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  1. OMSI Maps :: Hertfordshire V4 [RHD]

    Personally, I think this whole conversation has gone way too out of context. There is no hidden message behind what I said, I simply stated how I felt and even suggested a few pointers that could help Mr Moose improve. No offence was intended, so I'm not sure what my age has to do with this whole conversation...but I personally have learnt from critcsm of my past work. I'm not saying I'm perfect, but you do start to see an eye for things after hearing ways you can improve. But yes I have nothing further to saY All The Best Rhys
  2. OMSI Maps :: Hertfordshire V4 [RHD]

    I think you've totally disregarded anything that I have suggested. Yes, OMSI maps are intended to be mainly be driven on, but scenery is also important. Especially if you're driving through areas that have little to no scenery. You use the term 'freeware' which most OMSI Projects are, compare it to Cotterell, which too is freeware, there is a major difference in quality, taking into account that the map is fictional. Many of us hold down full time jobs/social life's/families with our projects so don't take this as a personal attack. I work full time myself. I simply suggested ways that I personally believe Hertfordshire can improve, the standard for UK maps has changed a lot from the OMSI 1 days owing to Cotterell. I think you personally should be more open to feedback and less open to everyone just agreeing with you. At the end of the day, you shouldn't put a map out there if you're not willing to hear the pros and cons of it. Dismissing it as 'if you don't like it, don't drive it' after I offered friendly advice is just ridiculous. But cool, I'll fly away with my 'helicopter' good day
  3. OMSI Maps :: Hertfordshire V4 [RHD]

    Hi Mr Moose, Posted my feedback on fellowsfilm, (see below), hopefully its helpful towards the project. "Wouldn't say I'm too impressed with Hertfordshire to be honest. Feels very underdeveloped. I'm sure MrMoose has invested tons of hours into the project over the past few years, but I do feel like the map just feels like I'm driving in the OMSI 1 days of UK maps. The roadmarkings and constant flickering of meshes and splines stick out to me the most and the use of freemans/MC/RUE's objects and addon simple street across the whole of the map doesn't give a realistic feel of Hertfordshire for me. I think what could improve Hertfordshire a lot, would mainly be if MrMoose developed a bunch of custom road crossings/buildings, especially using some aerial images to help him lay down the road a lot more accurately. Hopefully if there is a V5, all of this will be rectified. The whole point of releasing a new version is to extend your map as well as ensuring the adequate improvements to the previous areas. I personally would've restarted the project and built most things in Blender from scratch, instead of extending it to St. Albans (taking into consideration that it's a real life map). Great effort to him, hopefully my advice is a bit helpful " Ive posted a few screenshots of areas that have caused me major concern @mrmoose. Also I think maybe it would be better to not use Dynamic route markers and lay out some proper ones as I found myself getting lost most of the time. All the best
  4. RD_1

  5. Bus Selection Problem

    I just press the Windows button and then select OMSI 2 from my open tabs, it will then reappear above the black screen
  6. What's your favourite bus Program to watch?

    Thats the one!
  7. What's your favourite bus Program to watch?

    There was one I used to watch when I was really young and it centered on Go-Ahead London, cant remember the name haha
  8. London Bus Stop's

    Hmm, I may edit the fonts so it adds another option for a smaller label once I get a bit of free time
  9. What are your favourite European maps?

    Berlin X10 and Hamburg. Hamburg never gets old, always interesting to play, likewise with Berlin
  10. Can you lend a hand?

    It would be in the .cfg file, look for light_bremse and change the RGB colour
  11. Missing textures and upsidedown object

    Assign the texture materials and export it with the 'Right Handed and Z axis up' in the export options
  12. General Screenshots + WIP repaints

    New Routemaster LT690 taken out for a spin on a great new map, Cotterell! I'll share a few more screenshots on my OMSI 2 Add-On London page on Facebook. Well done to @Road-hog123 @whistlehead, @iomex and @Fellowslothb. You've all done a great job!
  13. best thing to do is to write a schedule of your project and then work accordingly. Unfortunately, as I'm sure you know, not many people are willing to help to the extent you may be looking for, as of course developing a map is time consuming. I actually find it easier to develop a bus as it takes a shorter space of time. it may be better to take your time with it, there's no rush to complete it. Try starting with one or two routes and then expand
  14. Common Cars in the UK

    Thanks guys, yeah pretty good range of vehicles. Just now scanning for blueprints for each one on Google, I think some vans would be good like @whistlehead suggested, I could develop an artic lorry as well. So so many ideas! Thanks so much lads