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Everything posted by Anthony31

  1. File Name: Ant's Airplanes Drifter 25-312 File Submitter: Anthony31 File Submitted: 06 Jan 2013 File Category: Pacific Manufacturer: Ant's Airplanes Model: Drifter Specifications: 25-312 Repaint of 25-312 which is based at Lismore airport in Northern NSW, Australia. The aircraft has a blue and white paint scheme. The original aircraft has a Rotax 503 engine rather than the 582 used in the FSX model. This repaint can be used by users of the full payware version as well as those with the demo version (which is the free floats version of the Drifter).
  2. Ant's Airplanes Drifter 25-312

    Version 1.00


    Repaint of 25-312 which is based at Lismore airport in Northern NSW, Australia. The aircraft has a blue and white paint scheme. The original aircraft has a Rotax 503 engine rather than the 582 used in the FSX model. This repaint can be used by users of the full payware version as well as those with the demo version (which is the free floats version of the Drifter).
  3. ORBX/FTX forums down?

    May need to login again Spud to the ORBX forums. If your bookmark was to one of the protected forums then that may the cause of your proplems. I can just see 5 forum topics myself (I can never be bothered to login to the ORBX forums after I've done a clean sweep of my computer).
  4. T28D interior shots

    Just some pics of the Trojan cockpit that I'd thought you may like to see (just so you know I'm still working on it). The circuit breaker panel Standby compass and view out the front The switch panel which controls most lights (the landing light is on the left side of the cockpit) and electrical stuff. Trim panel and a bit of the throttle quadrant. 100 bonus points for anyone who can spot what's missing in this pic (from the front cockpit).
  5. I hope everyone had a happy christmas (and didn't eat too much like me) and hope we have a great 2013.
  6. T28D interior shots

    Haven't completed the rear cockpit yet Spud. It will probably be the last thing I do as FSDS runs really slow now with so many polygons so I will have to do a big copy and paste for the instrument panel. Rest assured though that I am aware of the differences between front and back (eg the rear doesn't have the super charger blower lever) and I have even modelled the behaviour of the cockpit control shift (even though 99.9% of people will probably never use it!). BTW, for those that don't know the control shift is a switch which shifts control of certain functions (mainly control of the lights) between the front and rear cockpits.
  7. T28D interior shots

    Panel is mostly complete (just the glass and animations to do, plus the manifold purge button which I have no pics of so I will have to make something up I guess). Big empty space on the right side will be filled by the oxygen regulator, with blinker and pressure gauge. A OAT gauge will sit on the right side as well but will be almost impossible to read. Lights have been done but are not in this pic.
  8. T28D interior shots

    We have a winner!. The supercharger control is indeed missing. The problem was caused by the original aircraft not having the control anymore (I guess VH-TRO doesn't fly above 10000' anymore). The control lever should be just left of the flaps lever and can be set either high or low. I am working on adding that in now. Of course, the real hint was that the blower is only on the front cockpit throttle quadrant and not the rear one so I can just use the existing quadrant in the pic and move it to the back cockpit (although I think that loses the horn silencer in the back cockpit).
  9. spare seat for Saturday 1st December flight

    I thought I recognised that Echo!
  10. Just logged onto the nearmap website to read the following notice: "We are pleased to announce the introduction of nearmap PhotoMaps™ Standard packages for small to medium businesses. Single-user PhotoMaps licenses will be available for purchase directly on our new website which launches towards the end of this month. Group licenses are available now, please contact [email protected] for more information. Free access to end Coinciding with the launch of the new website and entry level commercial packages, free access to PhotoMaps will be coming to an end. The exact end date will be announced in the near future. We hope you have enjoyed the opportunity to use nearmap PhotoMaps free of charge." From this it seems that free access to nearmaps may be coming to an end. Not sure what sort of access will be left after the end of this month. I guess we will have to wait and see.
  11. Near Maps free access to stop soon.

    Just checked now on GE and it looks like it is still showing the images that I used to do Hamilton Island. GE shows its from Aerometrex and from 2008.
  12. Near Maps free access to stop soon.

    It is a real shame as the stuff put up by Google Maps lately has been almost useless for PR. A real drop in quality from GE and Bing, of course, covers virtually nothing and what it does is terrible too. You're right John, we might have to enquire about a group licence.
  13. Living in a 727

    I was just looking at some interesting Google Earth places and came across this one for a 727 that's been converted to a house. Here's the website for the fellow. http://www.airplanehome.com/ Put 45.407955 -123.007856 into GE to have a look yourself. The thing that is really interesting is what is that place just SW of the jet? They've a basketball court, ample carparking, and either an antenna or a swingset. Maybe it's a school. More googling needed. edit: More googling done and the big house appears to by Hypatic Inc, a manufacturer of electrical safety ground testing equipment and looks to be owned by the owner of the 727.
  14. Wright Cyclone R1820 86A

    Here's a pic of the Wright Cyclone R1820 86A engine for my T28D which I just finished texturing (it's a real bugger trying to texture funny bulbous shapes like the blue crankcase in the centre). Still a couple of things missing though. ie the prop governer on the top and the oil sump on the bottom. Plus a couple of other bits and pieces
  15. Wright Cyclone R1820 86A

    Finished the prop and placement of the engine Now to do the interior!
  16. Wright Cyclone R1820 86A

    Perhaps Kim cleaned it? There is a bit of an oil spill on the left side of the crankcase (looking from front on). Not really visible in this pic
  17. Wright Cyclone R1820 86A

    And the finished engine in FSX. Note that it isn't located in the correct location yet. The engine points downwards by a few degrees and I will only line it up after I have done the prop.
  18. Grease Nipples!

    Aircraft would, quite literally, grind to a halt if it wasn't for the humble grease nipple and here are some now (see how many you can find) Do you think that maybe I am putting a bit too much detail in? The blue bits will of course be chrome in FSX.
  19. Grease Nipples!

    Just finished the retractable landing lights which fills the hole in the bottom of the wing.
  20. Grease Nipples!

    It's only been 2 1/2 weeks since my last pic. Seems like it was longer. Soooo many rivets. The jpeg doesn't do justice to the detail (you can barely see the countersunk rivets on the leading edge)
  21. Grease Nipples!

    Hi Tim I saw Kim when he came down to the Lismore airshow in June and he let me pic the hell out the plane. Nice fellow that Kim.
  22. Grease Nipples!

    Made it too easy. Here's the third I have done. Kim (owner of the aircraft) was kind enough to let me photograph the hell out of the plane when it visited Lismore in June. The Winjeel is postponed, I've got quite a few aircraft that need to be done yet so the Winjeel will have to fit in there somewhere.
  23. Grease Nipples!

    I can officially say I have completed one third of the aircraft, all textured, modelled and animated. If any clever clogs can guess the plane (come on now, how easy can it get?) I will post a pic of the whole third I have done!
  24. Grease Nipples!

    Jeeze! Only took another two weeks to get to this point. You know, I spent 3 hours one day trying to figure out the angles so everything would fold up into the right spot. Talk about fun! At least the left side was easier as all you have to do is mirror the right (well mostly, not the main tube as then the disassembly instructions would be around the wrong way wouldn't it). Anyone guessed the plane yet?
  25. Grease Nipples!

    I would have thought the part nos would have been a dead giveaway!! If anyone has a bit of experience with this plane I bet they would be able to tell what it is by the pic though. I might just keep posting pics of various parts (as I finish them) until someone guesses (or puts all the puzzle pieces together to get a full pic)