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  1. Hello all It's been a while since I've posted anywhere. Probably because I've been busy doing updates for my various aircraft. The latest to get updated is the Trojan T28A. This is a donationware aircraft (please donate to aussiex if you enjoy the plane). It also serves as a demo for the payware T28B/C and T28D aircraft. I have just released the version 3.00 update for the T28A as a public beta. This way I can take advantage of people power who can test it out and let me know if there are any bugs or problems before I finish doing the same update the the B/C and D. At the moment I have done all the same work for the B/C and D models. I really just need to make the installer programs for those versions and check for any bugs. Download directly from my website (148MB download). www.antsairplanes.com/downloads/AntsT28AV300BETA.zip The zip file contains two installers, one for the aircraft and one for the weapons AI models (bombs and rockets). I decided I need to make a separate installer for the weapons as there was a possibility that multiple models could be installed which causes an error in the sim. This was most likely possible if you chose to install outside the program folder of P3D v3 or P3D v4. The main new things are compatibility with Prepar3D v4, VRS TacPack compatibility and I've made the T28 compatible with the sound system I used in the CAC Winjeel which I think provides a better representation of the engine sounds than possible with the FSX sound system. Here is a list of all the nice new features: - Installer is now compatible with FSX, FSX:Steam Edition and Prepar3D up to V4. - VRS TacPack compatibility for the Attack model (note that VRS TacPack is a 3rd party weapons system and may be purchased separately from VRSimulations. TacPack is not compatible with P3D v4 at the moment) - New custom sound system for more accurate engine sounds and more user control. The user can choose to blend exterior sounds with the interior sounds - Improved Animation Manager with new systems section - Larger mouse clickspot areas and improved click behaviour - Middle mouse click on any control to open the Animation Manager to a page describing that control - New camera system improves external inspection. It also allows the user to set a custom eyepoint and zoom position. The user can also choose to fly from the rear seat in the dual cockpit model - Improved engine auto start routine - Improved and simpler handling of the throttle, mixture and prop controls inputs - Added option to always load the aircraft in a cold and dark state - Changed method of saving aircraft wear and tear data - Added additional key commands to control carburetor air control - Added option to set a joystick button as the fire button in Attack model - Added push back mode for moving the aircraft while on the ground with engine off - More accurate fuel consumption rates - Improved engine pressure and temperature modelling - Fixed issue with FSX:Steam Edition where bloom effect was causing black squares in the Attack model. - Improved shared cockpit compatibility Note that TacPack is not P3D v4 compatible yet. Also note that the bomb generated by TacPack is the 500lb and not a 100lb bomb as used in the T28. I have given the model for the 100lb bomb to VRS so they can include it in their next update of the TacPack so when they do that I will need to update the T28A again to use the 100lb bomb.
  2. Ant's Winjeel released $25AU

    Version 1.21 available This patch should be the last patch. There are no significant changes over 1.20, only a couple of minor tweaks. I have updated the demo version as well to 1.21 so you can download the new demo installer for the latest version of the demo model. I have just sent links to the retailers so the full version 1.21 should be available in your account with your retailer within the next few days. Patch for payware version (have V100 or V110 installed already). www.antsairplanes.com/downloads/AntsWinjeelV121patch.zip Demo version can be downloaded from the product page: www.antsairplanes.com/winjeel.html The installers are slightly smaller in size due to reorganising the files in the installer program which allows the installer program to make a smaller file.
  3. Ant's Winjeel released $25AU

    Winjeel V121 patch available Download from here (112MB in size): http://www.antsairplanes.com/downloads/AntsWinjeelV121patch.zip If there are no problems with this patch then the full version will be distributed to retailers. The patch should be installed after installing the full retail version (the patch will not work for the demo model, a new full version will be released shortly for the demo). Basically though, whatever version (V100 or V110) and with whatever patches you have already installed the V120 patch will completely update it. Changes are: - 4 new repaints NX107PJ US version of VH-OPJ (A85-439) A85-404 modern orange highlights A85-444 modern camo A85-364 prototype paint on vintage model - Fixed rudder trim centre command - Stores tailwheel locked/unlocked from last used. If aircraft loads in the air tailwheel will be locked. - Changed prop model switching conditions - Made exterior canopy glass more visible - Made engine sounds when canopy or windows open more audible - Fixed texturing problem on underside of air intake in P3D - Fixed spelling and various text errors in Animation Manager - Fixed wing leveller button in autopilot 2D gauge - Changes to information in prefs and engine_wear save files - Fixed various XML syntax errors in models and gauges - Added systems text to this manual - Fixed left over text in this manual updated link to version 1.21
  4. Ant's Winjeel released $25AU

    The tail wheel steering is not saved as it is dependent on the tail wheel lock position. When the aircraft loads it will always be free castoring as the aircraft will always load with tail wheel lock off, that's just what FSX does. The easiest thing to do is quickly pull the stick all the way back and the tail wheel is locked (which gives tail wheel steering). I recommend changing the steering angle back to zero if you want to fully simulate the Winjeel (and to be able to use the free castoring and steerable tailwheel ) but that's up to you. I'll look into seeing if I can store the last used position and set the tail wheel steering based on that when the aircraft loads.
  5. Ant's Winjeel released $25AU

