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  1. Hey Squeeker, how you been, I havent seen you on the forums much. Great flight last night on the Bonanz Bash and the strips were superb so I got to thinking about you guys that develop them. Hows the new computer?

  2. In the mean time there is a .pdf in your OZX\User_Docs folder that does list all the fields, and is colour coded by region. ( OZx_ORBX_Ant_Fields_3.3_directions.pdf ) The afcaded fields appear with a bold airport code in this list. Cheers, Steve.
  3. Nice work guys, enjoyed them all. Excellent shot by Dylan in particular! Goodonya for gifting the prizes Adrian - what a great boost to the OZx community.
  4. 1. Yes, both the library updates can be done last (regardless of whether FSX has been run or not) 2. Yes , still install Holgermesh, it is not included in the FTXAU package. 3. Yup, the OZx_NA addons are designed for the ORBX North American landscape. 4. Enjoy! Terrible pun BTW. Cheers, Steve.