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  1. Getting this for YDPO download


  2. Yes, sorry guys I meant to come and tell you in here but ... well, you noticed that it was fixed anyway haha I am humbled with the kind words and confidence expressed in my persona, it means the world to me
  3. This as now been fixed, thank you for letting me know
  4. They are all amazing
  6. Rest in peace my friend, gone but never forgotten .. thank you everyone for keeping his memory alive
  7. Happy New Year everyone !
  8. Happy Birthday Craig !
  9. Merry Christmas everyone, sorry really late on this lol
  10. Merry Christmas guys, sorry little late on this lol
  11. Hahaha, you got to love the Paranoia Crew no ?
  12. Jay Kae is there a password for the OzX Teamspeak server now ? I can't get on. It keeps asking for a password.



  13. Ugh sorry just got back from overseas this morning, sorry to be late but happy birthday !
  14. Great work guys and Ray... your field is featured on the AVSIM home page http://www.avsim.com/index.php/