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  1. This is what put Mauricio on the map, it has been a while since I seen it lovely to see it again, thanks TC
  2. Because I love OMSI myself Sue, IF and when I do any simming I drive the buses
  3. Thank you so much everyone, I just went to go and check to give you an update and it is at $1390 so $1000 will be used for the Load Balancing, the rest will go in the pot I am humbled by your amazing support for OZx, financially but moreso your dedication to this lovely friendly community we have here.
  4. Thanks guys, it is already at $615, so I will be sending out an update email to everyone so nothing sinister haha
  5. Thank you very much guys, your help is always appreciated you know that !
  6. Yes, it is a bulk email sent out, MAINLY to inform people about the Cloudbleed and it talks about a service (one off fee) I would like to add to OZx called Load Balancing to keep and make the forums faster and even more reliable. I just did not want to make a big hoohaa about it on the forums that is all lol
  7. no, we are not, I spent since Feb 23 with Cloudflare making sure no information was leaked, this is not the case, I also use double the encryption on the servers for all your private information. When you login here, the server uses a double authentication certificate to make sure it is not a bot. I take privacy and safety of the members of OZx very VERY seriously and tell me, when is the last time you have seen a single spammer here ? *chuckles*
  8. Getting this for YDPO download


  9. Yes, sorry guys I meant to come and tell you in here but ... well, you noticed that it was fixed anyway haha I am humbled with the kind words and confidence expressed in my persona, it means the world to me
  10. This as now been fixed, thank you for letting me know
  11. They are all amazing
  13. Rest in peace my friend, gone but never forgotten .. thank you everyone for keeping his memory alive
  14. Happy New Year everyone !
  15. Happy Birthday Craig !