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  1. Windows 10 (last Windows OS) I think will have new major version every year until 2025 or 2026 and then there will be no more versions of Windows 10 the next decade so the last major update will be mid 2025 or mid 2026 as extended support ends in 14th October 2025 for Windows 10 Home, Enterprise 2015 LTSB, Education and Pro and the Extended support for Windows 10 2016 Enterprise LTSB on 13th October 2026 because that's why Windows 10 is a computer OS software and nothing lasts forever as other Windows do and that will happen with Windows 10 the next decade? Read it on Microsoft Lifecycle Policy and tell Microsoft to see if Windows 10 will stop being supported at 2025 or 2026... 10 I hope anyone can know and tell me if Microsoft said it's a definite answer?
  2. I have been waiting for DTG to announce the final release of TSW CSX Heavy Haul and I really want to play it this year, the platform support that DTG said that "TSW final release will be released in February 2017 for both PC and Xbox One" and I will really want to play Train Simulator for the Xbox One console or PS4/Mac and Linux support that it said on the TSW FAQ website...
  3. We have news from LOTUS Simulator Time to show a sign of life... Yes, we are still there! Recently we finished some milestones in LOTUS. Some of them are not yet ready to be screenshotted. However:- Dynamic LIGHTING added!- Early LIGHT EFFECTS added!- Simulation TIME finished!- Sky and SUN finished!- and: SOUNDS are finished!Not yet added:- Shadows of all kind- Fog-, star- and similar effects at lights
  4. I Really want LOTUS Simulator to be any computer platform support and make it available Because I Hate Windows 10 version build updates because they affect the video card and DirectX (even updating drivers or installing DirectX or libraries) which could cause "DG_DirectX_could_not_init" or "A Fatal Error Occurred, OMSI will be closed" after installing the major update for Windows 10 because my anxiety became so high on getting used to Windows Updates and Upgraded Builds of Windows 10, because I want Windows 10 to be the last Windows OS and I really want Microsoft to stop major updates (during mainstream support) of Windows 10 (when it reached the end of life in 2025) the next decade and later and I really want LOTUS Simulator to be prepared different OS for the computers in the time by 2018 or 2020, and I want LOTUS to work for the Mac and Linux and even Windows for most people? Go to Facebook and check if LOTUS has prepared multiple platform support (Windows, Mac and Linux), give me an answer to see if they are going to bring LOTUS Simulator support for the Mac, Windows and Linux?
  5. Does that mean that they would stop developing OMSI in the future, as LOTUS Simulator will be the next generation in the future, LOTUS Simulator on Facebook said "As we already told you, multi platform support is prepared but work will not be done when the time for a release has come." So That depends on entirely on whether they use DirectX or not. DirectX is exclusive to Windows, and a Mac or Linux version would require use of an alternative API such as OpenGL. And it has been developed by Oriolus Software and I really want to play the LOTUS Simulator for the MacOS in the future?
  6. But Microsoft said that "They will stop making more Windows after Windows 10" Because Windows 10 will always be the last Windows and it made me want to play LOTUS on my Mac Computer so I will be telling you that Windows 10 Mainstream Support ends on 13th October 2020 and Extended Support Ends on 14th October 2025 then Windows 10 will no longer be supported because Microsoft will stop making more Windows in the future and that's why I want to play LOTUS Simulator for the MacOS or Linux?
  7. Could you tell the developers of OMSI to see if the LOTUS Simulator will be supported for the Windows, Mac OS and Linux computer platform?
  8. But I was telling anyone that LOTUS should get the support for the MacOS?
  9. I will really want to play LOTUS Simulator for the MacOS Computers because Windows 10 is the final Windows OS ever! And whenever Windows 10 reaches the end of life by 2025 then Windows 10 will no longer be supported, and in the future the simulations should be played for the MacOS and Linux (like LOTUS and X-Plane)
  10. Because Microsoft Windows 10 is the last windows OS and after Windows 10 support ends mainstream support in 2020 and extended support in 2025 then Windows 10 will no longer be supported. Are you going to check with the developers to see if Lotus Simulator gets a support for the Mac, Windows and Linux with DirectX or API such as OpenGL
  11. LOTUS Simulator has prepared multi platform support so they will be supported for the Mac and Linux along with Windows?
  12. LOTUS Simulator said "We prepared multi platform support" because they would certainly be supported for the Mac, Linux and Windows
  13. Will the LOTUS Simulator be supported for the Mac, Linux and Windows, check with Marcel and Janine (developer of OMSI) to see if they have any computer platform support for LOTUS Simulator (released for 2017)?
  14. I really want to play LOTUS Simulator on the Mac OS computers as well as Microsoft Windows, I have chatted to LOTUS Simulator on Facebook to see if the new LOTUS Simulator is going to be supported for the Mac, Linux and Microsoft Windows by 2017 and LOTUS Simulator said "we prepared multi-platform support", does that mean that LOTUS Simulator can be played on Linux, Mac and Microsoft Windows?