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  1. shedman51

  2. scenery request: Pilbara

    The main trouble with PR as far as I can tell is that it buries all the trees and features and you have to re-create EVERYTHING. I think the best fix is the ORBX scenery and with that, put as many of the 1400 airstrips and landmarks as possible in the sim. This will require keeping the sizes down as ORBX Broome is 870MB and my 108 strips total 470MB (much less detail of course). The question is do you want a representation of the whole state or do you want one or two highly accurate locations. I love ORBX Jandakot as my home base but to do that level of detail for the state would lock up your computer. Alan Blencowe
  3. Can ICAO codes be reset?

    I solved it - I deleted the *alt.bgl from the world scenery folder.
  4. I discovered two fields YBEE_BeverleyUraniumMine_ADEX_AEB and YBEE_Beehaven_ADEX_AEB (created by me) on my FSX. I don't know how many years they have been there but I haven't flown to the mine in that time and didn't notice. I changed the ADEX file for Beehaven to YBE1_Beehaven_ADEX_AEB and refreshed the scenery folder but I can still see Beehaven in the index and Beverley Mine will not show. Is there a cfg file in FSX or in ADE that I have to get at because something is stopping the simulator from correcting. Alan
  5. Hi Elias, I've just installed your scenery with the hunter power plant and so on but as most of them don't have start points, is there some documentation on how I can go to them including the mine sites?  Also, did you use real ICAO's (that I can find online) or did you have to create them?  If you have an instruction document, could you email it to [email protected]

    I'm north of Perth and create WA airfields but Mark Lee reckons they are not good enough for OZx so I just provide them here.  Some are no longer with us such as Maylands 1958 and Kalgoorlie 1966.  I created them the way I remembered them.  I have a PPL but no longer fly after a near miss with a foreigh speaking student pilot in the Jandakot circuit in 2007.  http://www.alanblencowe.com/FSX/FSX_airfields.html


  6. Just for fun, I thought I might re-install FS2002 and FS9 and compare how they look. Both ask me to install directplay and windows 10 can't do so. After that step, FS2002 will start but FS9 simply hangs forever. Does anyone have any suggestions other than just laugh and say get rid of Windows 10? Alan
  7. Replacing VOZ locations in FSX

    Probably somewhere but the filenames do not all relate to the locations. I've identified over 1000 files today working from the ICAO codes. When they run out, some file sets have an airfield name. At some point it will get harder and I suspect I will have some I cannot sort. I have already found some start points only relate to a land feature such as a dam and after doing a fly around check, I will make a comment that we can lose those those. Alan
  8. Replacing VOZ locations in FSX

    I'm still using them in FSX so I figured others may be as well. If we know the file set for each field, we can cut many of them out. I intend to replace as many Western Australian ones as possible with an FSX version. I have already replaced my own and all of the fields done by Derek Froud and Dennis Stiglmayer but as I am working through I am finding a lot more. If I can get this job done, I will also test to see if any of them are better than the default fsx as well but most of them seem to be fields that don't exist in FSX. They are very basic compared to what we can do now and some are at the wrong height but I feel if I delete them, they may never be replaced. Some of the fields no longer exist and I like those for historic reasons such as my model for Maylands where I firsdt flew in 1958. And the main reason... probably because I'm a bit anal retentive - I don't like to let go of stuff. Alan
  9. Replacing VOZ locations in FSX

    Only 2548 files to go! VOZ bgl Index.txt
  10. Yes, I have the VOZ zipfiles as well but what this excercise would need is the original zipfiles uploaded to Vista Australis by the airfield developers so we can see each field separately and possibly even the texture sets. I can start off by creating a textfile with all of the filenames. Alan
  11. It's probably not that simple Bernie. I tried breaking the bgl's down to airfield groups some time back and separated hundreds into separate airfield folders but there were still over half of them that were of indeterminate filename structure. Unless we have the original zipfiles that were uploaded, it would be almost impossible. Now if somebody had those... we could then work out a strategy. We don't need the textures listed, just the bgl's. Alan
  12. I placed a similar topic on the VOZ section but this location may be more appropriate. I wonder how many developers out there still have the old VOZ locations in FSX and are either replacing them gradually or waiting for someone else to do it? I have found only 16 seem to have been replaced and have done the tedious process of sorting out those bgl files and putting them in quarantine. I really only use the rest as place holders and have often thought that if somebody could go through the old submission zipfiles and record the bgl filenames for each location, there might be some incentive to replace them. I have replaced all the old derek Froud and Dennis Stiglmayer locations for WA using my own textures and models (some no longer exist) but I'm having trouble sorting out the others. Would this be a project worth doing? If so could the custodian of the zipfiles contact me and we can arrange something. I have started with some fields I have previously isolated. Only 2985 files to go. Alan 00 VOZ bgl Index.txt
  13. I'm sorry but I just can't throw away all of those precious locations that have never been replaced for FSX. I have a subfolder for "Old FS9" such as Aeropelican and VOZ Scenery and I like to think of them as place holders until something better comes along. I've sort of worked out and quarantined the bgl files for Albany, Anna Plains, Arubiddy, Balgair, Balladonia, Bamboo Creek, Beagle Bay Pearl Farm, Beverley Springs, Beverley, Big Bell Mine, Dalwallinu, Gingin, Kalbari, Moora, Mount Weld and Perth (Stiglmayer). What I would really like for Christmas is a text list of all the VOZ locations and the bgl filenames for each. I wondered does anybody still have the original zipfiles which were uploaded by the developers and could they make such a thing? It might encourage developers to get to work and replace some of them... Perhaps this could be a new wave of FSX development. I would be happy to help with such a project and then work on FSX versions for West Australian fields. Alan
  14. The problem opening the saved flights also seems to be resolved. I saved over the other and the problem is no longer happening.
  15. Yes, Thanks Jeff and Jorge, it does seem to be a Windows 10 issue. I previously tried changing the properties of the Program Files\Microsoft Games folder and switching off the read only property but it stubbornly refused to switch off. I did as you suggested Jeff, opening the properties of fsx.exe and on the compatibility screen, I selected change settings for all users. I then selected "Run this program as an administrator" and "Run this program in compatibility mode for windows 7" and I am now able to start fsx without the dreaded "Would you like to activate your copy?". It does appear to be another case of MS fixing something that wasn't broken. Another thing that was happening was the program crashing when I tried to open a saved position. Thanks for your prompt help and keep your fingers crossed. Alan