation pretty well done. Season colour still a WIP. Used my FS9 objects with changes to some that could cause transparecy problems - sorting out GUID/library conflicts- I see no problems but want to make sure. By tony_a at 2008-09-22 Rockhampton - My home town and a major regional airport. PR and annotation pretty OK. My biggest problem is that do justice to an airport this size, I'd need good photos of the airport buildings and I think this would be a BIG problem as Rocky is the airport used for the Shoalwater Bay Training area. Major defence (Aussie and OS) excercises take place here almost continually, so security don't like cameras around. I've re-done the lagoons that surround the airport. A vast improvement on the FS versions in my opinion. By tony_a at 2008-09-22 Blackwater - Not a very impresive bit of realestate as airports/strips go. I did this when I experimented with putting the Blackwater South mine into the landscape. A massive area to put into FS as a PR. Still not convinced that that was a good idea in the beginning. A massive job to add seasons, night textures etc. So don't expect it in the near future. By tony_a at 2008-09-22 Emerald - Haven't touched this in a while and will probably make a new start on it. If anyone else wants it just yell out. By tony_a at 2008-09-22 Camden - I started work on this one before I realised that Andreas was already working on it. The screnshot is where I was at but I have stepped back and let Andreas go on with it as his version is going to be a hell of a lot better. By tony_a at 2008-09-22 Just a bit of a 'where I'm at and what I'm doing' Cheers Tony
  2. Where I'm at

    Wish I could mate!! - Wish I could!! 12 months ago I was planning by now to be at least semi-retired and spending my time on this sort of stuff but me nest egg has taken a bit of a beating so that's no longer an option at the moment. Next May I'm old enough for a pension but it all depends on how much my super is worth then. Looks like the Government wasn't kidding when they started saying a year or 2 ago that the Country can't afford for us old buggers to get out of the workforce. Guess I'll just have to keep plugging away for another year or 2. Cheers Tony
  3. Where I'm at

    Sorry Aussiecop - it's Emerald Central Qld.
  4. The Idea of this...

    We may need a miscellaneous section too. I've done a photoreal Wake Island. A U.S. territory in the North Pacific that doesn't seem to fit in any of the regions. Maybe Pacific Islands as there are quite a few in the South Pacific but not many in the North Pacific. Any thoughts?? Cheers Tony
  5. National List of Mines and locations

    Here's the kml GE file to show ther mines... Cheers Tony OZ-mines.zip
  6. Just to confirm, in my ancient beer raddled brain,.. Mark, If the Northern-most/Western -most tile covers the top, left corner of an imaginary "box" of the other tiles that don't protrude North or West of this position then a patched together bitmap of the rest will compile from this data?? - That would make things a lot easier to do than what I've been doing. .Cheers Tony
  7. This can be a bit of a murky area Hugh. If the libraries have been released as freeware then there should be no problem. There are heaps of FS9 libraries around, mostly freeware and originally released as Rwy12 or EZ library objects. These will work in FSX but could have tranparency or other problems. Some fixable by changing the texture formats. There are now a lot of libraries of FSX objects that people have made for specific airfields. Technically ( I'm no lawyer but this is how I understand it), the original maker of the textures and objects owns the copyright unless he/she signs this over to another person/company/organisation. Even if the person releases it as "freeware" they still own the copyright and you will find that most people who produce libraries and released them as freeware include a Readme.txt/doc file that specifies any conditions on the use of the library. Could be only for "freeware" sceneries or to be available only on specific web sites. Where someone produces a library of models for a specific airfield they may or may not have a Readme with conditions etc. for the complete package and even if they do have one, it most likely won't mention the library specifically. If you use a program like Instant Scenery it will find all the libraries on your install of FSX. Where you have to be careful in using these if you don't recognise them by name is that you could be using objects from a Commercial scenery that you have installed on your system which would make you technically open to a breach of Copyright. With OZx releases of freeware sceneries we have established a naming convention, which you will find in another thread here, for all scenery submissions including libraries. We are also trying to set up specific libraries for common objects like cones and gables windsocks etc to save on having multiple objects that look pretty much the same. If in doubt, it's probably wise to try to contact the original maker of the library and ask permission to use them. What we probably need to do is to post up a list of libraries included in OZx freeware releases and whether the objects in them are for general use or for specific airfields. Cheers Tony
  8. This is a handy Lat/Lon converter from Carmael Grech over at Avsim.... cg_lat_lon11.zip Converts lat & long between Degrees-decimals, Degrees Minutes-decimals and Degrees Minutes Seconds-decimals..
  9. cant get a bgl file

