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  1. X1 branded 1299 having just arrived from Knockhill on the X2 before heading back to the depot. It comes out again in the afternoon for a journey on the 9S then the X1 until about 11pm
  2. The new livery of National Express Dundee seen here on a Volvo B7TL Gemini
  3. Stagecoach Strathtay 16930 has been painted in Strathtay heritage livery for the 30th anniversary of Strathtay Scottish. This bus was new in the livery, and still has the same seat moquette.
  4. Only 1774-1787 are going to Dundee. The livery you see on that photo is not yet complete, it still needs to get light green above the windows
  5. NXD 7001 in this allover advertisement for the local transport museum.
  6. Finally managed to get a photo of a First Mercedes Citaro! These are rarely in service up here due to their unreliability
  7. The routes the Volvo hybrids run on all involve long stretches of road at about 50-55 mph
  8. More new buses for Dundee.
  9. The 800 Knockhill - Apsley Station picks up from there
  10. I think it would be the trucks edit: didn't notice the previous post.
  11. National Express Dundee quite often display 'Merry Christmas' throughout the year as they do not have 'Not in Service' on the Hanovers.
  12. Any single deck route
  13. Yes, up until 2012
  14. 22756 on the 350 from Scunthorpe to Hull. Not an accurate repaint by the way, but it'll do