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  1. Crap. You seen the price of Max 2014?

    Yes, I sent a nice polite support ticket to them about it. Be interesting to see if they even reply. Just double checked to make sure I was getting the right price and I see this little notice on the autodesk store page for 3ds: Enjoy up to 10% in savings when you purchase this latest version by 18 October! So I click on the buy button. Turns out that the $6,055 price includes the 1 year subscription (which adds $880 to the price). You can uncheck that on the checkout so that takes the price down to $5,175 and with the 10% discount you can get it for a mere AUD 4,657.50 which when you take into account the currency and GST works out only slightly above the US price. So if you need 3ds max get it before 18 Oct to save yourself a cool $517.50.
  2. OZx Scenery :: OZx AU 3.4 upgrade

    Topso and magnifico! Lovely to see some new scenery for Australia!
  3. T-28D Trojan unleashed

    Finally finished! and available from flightsimstore and pcaviator australia http://www.antsairplanes.com/trojan.html Watch the video:

    Congratulations Tim 8 hours in a Drifter is a remarkable achievement in its own (they are not the most comfortable of aircraft to sit in) let alone bouncing down the runway 122 times
  5. Flooding Report Update

    What is Digital Theme Park? I have found little information about this. Does it connect via fshost? The MP testing I did via FSX MP at: http://www.teenteam.biz/fs_mp/afp.php showed little if any flooding.
  6. T-28D Trojan unleashed

    That's what it looks like I'm afraid. I found out something interesting making this aircraft. Everytime you create a new VC entry it gobbles up about 50MB of RAM at runtime. To make the lighting system I used about 23 VC entries which ate nearly 1GB of RAM (not acceptable). I had reduce the nice pretty 1024x1024 VC textures down to 512x512 or even 256x256 to get the RAM load under control. The Switch panel suffered worst because of this reduction in resolution. You can improve it by changing the VC resolution by changing all the 512,512 lines to 1024,1024 but as I said this will increase RAM usage considerably by about 40MB. This is the VC entry for the switch panel lights: // Panel RH lights [VCockpit03] size_mm=512,512 pixel_size=512,512 texture=$pan03 background_color=0,0,0 gauge00=T28DGauges!T28D_Light_Panel_RH, 0,0,512,512 Do this for both panel.cfg files (one for each version dual and solo). It will never be perfect because the text lighting couldn't be antialiased due to the console lighting and well it all gets complicated.
  7. T-28D Trojan unleashed

    Sounds were recorded from the rear seat and I did very little, if any, processing of them beyond looping. A bit of wind noise got into the recording (the sounds were recorded in the air) Maybe the front seat sounds different. The interior and exterior sounds certainly do sound very different though.
  8. T-28D Trojan unleashed

    Yes, now available from simmarket. Just got news that they have added it to the files.
  9. NA Airstrips volume 1 nearly done

    Nifty. Nice foliage but can you get a T-28 into those hangars?
  10. Iffy email.

    No probs Scott Just send me your bank details and I will sort it out with the guys in Dubai PS. Just kidding
  11. Ballina Released

    Greetings Ballina airport is now available for free download. Download from here: http://www.antsairplanes.com/ In addition to the airport there is a nice big 100sq kms of photoreal which covers the airport, Ballina township (pop 17,000 approx) and the surrounding area. The download is in two 140MB parts so you need to download both parts. Run the installers within each part and then add "Ants Aussie Airports Ballina" to the FSX scenery library. The airport is designed to work best with FTX AU installed but it will work (more or less) with default FSX. I've just uploaded the files to AVSIM so hopefully they will be available there tomorrow as well. Here's some more pics Before with default FSX airport and ORBX textures After
  12. More T28D pics

    One believes that one has completed the modelling of this mother of an airplane (only taken 9 months to do, just like having a baby really). A stonking 233,264 triangles all carefully arranged and painted. Canopy and baggage compartment open. Started with this part, the front suspension. Perhaps a wee bit too much detail. Finished with this part, the pitot tube. Still putting in too much detail like the screws on the tube rather than just using texturing. Cough, cough, engine startup Typical approach, all over the place. Touchdown and on the black stuff too!! I've even done a new repaint. When I went for a flight in the real T28D the cockpit canopy was opened when coming into land. As the canopy is operated by hydraulic pressure if something went wrong you would have trouble opening the canopy otherwise. Here we are just enjoying the breeze (note that flying with the canopy open will increase drag, I've also made a nifty sound gauge to play wind noise when the canopy is open). Notice also how the pilot and copilots goggle and oxygen masks can be individually put on or off as necessary. There will be two models, the dual cockpit and solo cockpit. The solo cockpit just has the pilot in front and the instruments in front. You get about 25% better framerates using the solo version as deleting the rear cockpit (which you can't see from the front) really cuts down the number of animated parts (which gobble framerates) and triangles (which aren't so bad). The solo VC model has a mere 126,187 triangles in it.
  13. This is what MS Flight should have looked like.
  14. More T28D pics

