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  1. Sydney Update v2.3

    Hi Flukey - Many thanks for helping to keep VOZ alive- I think FS9 is far from 'dead' and that there are many like me who run both FS9 and FSX.
  2. Thanks Walter - going to give it a try soon.
  3. New Huey patch released

    Hi there, The appearance of the HSI (actually the Attitude Indicator) is the same here as in Mr.Mike's comments above, and I'm using Windows 7 64bit and FSX Acceleration too. I do not see the problem with the turn indicator ball - it seems to be working ok here in all models. I found something interesting with respect to the radio altimeter. In my ND_uh1c\model folder I found a file called model.rar which contains an old (22 August 2009) uh1c model. I ran that old model and found that the radio altimeter was then only reading one quarter of the actual height over the ground. Now it reads one half, so whatever adjustment was made was in the right direction - just needs more of the same.....please! I also notice that the H model described as having the M21 sub-system is in fact a 'clean' model i.e. no weapons attached which thankfully makes it usable with civilian repaints.
  4. New Huey patch released

    Hi Dave, After the most recent update incorporated in the installer we are a little further advanced, but there is still no pinned error reporting thread for the Huey. Thanks very much for your xml mods, I have found them very effective and unfortunately they are still required. The artifical horizons on the C and H co-pilot sides display differently for me, one has faint bars and the other does not but both seem to have the roll needle working. They are not good looking gauges that's for sure. My main gripe now is with the radio altimeter which still reads about half of the main altimeter reading. Have you managed to fix it? (my xml skills are very basic but I'm going to have a go at it). I have had a recent email exchange with Ryan on these matters and he said he would be referring back to the developers again. I wonder if you've looked at the new Huey on the block? For my money this Huey looks and flies OK so I'll probably stick with it for now.
  5. Download Library Overhaul

    @kremin, please use the link in the bottom of this page to delete your cookies or manually clear them and try again please
  6. Download Library Overhaul

    Hi JayKae, Thanks for the housekeeping but what else have you done?.....any file I now try to download I get the message '[#10869] You do not have access to this section of the site.' I'm all logged in and all other business appears to be as usual.......any clues please mate?
  7. Thanks Flukey - great job!
  8. UH-1 newest update

    Hi Ryan, Thanks for the response - much appreciated. I'll repost in the 'UH-1 Error thread' when it is pinned and stabilized. And I've had a closer look at the co-pilot attitude gauge in the H model and I concede that it is working . What threw me was how different it is to the captain's instrument - I assume that is the real-world situation. Keep up the good work
  9. UH-1 newest update

    Thanks to Nemeths and Aussiecop for this latest patch to the Huey, and things are much improved. Having said that there are some glaring errors that still need fixing and I'm surprised that they made it past the beta team. Main ones are: 1. VOR behaviour as discussed in this thread (can be much improved by editing the xml files) 2. Radio altimeter is useless - here it indicates about half the real height above ground 3. Co-pilot attitude indicator is missing from C model, and very poor in H model. Aussiecop - could we have a pinned 'FSX UH-1 Huey user error report thread' like the other birds? - please... best regards
  10. YSCN Camden

    Now that's progress......thanks Otto! Guess it could be my FSX settings that need a tweak. I'll have a look and report idc. Rick
  11. YSCN Camden

    Well it looks like he is doomed to hover around over my Camden for ever, which is a pity because it is otherwise a very nice little airfield. Is there really nobody else seeing this, and can any of the gurus suggest a fix?.............please
  12. YSCN Camden

    Thanks Ian, much obliged. Forget the fuel tanks, but see attached shot of Superman. FTX, Holgermesh, OZx, AntsAirfields and Libs all installed, enabled and up to date.
  13. YSCN Camden

    Thanks, Squeeker...yes, my mesh is set to 10m.
  14. YSCN Camden

    Greetings to all, Has anyone seen the flying man at Camden?..and how can I get rid of him?..and there was an unanswered post recently about the sunken fuel tanks. Andreas Helgi, can you help please? - I would post a screenshot but I can't find the 'default uploader' - I could use some guidance on how to do it. Thanks to Andreas and all the OZx developers and staff for a superb product best regards