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  1. I have had similar issues with the Allison mod for the Dart and my fix was to copy over the Allison's sound files to the default Dart's "Sound" folder and then directly edit the sound.cfg file. Then I just selected the default Dennis Dart in-game and it had the Allison sounds applied.
  2. I'm afraid not. If you're interested PM me and we can continue from there.
  3. I presume you're referring to that site we don't mention. If I understand correctly, you can also download the objects that came with the map here: http://www.mediafire...I 2 Objects.rar
  4. The NHS one looks relatively easy to make if we have the logos and stuff for it. I'd be willing to give it a go if you have logos etc...
  5. Hi. Have you downloaded the original London and South map? That might include some of them missing objects.
  6. Yeah but sometimes some good improvements are made to OMSI.
  7. Yeah. I think the upload limit is 500MB
  8. The best thing to do is contact a member of staff via. PM I think
  9. arizonadriver! It's nice to meet you.
  10. Me, Lowlander21 and Ricky are planning on starting to update the Newcastle Pro Left Path map for OMSI 2. We will be posting updates here on Aussiex when we have anything interesting to announce.
  11. File uploaded. It will be available to download at
  12. That's great I'm uploading the map now and when it's accepted it will be available to download for all of those who'd like the map.
  13. I will be uploading this map here onto World of OMSI very soon. I just need some screenshots and then it'll be ready.