    It is just the D version I am doing. The D is an upgraded version of the original A model (bigger engine, different canopy). The B and C versions have very different instrument panel's from the A and D. One day I may do the B and C versions but not today. It would take another 3 months at least to do the B and C.
  15. Adding roads to FSX

    I meant if the PR is one you've created yourself then obviously you will have access to the original bmp files and can draw in whatever you like using whatever paint program you are using. One other point, you can place photoreal on top of other photoreal. For example, I've made PR scenery where the surrounding area is 1m per pixel and used a higher res PR scenery for the immediate airport surrounds. In this case the alphabetical order of the PR scenery .bgl filename determines which PR gets drawn on top of the other. eg aaa14_YBNA060_PR.bgl (60cm per pixel airport scenery) gets drawn on top of aaa14_YBNA120N_PR.bgl (1.2m per pixel area scenery). If you really want to add roads (and you don't have access to the PR source bitmaps) you can just make a PR of the road and place that in your scenery folder and it should draw over the top as long as the filename is first alphabetically.
  16. Adding roads to FSX

    I don't think they will go on top. The only thing you can try is putting your roads in a different scenery folder and putting that higher up in the scenery library order. That may work but I wouldn't bet on it. Traffic and autogen attached to the roads (ie those pesky trees with the ORBX roads which won't be excluded) will still work with the PR though. Of course, if the PR is yours then why not draw the roads into the PR?
  17. A Request

    Thanks Terry for the info and the landing sites. It kind of confirms the feeling I had when I looked at this last year. The impression I had was that there would be something like a proper helibase like the one at Robertson Barracks in Darwin and so I was looking for some helipads like these ones at Robertson (someone should do this scenery, oh wait, someone already has) : Perhaps Spok would like to give Enoggera a go. It would make a fine project for a beginner scenery designer. All he would need to do would be to determine how much photoreal he would like to do, fill in some buildings with autogen or stock buildings and plant some trees. Then use ADE to flatten the playing fields and hey presto! a new helibase.
  18. A Request

    I have never been able to find any helipads at Enoggera (and I had a damn good look last year when nearmap was still free and their imagery was more up to date than Google Earths). Can anyone please post a google earth shot of these mythical helipads or the coords. PS. Please and thank you are magic words. You can never use them too much but you can use them too little
  19. and you are?...really?

    Video from JayKae's recent trip to England: http://news.ninemsn.com.au/world/2013/03/05/05/40/batman-drags-alleged-crook-into-uk-police-station
  20. Gold Coast released

    Max has released his wonderful GC airport at AVSIM (as noted in another post). http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?CatID=fsxscen&DLID=175183 Downloading it at the moment.
  21. If only I had a dollar for each download
  22. YSSY Rumour Mill

    Not much scenery lately. Only did Ballina last year. Making aeroplanes now and that takes up a lot of time.
  23. YSSY Rumour Mill

    Someone is doing YSSY freeware at AVSIM forums: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/390578-in-progress-yssy-scenery-finally/ They started with an optimistic release date which has been pushed back to Aug 2013 now. No idea if it will actually be finished though. So much stuff gets announced but never comes out. Nice to see you're still around Rob!
  24. I've seen prices of $8000 a year mentioned for subscriptions to the now locked nearmap site. Ouch. But there is this. Images are for NSW only but very good (in parts). http://maps.six.nsw.gov.au/
  25. Crash Boxes in FSX Scenery

    Crash boxes can be created when the model is compiled (rather than when the scenery is placed). The developer has no control over the shape of the crash box, that is largely determined by the model program (ie XtoMDL from the FSX SDK). All the developer can do is determine whether a crash box will be created or not. I prefer not as it saves a little bit of framerates and a lot of headaches. This is how I setup my xtomdl shortcut. I just drag and drop an .x file onto the shortcut and xtomdl makes the mdl file with no crash boxes and automatically converts any references to bmp to dds: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDK\SDK\Environment Kit\Modeling SDK\3DSM7\Plugins\XToMdl.exe" /NOCRASH /BMP2DDS