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  1. IFR Flight Plan Request Aircraft: B350 (RFDS) Callsign: Flying Doctor 431 Route: YBTL (BWN TWO DEP) - YBPM - YBHM (VOR RWY 14 ARR) N.B If it gets to the point where another guy in TWR is needed I'll happily fill the role. Cheers, Nick
  2. I'm going to try and make this one boys and girls...haven't done sim flying for a long while and would love to catch up with all the old and new fellas. (and don't worry, I'll be flying not ATCing )
  3. Hey mate, The bloke who did it for me was fantastic with it, and I trust his okay for me to give it to you. It was that long ago I've forgotten who did it, but if you're reading this and you're not comfortable with it, please speak up I think this one is for Papa Tango Whiskey but if you're a painter it's easy to change the rego placard. Cheers, Nick - attachment removed by myself due to hindsight that it remains the owner's right to distribute -
  4. From the album Around Australia Trip

  5. If you use a program called ADE, you'll see that the refueling trigger is a zoned box that isn't dependent on a fuel parking node or any scenery that forms a fueling point. Delete the box, and you can still keep the fuel parking node and associated scenery. You might even be able to resize the box too, so it doesn't cover a massive area.
  6. Unless the radio call specified that the landing is a "touch/stop and go".
  7. Congratulations mate, as another 16 year old (in Australia), you should be very proud!
  8. Pilot died, MAAIB investigating.
  9. Happy Birthday Jay! My best wishes to you and have a good one mate!
  10. Couldn't help but get online after hearing this rumor, any truth to it?