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  1. new speedvideo, with the new VDL Berkhof Ambassador 200 this time on lemmental line SB51
  2. Been a while but here is a new speedvideo from me! Line 35 on the map Busses of the Westcountry
  3. Wilburg22

  4. New timelapse with the SU10 Actia ZF 3 door (PL version) on bronsmeer line 128.
  5. I was working on this map for a while and I just reached 20% finished. Here is a timelapse of the first line. Line 2.
  6. A new time lapse for y'all, got some more on my channel, I would appreciate alike and a sub if you like the videos as i am struggling to grow even after existing for a year and having 98 video's now. Nr. 99 will be another time-lapse, 100 will be a different game.
  7. ETS2 Gameplay video Episode 6.
  8. Enjoy!
  9. Szczecin Line 63 timelapse - Like and sub for 1-5 weekly videos. (Omsi timelapses included!)
  10. *tries to sqeeze battery in a bus* *nope doesnt fit, bus broke*
  11. that seems to be just the tile your on + 1 next to it. Not that far.
  12. IS it repaintable/ai compatible