    Hi Jorge Been a while since I've posted here. Due to a complete and utter lack of competence on my part I stuffed up the sounds and throttle. The patch V1.10 fixes these issues. The patch is available from here: http://www.antsairplanes.com/winjeel.html Most of the retailers should have the V1.10 full installer available now so if you prefer to have a single installer you should be able to redownload from your account with your retailer. Now, to install the Winjeel into P3D Simobjects I suggest the following: Uninstall the existing Winjeel. Rerun the installer program and select Prepar3D v2.x as the installer type and then set the install location manually to the Prepar3D V3 folder. Do the same for the patch if you are not using the V100 installer and not the V110 installer. This will work, I did this during testing and you will not lose any functionality at all as the P3D v2 and v3 versions are mostly identical. Only the gauges are slightly different to account for the different sound file locations. This will put the Winjeel into your Prepar3D v3 Simobjects file structure so Linda should be able to read L:vars.
  6. Well, the day is rapidly approaching when Australia's newest commercial airport will start operations. On Nov 17 Qantaslink will start flights to Sydney. On Sunday 28 Sep 2014 there will be an open day at the airport. Might be worthwhile making a trip there to take some pics. http://www.wellcamp.com.au/media/media-releases/celebrities-to-headline-airport-open-day-2809
  7. YMPC

    One usually has to erase them which is a fair bit of work. Making airports is a lot easier when there are no aircraft parked there.
  8. How not to do an engine runup :(

    Oh No! I sure hope there is some real tarmac or concrete under those pavers, sand and matting. I couldn't imagine parking a 737 on just pavers without any sort of real subsurface to hold the plane up.
  9. Hi all I have updated Ant's Airplanes to Drifter V1.1, Eaglet V1.2 and Sierra V1.4. These updates make some changes to the Animation Manager programs (you can now set weights and fuel load in game as well as make all your settings in game). They also include versions for Prepar3D V2.x . Each model has been adjusted to work with pecularities of P3D. Also for the Eaglet there is a new model included. The Seasky which is the floats version of the Eaglet. The updates should be available for download from your account with your retailer. Download the new installer and just run it. There should be no need to uninstall the previous version. And now for the free stuff. The Drifter demo has been updated as well. This is the same as the Drifter payware version but it is the floats only model. The Eaglet demo has also been updated and this is the floats version of the Eaglet. This comes in ye olde steam gauges and fancy schmanzy EFIS versions. Both the Drifter and Eaglet demos are fully working planes in their own right and you can freely download them and enjoy them (note: If you have the full payware Eaglet and Drifter don't try to install the demo versions as it will mess them up. Download the new installer from your account with your retailer). Drifter and Eaglet demos are available from here: http://www.antsairplanes.com/freeanddemos.html
  10. Top Gun Australia

    Good vid. And no not so sublte homoeroticism (like in the original movie) But Oh No! I just had to check out this video next: I'm such a child of the eighties.
  11. A couple of years ago I released a freeware fictional aircraft that I called the Swamp Wallaby. It is a small one seater jet that travels at about the speed of a 737. I have updated this to version 1.10 and one of the things I have added is P3D V2 compatibility. I also thought I would try out the new ground radar that comes in P3D V2.2. The second shot shows a picture of the radar in the left EFIS display. Note that the radar is only available in P3D V2.2 or higher. Note also that the attached screenshots are from P3D. More screenshots (from FSX) and the download link is available from my website (the installer is for both FSX and P3D): http://www.antsairplanes.com/swampwallaby.html
  12. Ants Brisbane YBBN - funny textures

    Brisbane is designed for maximum speed. Thus the aprons and taxiways are photoreal ground textures rather than AFCAD stlye taxiways. For best appearance one needs to ensure that your texture resolution settings are very high (ie 15cm or better) and that if you have a custom detail.bmp it should be a tarmac style one rather than a grass style one.
  13. T28A Trojan public beta testing now.

    The final release of the T-28A is now available for all from this page: In other news, I have also updated the T-28B/C and T-28D to version 1.1 and 2.1 respectively. Although it seems I stuffed up the engine starter switch in the T-28B/C V1.1 so you will need to install the T-28B/C V1.11 patch after installing the T-28B/C V1.1. The V1.11 patch is available from my website www.antsairplanes.com and it fixes the engine starter switch problem.
  14. Version


    Ant's Airplanes T-28A Donationware for FSX SP2 and Prepar3D V2.0 or later This aircraft is released as donationware. You can freely download and use the aircraft. You can show your appreciation by making a donation to either: www.aussiex.org or www.sim-outhouse.com These websites do not take advertising and rely completely on user donations to cover the costs of hosting their websites so any contribution will help to ensure your future access to awesome freeware. The T-28A was the US Air Force trainer during the 1950's. It was only used by the USAF for a short time. The original aircraft had a mere 800hp 7 cylinder engine which led to sluggish performance. Later the T-28B and T-28C were developed for the US Navy and these aircraft had a much more powerful 1425hp engine. The T-28D and Fennec were old T-28A aircraft that were modified to fit the larger 1425hp engine and used in various air forces and conflicts around the world during the 60's and 70's. This aircraft is not public domain nor is it freeware. You cannot redistribute this software in any way either in full or in part. You cannot upload this to any file sharing site or file library. This aircraft is only made available from www.aussiex.org, www.sim-outhouse.com and www.antsairplanes.com This aircraft also serves as a demo version for the more powerful payware T-28B/C and T-28D aircraft available from www.antsairplanes.com. You can download and install this aircraft to test how well the aircraft performs on your computer system.