    Compared this to the one I use and the only difference I noticed was the "Sampling Method=Gaussian" lines. Try deleting them from each entry except your blend and water- mask Sources. I don't have this line in any [source..] with Type=BMP : Layer=Imagery [source] Type = MultiSource NumberOfSources = 7 [source1] Type = BMP Layer = Imagery SourceDir = "." SourceFile = "L16X115958X115961Y79281Y79285_SU.BMP" Variation = January,February,March Channel_BlendMask = 7.0 NullValue = 255,255,255 SamplingMethod = Gaussian //also get rid of these spaces between lines I'm not sure how sensetive Resampler is to extra spaces ulyMap = -35.2833007222222 ulxMap = 138.487927166667 xDim = 1.07288411458351E-05 yDim = 8.75735677083322E-06 [source2] Type = BMP Layer = Imagery SourceDir = "." SourceFile = "L16X115958X115961Y79281Y79285_SP.BMP" Variation = October,November,December Channel_BlendMask = 7.0 NullValue = 255,255,255 SamplingMethod = Gaussian ulyMap = -35.2833007222222 ulxMap = 138.487927166667 xDim = 1.07288411458351E-05 yDim = 8.75735677083322E-06
  10. Thanks Mark. I'll have a go at that. Haven't tried multi-height flattens before but it sounds like the way to go. Cheers Tony
  11. If that's what you can produce after a Month's work, then what can we expect in the future I wouldn't worry too much about a flatten. It looks pretty flat already and Mark has finally converted me to non-AFCAD type airports (as long as the strip is still landable). If you don't need an AFCAD to put in asphalt runways and/or taxiways and it's reasonably flat, then these country strips are much better left as is. Sometimes you have to. I'm working on The Old Station airstrip NW of Gladstone which in real life is surrounded on 3 sides by a creek in really deep gullies. The mesh just pulls the landscape around so much that it's impossible to put a strip where it belongs wihout a flatten or a much finer mesh that I can't produce. Bloody good stuff Mate Cheers Tony
  12. Taking a break

    Hope you enjoy your trip Pat. Don't forget to get your piccies as square on to the front, back and sides of the buildings, if you can get access to them and enough room between the buildings to get a full shot. Makes it easier to "cut and paste" them to Gmax or FSDS models. Good if you can get a few closeup of signs too as these can be applied seperately and look a hell of a lot crisper in the end product... wish list for good textures goes on and on.... anyhow, have a good trip. Cheers tony
  13. I think this is a great idea Bungo. Also, somewhere down the track we should probably put together a list of recommended libraries for devs to use. I think Mark brought this up on another thread. What we don't need is 3 or 4 libraries of "cones& gables" or whatever choking up the system and making downloads bigger than they need to be. Cheers Tony
  14. Aldinga YADG first attempt

    Just check that you don't have 2 Start Locations, one over the top of the other. Just drag it off the spot and see if there is another underneath. As far as I understand it when you go to active runway it should place you at one end of the longest runway on the heading of the start location??? Cheers Tony
  15. Aldinga YADG first attempt

    Just drag the slider on the left hand side until the arrow head points down the centreline. Keep going with it Jorge. Looking good. Cheers Tony
  16. Dibs on airfields!

    I agree Bungo, the sooner we get this sorted so everyone knows what everyone else is doing the better. The biggest problem I have at work is that we sometimes have as many a 3, or 4 !!!, rosters going at the same time and get told. "No! just go by whats on the computer" on one day and a few days later "No, just go by what I've printed out yesterday. What's on the computer is crap." Chaos and Insanity prevail Can't wait to retire.
  17. The Idea of this...

    That's a LOT of territory to cover Jay - plenty of scope for new scenery.. Cheers Tony
  18. Welcome to OZx

    Bloody Hell Jack!! What bank are you with Looking godd Jay Cheers Tony