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  1. Hi, I am trying to change the font of the new Aachen Citaro to that of the Facelift Citaro. I have tried to look in the .bus file but did not really want to edit much as I don't want to break the bus. Can anyone help me? Many thanks in advance, Jack.
  2. Can anyone answer my question?
  3. Does anyone know how to get this cash screen onto other repaints - as I assuming that it is with the repaint that you have released, Many thanks, Jack
  4. He's fixed it now look in one of the posts in the thread on Marcels forum, he gives you an answer.
  5. I've tried downloading simplestreets however I can't seem to find the two middle scenery objects. I think one is a train crossing spline.
  6. Hi, can anyone help me find these objects for Omsi? Sceneryobjects\Addon_LED_Ampeln\Ampel_Kfz_OhBlind_1.scoSceneryobjects\ADDON_SimpleStreets +\X8_Train_x1.scoSceneryobjects\ADDON_SimpleStreets +\X8_Train_x2_60.scoSceneryobjects\Kreuz_MC\RQ_9,5_to_X8.sco Thanks, Jack
  7. He said that it's been designed that way, so someone else may have to
  8. Is there a way to make sure that passengers do not automatically enter via the second doors? Its really annoying!!
  9. Hi, I've just downloaded Oberstedt and I can't seem to fins these objects anywhere - could anyone locate me to them and give links, as I've tried everywhere! Sceneryobjects\Addon_LED_Ampeln\Ampel_Kfz_OhBlind_1.sco Sceneryobjects\ADDON_SimpleStreets +\X8_Train_x1.sco Sceneryobjects\ADDON_SimpleStreets +\X8_Train_x2_60.sco Sceneryobjects\Kreuz_MC\RQ_9,5_to_X8.sco Thanks in advance, Jack
  10. Is there a way that I can add the cash dispenser from the other B9 into the Airlink version of the bus?
  11. I'd much rather you all work together cooperatively as in this way you can share all of your skills with each other. BOTW has to be at the top of my 'most looking forward to' list of Omsi maps. Keep it up!
  12. Well I have tried what you guys have told me however there is no lost spline to be found.
  13. Thanks Iomex, I'm just trying to learn the basics at the moment so that I can start extending the map. I think I'll post some screenshots soon
  14. Hello, I have a quick question about the cars on a map I am currently making. How do you delete these lanes for the cars as on the map they appear out of nowhere and then disappear. Also, how do I add my own into the map, or does it just come preset with the spline?