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  1. Well, due to lower passenger numbers, the Wright Gemini on my school route has been replaced by... a Caetano Levante, with full leather seats and Air Conditioning. So that's rather nice! (Sorry for the poor photo, it is rather hard to take a picture in one hand, while flagging down the bus with the other!)
  2. I have a new issue with OMSI and my G29 - when the wheel is at the centre, OMSI is detecting it at 48%. This is causing the bus to wildly steer in the wrong direction. Any ideas on how to solve it?
  3. In the profiles section of your logitech gaming software, there should be a drop down menu, with export on it. That will save the profile. I will message you the email that I use for spam (safety reasons)
  4. OK, I just got my G29, however I can't get it to work with OMSI 2. (Works fine on all other games.) Does anyone have a profile for OMSI they can send me?
  5. From what I can make out, it will be a modern version of the map, in a free update! It also looks like the busses will be getting an update.
  6. Yes I do.
  7. So recently, I have been getting a glitch with some OMSI buses (Mainly Alterr's), where the bus will appear black, until I get close. Any ideas on how to stop this?
  8. Ahh, I am guessing this is why the download issues then! It is a shame that some companies can be so petty!
  9. Look at the destination display. It is not meant to look like that at all.
  10. I am getting this weird error with the express 91.06 map, on all K++ busses. Does anyone know how to fix it?
  11. OK, so now I am looking at a Logitech G29 (also looking at a G27, although it looks like if it breaks, Logitech wouldn't repair it), and I was wondering if the G29 works with OMSI 2.
  12. Never driven, although I have shunted them. (Well, when they come onto the railway site for galas, I am one of the people who guides them into their space. Last year, had to juggle a LT SMS, and a steam road roller round the vintage Morris Minors and Land Rovers)
  13. Oh, so they work without modification? That's brilliant!
  14. I know what the bus is, I mean the particular Bowdenham rollband.
  15. May I ask where you got the Bowdenham rollband for the O405?