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  2. I'm not able to convincingly weather a texture to save my life! The Basler BT-67 by Manfred Jahn is just too sterile, most of the weathered C-47 VC textures can be used except the panel itself. Since the Basler is a turbo prop, the gauges are different. Is there anyone here that could weather the panel realistically? Below is a half size .jpg of the panel, I would send the full size in .bmp format if you don't have the Basler. Thank you for any help.
  3. Thanks very much, for your effort in looking up the C-117's and for all the great work you do for the community!
  4. I'm crushed! Thanks for the reply Tim.
  5. Are there or have there ever been any C-117D's in Australia? I've spent some time searching, and Google image but haven't found a single one. I'd like to get a repaint of a real life Australian C-117D but I'm beginning to think there's no such thing! Thanks.
  6. I wonder if there's a Goose painter in the crowd? I know Jankees has done a few and I also know he has much on his plate, most of the time. I'd like to get a repaint of the Goose HD Redux in a scheme that "resembles" that of the pic below. It doesn't have to be exact, just similar. It's hard to tell but the bottom stripe is a dark blue. I can supply the maple leaf logo on the stab and the AirBC premade lettering on a transparent background. Thank you for any interest!
  7. Is there anyone out there that could apply this paint scheme to a Carenado or Alabeo Cessna, 195, 185, 172 (A2A), 152?? Any one of them will do! I'd like the orange to be a darkish, grayish blue. Prhaps something like... Red - 0 Green - 102 Blue - 151 No reg number Thanks. Much appreciated.
  8. I have the Sibwings Cessna L-19/O-1E BirdDog, it's a wonderful model and I'm looking to get a civilian style paint scheme on it. I know it's a military aircraft and people tend to repaint it in a military scheme. Of the few examples of non military i've seen, I'm not intrigued at all. I looked at the paintkit and it's above my paygrade to figure out how to get away from the drab gray or green colors. If anyone would like the challenge of turning it into a modern looking civilian aircraft, I'd really appreciate it. I'm thinking something along the lines of the pic below. It doesn't have to be a repaint of "that" scheme, I posted that to show what I mean as far as a modern scheme that you would typically find on a Cessna. If anyone could paint something vaguely similar, without a reg number, I would be eternally grateful!! Thank you.
  9. Ahhh... thank you Bushpilot, much appreciated!! PS: That did it. I could have sworn I looked at every texture in the folder with DXTBMP, I must have missed it.
  10. On the HD Mooney repaint Squeeker did there is a Mooney logo that I believe is on the default template but I can't find it on any of the textures I changed the reg. # and added a nicer mooney logo, but I'd like to remove the old one. If any of the experts among you knows or can find the logo in question in any of the textures, I'd appreciate it! Thanx
  11. That's definately a beauty but I was thinking a plain polished aluminum look would be nice. I'm no Goose expert so for all I know, they never made them out of aluminum.
  12. Did the bare aluminum version ever make it through your shop bushpilot ??
  13. Does anyone know where to get the paintkit for the Accusim B-17? The links at A2A do not work! Jan Kees is pumping out repaints at an alarming rate and seems to have a monopoly on it.
  14. I have them both and they're very good quality which is typical for Carenado. I do have a complaint about the 172 though. The 2D panel nearly completely blocks the view and I found that the Shift+Enter method doesn't work, at least not on my machine. I'm contemplating building my own 2D vfr panel for it. Otherwise it's a fantastic model, both the float and wheel/ski versions. I've just joined your forum here because I have the Goose and the Bell 206B which you folks re-did and I must say they fantastic I live near Vancouver BC Canada which is in the heart of bush flying country and I'm pleased to hear you'll be working your magic on the scenery in that area, looking forward to it. Cheers... George "Alky®" Fisher